Lake Bled

Ljubljana to Lake Bled: How to travel

Lake Bled is a beautiful travel destination within Slovenia. With the church in the middle of the lake, it offers stunning views. But how do you get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled? There are a few way to travel:

Bus to Lake Bled

One of the cheapest ways to get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled is taking the bus. A one-way ticket will cost around 6€ one-way and around 11€ for a return ticket. The schedule is frequent, especially in the peak of tourist season. The best is to use the local carrier. Go to the timetable on their website to book a ticket. Once you have the ‘ticket’, you will need to go to the ticket office at the bus station and exchange it for a real one. You can print or show the receipt on your phone and you will get a ticket, but will not be able to board the bus with your phone only! The bus takes around 90 minutes of travel.

Ljubljana to Lake Bled with Bus

Train to Lake Bled

There is also a train service running between Bled and Ljubljana. If you are more fan of the train ride, you might consider taking this method. The cheapest ticket will net you around 5. This method is also slightly quicker with 40-60 minutes of running, on a very picturesque landscape.

However there is a real drawback: Bled train station is 4km from Lake Bled. If you are up for some walking is not an issue, but if you are looking to get a taxi or local bus, it will put you above the direct Bus cost.

Guided Tour

This is the most expensive method of travel to Lake Bled from Ljubljana, however this option is not ‘only’ travel. A good guided tour always helps to enhance the experience. It is especially useful if you are planning on a daytrip to Lake Bled.

One of the options is this tour for 70€ you are picked up at your hotel, for a 2 hour guided tour of the Lake. Your local guide will show you all the secret and hidden viewpoints for beautiful photos.

+1 Rent a Car

It is more expensive than a bus or train, but definitely cheaper than a guided tour. You will have a huge advantage as you will be able to move around freely. Also if you rent for more then just one day, there is enough to discover in beautiful Slovenia to keep you occupied, and going. Check out offers from our partners:

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