Zebras in the Sanctuary

The Amazing Ngutuni Wildlife Sanctuary

When you visit Kenya, you must go to the Ngutuni Wildlife Sanctuary and have an amazing time. This sanctuary is comprised of over 10,000 acres that Tsavo East Park surrounds. Inside the sanctuary, you can do many things as a family.

The Ngutuni Wildlife Sanctuary is actually a privately owned game reserve. When you come here you can be sure that it will be a memorable and intimate experience. You will not encounter hordes of tourists. Within the resort, you will find only a small amount of tourists and visitors at any time.

Things to Do in Ngutuni Wildlife Sanctuary

See big animals up close

You can see large animals such as lions, elephants, cheetahs, and buffaloes up close in this natural sanctuary. There are no barriers or fences for the animals to be there, which increases your level of experience. You can touch the most passive animals and even photograph yourself with them if the guide approves.

The diversity of birds that the sanctuary has is immense for you to admire every minute of your visit. You can see birds native to the land and others that have migrated to this part of Kenya.

Daily programming

Usually, for you to visit the Ngutuni Wildlife Sanctuary, you will need to join a program of daily activities. Within this program, you will tour Mombasa and go to the Taita hills salt lick game. You can enjoy this program in the natural sanctuary with your family at an affordable price.

These walks through Ngutuni usually come with everything. You won’t have to worry about food or transportation. All that is included in the price for convenience. You can have three wonderful days to connect with nature and capture many photos in the process. These programs do not cover the costs of drinks and wines that you indulge in on those days.

Rides in off-road cars

You can rent off-road cars to take walks around the sanctuary and thus meet many animals. If you wish, you can take a 4×4 car or small tubular vehicles to tour all of Mombasa. You must have a driver’s license so that they can release you the transport.

Another option is to rent the car with a driver. This is the approach that we recommend. With limited connectivity of your electronic devices, it is easy to get lost on the small dirt roads. If you rent the car with a driver, you will know that you are in the right hands.

Different presentations

When you stay at the Santuario Ngutuni, you will see different cultural presentations at its facilities. You can get to know Kenya from a traditional phase with songs, dances, plays, magic, and music. These shows are programmed; you have to be attentive to see them with your loved ones in the great room.

Quality hosting

Your stay at the Sanctuary will be incredible in which you wake up very close to the animals. In the morning you will be surprised when the sun spreads over the land of Kenya, giving you a beautiful landscape. As great programs, you can start your journey through the sanctuary very early and even go on night expeditions.

You can have the accommodation and programming to tour the site with your family for a reasonable price. You will have different restaurants, playgrounds, bars and romantic places you can spend with your partner.

View From the Lodge
Image Courtesy of http://rexsafaris.com/_africa/_mombasa/sp_ngutuni.html

Walks along different trails

In the Ngutuni natural life sanctuary, you will have different trails to see giraffes, zebras, or elephants. You, too, can see the kings of the jungle in their natural habitat as they dare to hunt their prey. On these trails, you can see many wild animals, and you will always be accompanied by a guide who will ensure your safety.

You have to dare to go to Ngutuni in Mombasa, located in the Republic of Kenya, on your next vacation. This wild experience may be what you need to release tension and improve your family bond. You have to make the hotel reservation and schedule in advance because it is one of East Africa’s most popular destinations.

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