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Michelin Guide and Star Restaurants in Ibiza (2021)

Add some glamour and luxury to your vacation by eating at one of the Michelin Guide or Michelin Star restaurants in Ibiza. Between all the partying, swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the luxury lifestyle, you must try some of these restaurants to complete your holiday.

Get your bragging rights and Instagram pictures ready for an awesome night out with heavenly food. There are currently 19 restaurants in Ibiza that made it into the Michelin Guide. Among these, there is 1 restaurant that managed to get a Michelin Star.

TopFlightsNow note: This is a follow-up to our look at all the Michelin Guide restaurants in Menorca

The Michelin Star Restaurant of Ibiza

We all know that only the best restaurants in the world can get a Michelin Star. Whenever you eat at such a restaurant you will be enjoying some of the finest culinary experiences available in the region. It’s a guarantee for quality materials, freshly prepared food, and an exquisite presentation. Let’s take a look at the one and only Michelin Star Restaurant of Ibiza.

Es Targon Ibiza
Image Source: https://estragonibiza.com/

Es Tragón

It took some effort and time for Ibiza to receive the first Michelin Star for one of their restaurants. After providing amazing food and experience for travelers from around the world, the Es Tragón became the first Michelin Star restaurant in Ibiza. What an achievement!

The location of this restaurant is already charming. You’ll be arriving at a Spanish country-style villa that is overlooking the Mediterranean. The white walls and huge windows on the building will provide a great setting, while the well-maintained garden is a charming place to eat in.

Es Tragón serves mainly Mediterranean and locally inspired courses. Of course, being a Michelin Star restaurant, they use creativity to enhance the taste and look of any meal, that they prepare for you.

You can enjoy a tasting menu of many courses for 140 EUR. You’ll get an opportunity to sample all the best that Es Tragón has on offer.

Address: Ctra. Cap Negret, s/n, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain

Website: https://estragonibiza.com/en/

Bib Gourmand Restaurants in Ibiza

The Bib Gourmand is a very special award in the Michelin Guide. It marks restaurants that serve excellent quality at an affordable price. The emphasis is on both of these things. No expensive restaurants can make it into this award, but without high-quality meals, you won’t stand a chance either.

As of today, in 2021, there is one restaurant in Ibiza that has managed to receive the Bib Gourmand award.

Es Terral Restaurant
Image from: https://www.facebook.com/Es-Terral-IBIZA-727306650641972

Es Terral

Es Terral, the only Bib Gourmand restaurant in Ibiza, is a small and friendly restaurant in Santa Eulària des Riu. Located on a busy and touristy street it offers a break from all the noise and crowds with a great atmosphere.

The restaurant is owned by a nice couple. The chef is from France and usually prepares great International cuisine. The actual menu is usually based on available fresh ingredients and seasonal items.

You can enjoy a Tapas Menu or a 2 Course Menu, both under 40 EUR. It’s a very great price for such high-quality meals. Most definitely worth the visit.

Address: Carrer de Sant Vicent, 47, 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu, Illes Balears, Spain

Website: http://www.esterral.com/ (under construction) – Try Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Es-Terral-IBIZA-727306650641972

The Michelin Plate Restaurants in Ibiza

The remaining 17 restaurants that have made it into the Michelin Guide in Ibiza, all have received The Michelin Plate award. The Michelin Plate is awarded to restaurants that offer a very high-quality culinary experience. These restaurants are super and worth a visit, but they are just a little bit short for a Michelin Star or Bib Gourmand award.

Many restaurants first appear as The Michelin Plate in the Michelin Guide, then later manage to move up and receive a star. This means, that just because these restaurants don’t have a star, it doesn’t mean they are not of excellent quality. Rest assured, you will have a great night out when choosing a restaurant from the list of Michelin Plate restaurants in Ibiza.

Can Alfredo
Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/canalfredorestaurante

Ca n’Alfredo

Ca n’Alfredo is a lovely restaurant in the middle of Ibiza. It’s a friendly family-run business. The meals are all based on local taste, with some additions from Catalonian cuisine. Great prices and big portions await you in this Michelin Guide restaurant in Ibiza.

Prices start around 20 EUR for simple meals and can run up to 120-150 EUR for a full course meal or special ingredients.

Address: Passeig de Vara de Rey, 16, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain

Website: http://www.canalfredo.com/

C as Mila Restaurant
Image Source: https://www.restaurantecasmila.com/

Ca’s Milà

One of the main charms of Ca’s Milà is the location. Conveniently placed next to the beach it offers a highly romantic atmosphere, with great food to accompany.

You can try all the sea-food classics at Ca’s Milà, with lobster taking a prime spot in taste. The paella is also excellent and a good choice for a romantic diner. Come around sunset and you’ll crown the night with unbeatable views.

Meals start around 25 EUR at this Ibiza Michelin Guide Restaurant.

Address: Carrer sa Morena, 07829, Illes Balears, Spain

Website: https://www.restaurantecasmila.com/

Can Curreu
Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/can.curreu/

Can Curreu

Great traditional restaurant, with an excellent Chef who managed to shape the taste into his own. Affordable pricing and a lovely atmosphere, with a thousand years old olive tree in the garden.

Single meals are priced around 20-30 EUR, while you can get a Tasting Menu for 40 EUR or a Chef’s Menu for 55 EUR. The latter is 6 courses and it’s the best way to experience this restaurant.

Address: Carrer Sant Carles, 0, 07840 Santa Eulalia Des Ríu, Illes Balears, Spain

Website: https://www.cancurreu.com/

Can Domo
Image Source: https://www.candomoibiza.com/

Can Domo

The Can Domo restaurant in Ibiza is known for offering a seasonal menu, so you’ll have a slightly different experience each time you visit. All the ingredients are locally sourced to make a great and fresh meal.

You can enjoy full meals starting around 25 EUR up to 45 EUR for more special ones.

Address: Carretera Cala Llonga, Km 7.6, 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu, Balearic Islands, Spain

Website: https://www.candomoibiza.com/

Es Cigarral
Image Source: http://www.elcigarralrestaurante.com/

El Cigarral

A family-owned restaurant in the heart of Ibiza Town. Serving traditional Spanish meals it’s one of the best places you can visit when staying in Ibiza town. A great break from the boutiques and fancy bars, with excellent food options.

Meals start from 25 EUR with seasonal tasting offers available as well.

Address: Carrer de Fra Vicenç Nicolau, 9, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain

Website: http://www.elcigarralrestaurante.com/

Es Boldado Terrace
Image Source: https://esboldadoibiza.com/

Es Boldado

This restaurant excels at serving great fish with magnificent views. Although located outside of town, you can reach this restaurant by car. The road is an adventurous dirt road, but with careful driving, there should be no issues.

The elevated restaurant will surely charm you with the incredible views it has to offer and all the amazing seafood. Prices start around 30 EUR.

Address: Playa Cala d’Hort, 07830, Balearic Islands, Spain

Website: https://esboldadoibiza.com/

Es Ventall Interior
Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/Restaurante-Es-Ventall-114134778759440

Es Ventall

Es Ventall is known for great modern dishes that have their roots in traditional Ibizan cooking. They have an amazing romantic courtyard, that’s just perfect for a night out.

We recommend the 79 EUR tasting menu, for the full experience. Individual items are around 15 to 30 EUR.

Address: Carrer de Cervantes, 22, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain

Website: https://www.restauranteesventall.com/

Es Xarcu Terrace
Image Source: https://www.esxarcurestaurante.com/

Es Xarcu

A great beach restaurant from the list of Michelin Guide restaurants in Ibiza. Superb seafood and a laid-back atmosphere.

Prices are around 30 to 50 EUR for meals.

Address: S/N, Cala Es Xarco, 07839 Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Illes Balears, Spain

Website: http://www.esxarcurestaurante.com/

Etxeko Ibiza
Image Source: https://www.blesscollectionhotels.com/

Etxeko Ibiza

Superb restaurant with contemporary food and beautiful presentation. Nice atmosphere with friendly staff and an excellent chef. If you ask me, Etxeko Ibiza is aiming for that Michelin Star in the future.

Meals cost around 30-40 EUR here.

Address: Av. Cala Nova, s/n, 07849 es Canar, Illes Balears, Spain

Website: https://www.blesscollectionhotels.com/en/restaurant-etxeko-by-martin-berasategui/etxeko-ibiza

It Restaurant Ibiza
Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/itibiza/


An excellent choice if you are looking for fine dining in Ibiza harbor. Good seafood and a very nice atmosphere.

Do note that pricing can run quite high in this restaurant, with meals starting at 40 EUR-

Address: Puerto deportivo Marina Botafoch, 110, 07800 Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

Website: https://www.itrestaurants.com/

Jondal Restaurant
Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/casajondal/


Spectacular beach-style restaurant with an epic selection of meals. We really love the setting of this restaurant, just the perfect place to grab some seafood like fish or lobster.

Meals are around 60 EUR with some luxury options available running higher.

Address: Cala Jondal, s/n, 07839, Balearic Islands, Spain

Website: https://www.casajondal.es/

La Era Interior
Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/Laeraibizarestaurant


La’Era has a traditional Ibizan style of building, where you can enjoy a perfect meal. Although the menu is quite short, they make amazing food from what is available. Good service and nice location.

Meals are around 50 EUR.

Address: Agroturismo Can Toni Xumeu, Carretera de Cala Llonga Km7, 07849, Balearic Islands, Spain

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Laeraibizarestaurant/

La Gaia
Image Source: https://lagaiaibiza.com/

La Gaia

A truly modern restaurant with an upscale setting in Ibiza. The staff will feel visitors feel amazing and enjoy a top culinary experience.

Two tasting menus are available for 80 and 100 EUR respectively, with an extra 60 EUR for wine pairing if you wish.

Address: Passeig Joan Carles I, 17, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain

Website: https://lagaiaibiza.com/

Mirador Restaurant
Image Source: https://www.hotelmiradoribiza.com/

Mirador de Dalt Vila

Ibiza Town is a major destination for partygoers, but there aren’t that many amazing restaurants here. One of the reasons this Ibiza restaurant is such a nice change from the usual atmosphere that is Ibiza Town.

Enjoy a great selection of amazing food and wines here. Meals start at around 50 EUR.

Address: Plaça d’Espanya, 4, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain

Website: https://www.hotelmiradoribiza.com/en/dining/es-mirador-restaurant

Pecador Ibiza
Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/pecadoribiza/


Amazing food and beachy atmosphere. That’s Pecador restaurant in Ibiza. A very laid-back place to grab some high-quality meals.

Affordable pricing as meals starts around 20 EUR for the basic options.

Address: Carrer des Riu, 54, 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu, Illes Balears, Spain

Website: https://www.pecadoribiza.com/

Re.Art Ibiza
Image Source: https://reart.es/en/


A very nice tapas bar in Ibiza. Individual items are around 10 EUR and you can order a different set of tapas to experience and try new things out.

Address: Carrer de Castella, 9, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain

Website: https://reart.es/en/

Image Source: http://restaurantsespartar.com/


An extremely charming family-run business in the hills of Ibiza. With local meals, you can try traditional Ibiza cooking at its best. Although, it’s in the Michelin Guide restaurants for Ibiza, it’s kind of a hidden gem. Not many people take the time to visit this restaurant, but we think it’s definitely worth the trip.

Address: Restaurant sespartar, 07830 Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Balearic Islands, Spain

Website: http://restaurantsespartar.com/en-gb/

Fine Dining at it’s best

We hope that this list of the Michelin Guide restaurants in Ibiza will provide you with some awesome nights. The guide is a mark for quality and you can visit any of the restaurants from the list if you were to have some excellent food.

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