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How-to: Menorca Boat Rental Without License

Menorca is a beautiful island for a summer holiday. It has that natural beauty going for it, without being a tourism paradise. We love this island for its relaxed vibe and fewer crowds than Mallorca or Ibiza. You will surely do a ton of exploring of the island to see all the natural beauty it has to offer. One thing to make your exploration even more exciting is a Menorca boat rental without a license. Yes, you can absolutely do this in Menorca and without any problems.

Even if you haven’t driven a boat yet, we trust that you will not have issues. Regardless, we’ve put together this guide for you on the top tips regarding boat rentals on Menorca without a license. We’ll cover the best places to rent from and give you a heads up on how to keep safe.

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Why you should rent a boat on Menorca?

The island of Menorca has tons of awesome beaches and rugged shorelines. The huge cliffs on the shore mean that not all beaches are accessible by car or by walking. When you rent a boat, you suddenly have the means to explore these awesome secluded spots.

Generally speaking, the Menorcan shoreline is both beautiful and mesmerizing. The huge cliffs and rocks make it a unique sight to behold. Seeing it from the water will give you memories to nurture once you get home.

When you rent a boat, you can get away from everyone else. Find a quiet spot, where the water is not too deep and get on your snorkeling equipment. We guarantee that you will see better underwater life than snorkeling near beaches.

What type of boats can you rent without a license in Menorca?

Jet Ski

The simplest vehicle in terms of renting without a license is a Jet Ski. It’s not a real boat and most Jet Skis are up to two-person only. It’s more of a fun machine that can go extremely fast and get your adrenaline up.

Grab your loved one and take them on a one-hour Jet Ski exploration ride. You two will surely have an adventurous time flying past the beautiful coastline. We do not recommend it for a long rental, however, trying a Jet Ski out for one or two hours is extremely fun and memorable.

Boats Up to 6 Person

This is the real deal when it comes to Menorca boat rentals without a license. These are small boats with small engines. You can’t go quick with them, but when you rent for exploration that’s not the goal anyway. If you want to go quick, stick with the Jet Ski.

The smaller boats to rent can usually fit 4 people, it’s perfect for a small family or couples. Nothing fancy, but it will do a great job of exploration and taking you to wonderful places.

The bigger boats you can rent without a license will fit up to 10 people. These are good for bigger families or even a group of friends. Usually, these boats will be a little more comfortable and have a slightly better performance than the smaller ones. On the other hand, you can expect to pay around 100 EUR more each day you want to rent, compared to the entry-level boats.

As you can see you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Just note that these boats are usually fit to stay around the shore, so don’t expect island hopping with a small 4 person boat.

Boats with a captain

You can rent a boat without a license for up to 11 people. This means that usually, even the biggest group of friends can find boat rentals that will fit them. However, you might want to consider renting with a captain. Although you don’t get to drive the boat, this kind of rental has its advantages.

The experienced captain will be very familiar with the Menorcan coast. They can take you to beaches and beautiful places that you would most likely skip on your own.

When you rent a boat with a captain, you can scale up. Yachts, catamarans, full-day excursions. Immerse yourself in the luxury lifestyle for a day and let the captain do the boat driving. You can enjoy cocktails and jump into the water from the ship.

Minorca Super Bay

Where to rent a boat without license in Menorca?

Usually, most of the coastal cities have a small port with rental places. If it’s not the high season you might just be able to walk up and rent a boat on the spot. If you are traveling in the busy months (July-Aug), then you might want to consider booking online.

Bay of Fornells

One of the most popular centers for watersports like kayak rentals and water activities is Fornells. There are tons of options from SUP rentals to guided tours and excursions in Fornells. It’s a great place to come when you are looking to spend time on the water.

Fornells Boat Rentals Without a License:

Fornells Boat Rental With Captain:


The former capital city of Menorca is also a great place to hire a boat without a license. It has a nice harbor which is a great starting point for exploration. When you are staying in Ciutadella it is not a question that you should hire directly here.

Ciutadella boat rentals without a license:

Ciutadella Boat Excursion with Captain:

Puerto es Grau

Puerto es Grau is another perfect place for exploration. Located right in the middle of the Menorca national park it’s a good place to start out from.

Puerto es Grau rental without a license:

Stay safe during your boat rental

Above we have listed some of the best places you can rent a boat in Menorca without a license. However, there are some tips that you must adhere to in order to stay safe. Inexperienced boaters can get into trouble pretty easily. It’s always important to pay attention and keep yourself safe.

  • Practice a little near the port, before heading out
  • Don’t go into open water! Always stay near the shore.
  • Don’t leave the boat without anchoring down!
  • Always make sure that the anchor is placed correctly before everyone leaves the boat
  • Bring sunscreen – get your tan out, not your sunburn
  • Try to book a boat with a sunroof – you will thank us later
  • Enjoy!

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