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Menorca Campsites Travel Guide

You might be wondering, is it possible to have a camping vacation on the Balearic Islands? Yes, it is! Join us to find out about the Menorca campsites where you can spend a holiday.

Menorca is a beautiful island, with many areas untouched by humans. Every year, more and more people discover the beauty of Menorca.

This means that at the height of the holiday season, the island can transform into its own seaside resort. If you are looking to avoid the ‘typical’ holiday, and do something different than camping might just be for you.

Camping in Menorca

Although big parts of the island are mostly wild and untouched by humans, there aren’t a lot of official campings on Menorca. To be exact, there are a total of two campsites in Menorca for you to visit.

Apart from actual camping, there are some other options to consider. These include a motorhome or small bungalows.

Wild Camping in Menorca

The activity of wild camping in Menorca is prohibited. You can’t set up a tent wherever you want. Many of the beaches are officially owned by Spain or local landowners.

If you plan on setting up a camp near a beach, you can surely expect the police knocking on your tents in no time. Keep this in mind when planning.

Motorhome Camping in Menorca

If you are looking for that wild camping experience and the freedom that comes with it, consider motorhomes. You can stop these at any parking spot where it’s not officially prohibited.

Motorhome in Menorca

Taking your own motorhome to Menorca

The first option is taking your own personal motorhome to the island. You can do this by taking a ferry from Barcelona, or from any of the Balearic islands.

Although this will be one of the more costly options, it is great if you want to explore both Menorca and Mallorca. You can take a ferry between the two islands and plan a full vacation with your RV.

Renting a motorhome in Menorca

A good option for those who don’t have their own RV or simply don’t want to bring it on their holiday. You can go ahead, and rent directly in Minorca.

A 6-person RV will be around 160 euro per day in high season.

Menorca Campsites

As we have already mentioned there are only two traditional campsites in Menorca. Let’s take a look at both and see how they differ. One thing we have to say in advance: both campings have a no-pet policy.

1. Camping Son Bou

The campsite that is Camping Son Bou is located just off the town of Son Bou. This camping in Menorca is very well equipped.

For starters, you can have more options than your own tent. There are multiple bungalows, chalets, and even furnished, pre-set tents you can choose from.

It’s a big establishment with many amenities for you to enjoy. You can chill out in the bar or have a great local dinner at the restaurant.

When you feel like swimming, you don’t even need to get out of the campsite. They are equipped with a pool. If you are craving some sporting activities, then you have a lot of options. Tennis, basketball, volleyball, and more are available for you.

With the fairly central location, it’s a good choice to explore the island. Make sure that you rent a car at the airport, and you are set for a good holiday.

Furnished Tent for Camping in Menorca
Furnished Tent, Image courtesy of

2. Camping S’Atalaia

This campsite is located just south of Ferreries. Camping S’Atalia is more of classic camping. There are not so many options like bungalows and such, however, you do have the option to rent a tent.

This campsite in Menorca also all the amenities you should require. There are a bar and restaurant. You can use the community grill area for some barbecue.

The camping has an on-site swimming pool. There is also a supermarket within the campgrounds, so you never run out of supplies.

One area where S’Atalia falls short of Son Bou is the sporting options. Although you can reach many beaches from here, there are no basketball courts or tennis pitches.

Camping with Swimming Pool
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3. Apartamentos Playa Calan Blanes

Finally, if you are looking for a bungalow type of accommodation, you can check out Apartamentos Playa Calan Blanes. It’s not a campsite, however, the small bungalows will provide an intimate holiday experience.

Thanks to the limited number of buildings available you can expect this location to be relatively quiet. You won’t meet hordes of tourists holed up in their holiday resorts. It’s also a good choice for families.

The bungalows are well equipped, with their own bathrooms. There is also an on-site swimming pool available for the guests.

Ciutadella is very close. You can easily get to the former capital of Menorca even by bus. The closest beach is Playa Cala en Blanes.

Bungalow Menorca
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Best Practices for Camping in Menorca

If you are flying into Menorca, you will need to think about what type of tent to bring. First of all, keep in mind that tents MUST go to check-in luggage. This is because of the tent stakes that can be used as a weapon.

It might be tempting to bring one of the pop-up tents, however, they take a bigger space when folded up. It’s easier to carry a normal, run-of-the-mill tent. Make sure you pack a tent lamp. They are the single, most useful items when camping.

Of course, you can also opt for renting a tent, or using one of the furnished tents at Camping Son Bou. In the end, the most important thing is to have fun and have a great holiday.

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