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Nearest Airport to Matera, Basilicata – How to Visit?

The whitewashed hilltop town of Mater is world-famous for its charming atmosphere and inviting narrow streets. However, before your first visit, it’s not easy to know the nearest airport to Matera.

The nearest airport to Matera is Bari. It’s a great pick for visiting Matera as there are a lot of flights to Bari each day. If you rent a car at the airport then you can be at Matera with only around 1 hour of driving. Of course, there are other options too, so let’s explore them all.

The Nearest Airport to Matera – Bari

Let’s start with the simple answer to the problem. If we are only interested in the statistics then we can safely say that the nearest airport to Matera is Bari. The total distance is 65 kilometers (around 40 miles) on road. This means you can even drive from Bari to Matera in less than one hour. Of course, you need to rent a car for that.

You don’t even need to rent a car to visit from Bari though. For example, you can purchase tickets at the MarinoBus company. They will take you from Bari to Matera for 16 euros and the trip is just one hour. Their buses are pretty comfortable and they come with AC equipped. It’s a cheap and convenient way to travel.

Stairs in Matera
Matera is a great destination in Italy

Why choose Bari when traveling to Matera?

You should choose the airport of Bari when traveling to Matera as it’s the closest one to the city. You can check in to your hotel at Matera within just 2 hours after landing at Bari Airport.

This two-hour estimate is pretty conventional as well. This assumes that you have to wait for your luggage, do the paperwork for your rental car, find your hotel and find parking, then finally check in at your hotel. You might even do all this a bit quicker.

Bari is also a great option due to the sheer number of airlines flying here. You can have a choice of national and budget airlines. By picking Bari airport you can visit Matera on any day of the year whether it’s the off-season or the peak of tourism season.

Other Airports Near Matera

If you are someone who likes the freedom of choice then you don’t necessarily need to pick the nearest airport to Matera. You can find more options and more airports near Matera. These might be better suited for your travel plans so let’s take a look at all of them.

Brindisi Airport

When you are looking for the nearest airport to Matera, Brindisi is a great substitute for Bari. It’s a bit further away at 136 kilometers on (83 miles) road. It will take almost two hours to drive from Brindisi to Matera but you can easily rent a car at the airport.

There are a few shuttle bus services from Brindisi to Matera. One of them is Flixbus but they have only a single bus each day. For more options also check GetByBus but keep in mind they have more expensive seats.

Brindisi Airport is a great destination for budget flights. Almost any big city in Europe is connected by one route by the big three: Ryanair, EasyJet, or WizzAir. You might be able to save considerably by choosing Brindisi.

Naples Airport

Finally, we have one more option to consider. The Naples Airport is quite far from Matera already but it might be good if you want to see the area near Naples before you leave for Matera.

There is one more reason for picking Naples Airport. It has a seasonal non-stop flight from NY thanks to United. Yes, each summer United flies directly to Naples. Of course, most tourists want to see the beautiful Amalfi coast but it’s a great chance to visit Matera as well.

The road distance between Naples and Matera is around 250 kilometers (155 miles) so you are looking at a potential 3-hour drive. As Naples is a big airport you’ll get plenty of choices for rental cars.

You can opt for a bus ride as well but it can take more than 4 hours. Not the most pleasant way to travel but can go as low as 6 euros. Once again GetByBus will be your friend when looking for tickets.

To Sum It Up…

There are multiple options to consider when you are looking for the nearest airport to Matera, Basilicata.

  • Bari is the nearest airport to Matera. As such is the most obvious choice. You can catch national and budget airlines flying here and it’s only an hours’ drive away.
  • Brindisi is the second closest airport to Matera. It is a great airport to pick if you are looking to save money. With budget airlines frequently flying here you can get some awesome deals.
  • Naples is the airport with a non-stop US flight. Naples is good to consider when you are flying from the US as United has a non-stop option. However, do make an attempt to see Naples and the Amalfi Coast if you choose this airport.

Nearest Airport to Matera FAQ

What is the closest airport to Matera, Italy?

It’s the Bari International Airport.

How far is Bari International Airport to Matera, Italy?

It’s around one hour of driving, which is 65 kilometers (40 miles).

Is there a bus between Bari and Matera?

Yes, you can travel by bus and it’s pretty cheap.

Can I travel from Brindisi to Matera by bus?

Yes, you can. It takes around 2 hours.

Which airport to pick if I want to visit Matera from the US?

Naples has a non-stop seasonal flight by United Airlines.

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