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Menorca is the tranquil beach paradise of the Balearic Islands. No matter the small size, it has more beaches than Mallorca, however, many of them are simply inaccessible from the land. This, along with the rocky and mesmerizing coastline, makes Menorca a good place for Kayak Tours.

Sea kayaking in Menorca has always been popular. This great activity opens up a new perspective of sightseeing. Looking at the great sights on the island from the sea is a good experience. The waters around the coastline are usually calm, clean, and perfect for some kayaking in Menorca. So book a flight to Mahon and get your paddles ready for adventure.

Kayaking Menorca

When you are thinking about kayak rentals in Menorca, you have to consider multiple options. If you want to have the most freedom possible, then you should rent a sea kayak in Menorca without a tour guide. You can find places to rent in the seaside towns. The most popular place to rent a sea kayak is Fornells.

If you rent alone, you can explore the coast on your own. See a great secluded beach only accessible from the water? Pull up in your kayaks and have a great time on your own private beach. There are also plenty of caves on the coastline, however without experience, we don’t recommend going into them. The waves can get quite big near the rocks and it can get really dangerous, really quick.

To explore caves and have a more safe experience, we recommend going on a guided kayak tour in Menorca. There are plenty of options to choose from. However, during the high season, some of the popular tours can fill quickly. If you already know when you are traveling, we recommend booking a tour online.

Sea Kayaking

3 Hour Menorca Kayak Tour + Snorkeling – Santo Tomas

This is the perfect activity if you want to just try out sea kayaking in Menorca. Choosing this guided tour means you will be in good hands. Before even getting into the kayak, you will learn some theories and get some practical tips.

When you are ready, you will jump into the kayaks and start paddling out to the sea. You will head over to some secluded and beautiful beaches. The tour guide will take you to some hidden spots, rarely visited by tourists.

After visiting the beaches, you will also get a nice opportunity to do some snorkeling. Don’t worry the gear will be provided for you. Put your head under the water and explore even more of what Menorca has to offer. A great experience to remember.

You will feel the three hours fly by. You blink twice and it’s time to head back. After all, when someone is having tons of fun, it’s easy to lose track of time. This short adventure will fill you up with great memories to share with your friends.

The location is Santo Tomas. This Menorca kayak tour costs around $60 per person.

Half-Day Menorca Kayak Tour – Fornells

Those looking to spend a longer time on the water will be pleased to learn that a half-day Menorca kayak tour is available. This tour starts from the city of Fornells. This small seaside town is already pretty popular amongst kayak renters making it a good starting point.

The tour plan is pretty similar to the other kayak tour. You’ll begin with a quick introduction to sea kayaking in order to make sure everything goes smoothly. After the quick learning session, you will jump into the kayaks and go exploring. You’ll be able to see some caves that are not accessible otherwise. You’ll get a chance to snorkel and enjoy the underwater scenes.

This half-day Kayak excursion costs around $48.

SUP Tour Menorca

Bonus: Guided Menorca SUP Tour

A new phenomenon on the sea is the SUP. These Stand-Up Paddle Boards are gaining popularity quickly. If you want to try it out, you can do it in Fornells. This 2 hour guided SUP tour on Menorca will take you around the shore to explore some hidden beaches.

Taking on the waters in a SUP is a unique experience. We recommend it to anyone who is looking for a more relaxed excursion on the island. It’s a great way to explore.

This Menorca SUP tour costs around $48 per person.

How to prepare for kayaking in Menorca?

  • Bring a hat! Out in the open water, you won’t have any shade. You have to make sure your head is protected from the sunlight.
  • Apply sunscreen! After you have protected you head, you need to think about your skin. Make sure that you apply sunscreen as you will be spending a lot of time in the sun. Maybe consider using a stronger one than usual.
  • Bring your swimsuit. You don’t expect to be kayaking while being fully dressed up right? When you book a Menroca kayak tour, you got to have your swimsuits ready. Not only you are going on a ‘water activity’, many tours incorporate stops at secluded beaches for some quick swimming.
  • Have a nice breakfast. Remember, you will be doing physical activty. Although, many tours do provide some snacks, it’s important that you don’t skim on breakfast before going kayaking. You got to have enough energy to last the whole tour. Just don’t do ‘heavy’ foods or you won’t feel like moving at all!
  • Make sure your phone is water resistant. If you want your phone to survive the ride, make sure it can handle some water. Although, you might manage to stay relatively dry, you never know when a bigger wave will splash water all on you and your gear.

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