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Find the Best Mallorca Hidden Gems

Find the best off-the-beaten-path attractions in Mallorca. The biggest of the Balearic Islands, it’s visited by many tourists each year. As such, the island can easily get overcrowded due to tourism. Follow our guide into the Mallorca hidden gems, to avoid crowds and find the things most people miss.

Do you need to rent a car on Mallorca?

When you visit Mallorca, you may be able to get around the island without renting a car just fine. There is a capable public transport system that you can utilize to travel between the most notable towns.

However, if you are looking for attractions that are hard to get to, you will have a hard time without a car. We highly recommend that you rent a car straight at the airport when you arrive. You can head over to our rentals page to check the latest prices.

The Best Mallorca Hidden Gems

1) Banyalbufar

You can find the town of Banyalbufar on the northern side of Mallorca. It’s one of the best small towns on the island. Beautiful Mediterranean architecture and small narrow streets make it a charming location.

There are less than 500 locals living here. This area of Mallorca is still relatively unknown for tourists, however, the locals love to visit from all around the island.

The local beach Cala Banyalbufar provides an amazing spot for swimming and enjoying the sun. It’s a pebbly beach, with a spectacular rock wall on one side and the beautiful sea on the other.


2) Santanyi Market

Santanyi is a small charming village in the southern regions. It’s a very characteristic small town, where you can easily spend an afternoon walking around and exploring the small streets.

However, a great attraction here is the Santanyi market. This market is open twice a week. During such mornings, the local producers and farmers gather to sell you tasty fruit and vegetables. If you are looking for good wines you can seek out the winemakers of the market.

Apart from the fresh goods, you will be able to browse through great handcrafted items. Clothing and jewelry are the main attractions, but you will be able to get household items and decorations too.

This market is available for you to visit on each Wednesday and Sunday.

3) Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera is a tiny fishing village, south of Santanyi. Due to the location, it’s a perfect visit when you combine it with the Santanyi market in the morning.

Cala Figuera is worth a visit, because of the lack of tourism. As it’s not on many tourists map, you will be able to encounter true local life here. Mostly untouched, this little gem in Mallorca is worth your time.

Cala Figuera Hidden Gem

4) Caló del Moro

We are still in the Santanyi area. This beach can be reached by car in about 15 minutes. The wonderful piece of paradise is located near the town of Cala Llombards. This town is actually conveniently featured in our guide to the best beach towns on Mallorca.

At Caló del Moro you will be able to bathe in one of the most beautiful spots on the island. Even better, on the other side of it, you will reach a great cliff jumping spot with just a small walk.

5) Portocolom

Portocolom is another charming fishing town in our list of Mallorca hidden gems. You will, that there is actually some forms of tourism present in Portocolom. However, while other parts of the island are bustling with life and party, here calmness takes the stage.

Somehow, this seaside village managed to retain its original charm, even when the tourist season is high. In the surrounding area, you will be able to participate in activities such as wine tasting and some light hiking.


6) Fornalutx

Although, it might seem like Mallorca is all about the beaches and island life, let’s not forget about the inland parts. Fornalutx is one such village, located without access to the shore. However, due to its vicinity to Soller, you will find it easy to visit.

This village is a true mountain town. With twisty and narrow cobblestone walkways, medieval-styled stone houses, and pretty little cafés, it will surely charm you. It’s not a big town, you can check it all out within a couple of hours. Regardless, the visit is worth it, and you should consider this attraction.


7) Jardins d’Alfàbia

Jardins d’Alfàbia is a former historic estate in Mallorca. Complete with a main building and a beautifully maintained garden. You can enjoy walking around and looking at all the pretty flowers. There are even some native animals in the estate that you can check out.

After you’ve had a great time in the garden, you can explore the old villa in the middle of the estate. The beautiful interiors are compelling and a sight to look at.

Jardins d'Alfàbia

8) Sant Elm

The town of Sant Elm is located on the western side of the island. It has also made it into our list of best beach towns. Now you will see it once again on our hidden gems of Mallorca list.

It’s a lovely little town, that is usually looked over. Even at the height of tourism season, it will not get as busy as other parts. What’s more, you can get a boat and visit Dragonera island as a day trip.

Dragonera Island

9) Es Verger

The town of Es Verger is situated north of Palma. It’s a charming mountain village. You can come here to enjoy the lack of tourism. This place is all about locals and amazing views.

You will be able to seek out scenic spot MIrador Sobremunt for the ultimate views. We guarantee that once you are up here, you won’t want to stop taking pictures!

10) Santuari de Lluc

To visit Santuari de Lluc, you will need to go towards the north area of Mallorca. It’s a quiet monastery located within beautiful nature. You can come here to get away from all the noise and tourist crowds.

However, you have to explore the surrounding area also. Just north of the Monastery, you will find the Lluc Botanical Gardens. Visit the botanical garden to be immersed in nature. Once you have completed your visit to Santuari de Lluc, you can hike up to Mirador de Foment a Son Amer. It’s another scenic location, where you can take the best pictures.

Santuari de Lluc

Closing Words

These were our top hidden gems on the island of Mallorca. We have tried to put together a compelling list, one that will show you new attractions. There are multiple guides on the internet which highlight secret attractions, however, most of them only cover really popular ones.

We deliberately left out towns like Valldemossa, Deia, Port Soller, and Port Pollenca. Although these locations are very pretty and worth a visit, they are mentioned everywhere. We don’t consider these ‘hidden’.

Hopefully, with our guide, you will be able to enhance your stay in Mallorca. If this is the case, then it’s a pleasure to us, that we could introduce such attractions to you.

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