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5 Interesting Museums in Logan, Utah

Logan is a picturesque mountain valley with plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities, cultural history, and performing arts. It is an ideal stopping-off point for visitors en route to Bear Lake State Park or Yellowstone. We’ve collected this list of 5 interesting museums in Logan, Utah for those who want to fully explore the culture and history of the region.

Of course, this region of the US is known for the heritage of the first pioneers. People who paved the way for cities and routes to the west territories of the nation. This is very much present in the local museums but there’s even more to explore.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into our list of the best museums in Logan, Utah. As usual, we’ll give you opening hours and pricing if available. Pricing is always the price of one adult ticket to the museum.

1. American West Heritage Center

Price: Differs event to event
Hours: As per schedule

The definitive attraction in Logan, Utah. If you want to see just one museum in Logan then this has to be it. The American West Heritage Center is committed to showcasing the life of early pioneers in an excellent presentation style.

In reality, the heritage center is more than just a museum. It’s an experience. People dressed up in period-accurate clothing, showcasing how life was like for the very first brave souls that traveled far into the western US.

The heritage center has farm animals, amazing ranches, miniature train rides, and everything else that’s the ‘Wild West’ making it a perfect family attraction in the region.

Do note that they are mostly open during public events so if you want to visit you must plan ahead. Check the official website for upcoming events and prices.

2. Cache Valley DUP (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers) Museum

Price: Free
Hours: Summer Tue-Fri 11AM – 5PM, Sat 11AM – 2PM, Winter Wed-Thu 11AM – 5PM

The Cache Pioneer Museum or Cache Valley DUP is another great heritage museum. This one is more of a real museum with artifacts on display than the pioneer experience.

This museum in Logan, Utah is devoted to commemorating and celebrating the pioneers of Cache Valley. They maintain a great showcase of artifacts, photographs, and stories. Come here to learn about the invaluable contributions of the pioneers to the cultural heritage of Cache Valley and the State of Utah.

It’s another good museum for families as well as history buffs. Kids will be able to check out the early history of the nation meanwhile adults can marvel at the curious artifacts and stories that are on show.

3. Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art

Price: Free
Hours: Tue-Thu 10AM – 5PM, Fri 10AM – 7PM, Sat 10AM – 3PM

Utah State University is also located in Logan. There are two museums that we’ve picked out which are operated by USU and they are on the campus grounds.

First up is the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art. This museum is focused on contemporary art from the Western US.

It’s a spacious art museum with many different types of artwork on display. This is a great place to discover local artists. Great for an afternoon stroll, but can be a bit boring for children.

4. Mason Wildlife Exhibit

Price: Free
Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM – 4PM

The Mason Wildlife Exhibit is a taxidermy museum. You’ll be able to see the most important animals from this part of the nation in their full glory, however, no longer alive.

In September 2018, the Mason Family Foundation of Utah proudly opened an exhibition featuring more than 60 specimens from across North America.

The Mason Wildlife Exhibit provides a platform to recognize hunters, fishermen, and environmental stewards. At a time when it is becoming more difficult to access natural outdoor settings, it is imperative to facilitate opportunities for people of all ages to connect to and appreciate wildlife.

This museum is good for families, but only if the kids are not scared of taxidermy. We know that taxidermy is definitely not for everyone.

5. Utah State University-Anthropology

Price: Free
Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM – 4PM

Finally, we have the Anthropology exhibit from USU. You will find it in a classroom, situated on the second floor of the illustrious Old Main building. The museum boasts informative displays and a spacious environment.

You’ll find a lot of items related to Anthropology here. From artifacts of a bygone era to early versions of modern tools.

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