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Top 5 Pag Best Beaches – The Most Beautiful Beaches of the Island

For years, Pag Island in Croatia has been known for its beautiful beaches. The island is a popular tourist destination for people who are looking for amazing great swimming and beautiful summer weather. Follow this Pag best beaches guide to know where to bathe.

During winter months the island has a modest population. However, it more than doubles each year when the tourist season kicks off during the spring and summer. Pag is most famous for its golden-sand beaches. They are long and stretch in a crescent shape across the island.

The water is a deep, clear blue, and the beaches are dotted with sun umbrellas and loungers so you can relax as you watch the sunset over the Adriatic Sea.

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Zrce Festival Beach

Zrce Beach is a beautiful beach along the Croatian coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Also, it is a popular beach party destination. After all, with a beach bar, a nightclub, and several restaurants, it’s the perfect place to lay out a towel, sunbathe, swim, and party.

Zrce is a top clubbing destination with a great mix of luxury hotels, party hostels and apartments to rent for your stay. The main beach party season is in July and August. Due to the large number of tourists that are attracted to the party beach, accommodation can be difficult to find during this period. You will be able to find many cheap hostels and apartments in the surrounding towns and villages.

Simuni Beach Pag Island

It’s a popular tourist destination. The beach draws beachgoers from around the island of Pag. Its pristine crystal-blue waters are very attractive features. The long shoreline is a favourite of tourists.

It’s also a perfect beach for snorkelling. The water around the beach is always very clear. This means you will be able to see life unfold under the water. The shore itself is pebbly. Inside the water, you will also find some bigger rocks. Due to this, we recommend looking after children when visiting this place.

Although this beautiful swimming location sees a lot of visitors daily due to its sheer size it never feels too crowded. There will be plenty of opportunities to rest in the shade or bathe under the sun if you wish.

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Beach Jadra

This beach in Pag is well known for its clear sea and a rugged and steep coastline. For the most part, you will find the seashore covered in small rocks. However, the surrounding area of the coast is dotted with big rocks. They form an impressive and fantastic picture. If you want to take some amazing vacation photos, this is a perfect location.

Here you can even find some places to jump into the water from the rocks. We recommend getting to the beach early to grab the best spots. It is considered by many as the best beach of Pag. This is especially true if you ask the locals. Whenever you are vacationing on Pag Island we highly recommend, that you visit this unique beach.

Boyani Beach Pag Island

We’ve talked about the popular beaches in Croatia, but what about the ones you may not have heard about? One of our favourites is Boyani Beach, a popular destination for surfers and sunbathers alike. The beach itself is nestled between rocky cliffs, which makes it a little difficult to access.

It’s quite a hidden gem. Usually, you will find no crowds or masses here. This rocky shore is also quite big and paints an impressive sight. This means that even when you have other beachgoers around, you can find quiet spots. It’s unique and not a popular tourist place. For these reasons, we love this Pag best beaches destination.

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Plaža Rozin Bok

As the last entry on our Pag best beaches guide, we will bring you another hidden gem. Located in its own little bay, this pebbly beach offers great views. All around the rocky hillsides will guarantee a picturesque swimming location.

The water here is also crystal-clear which makes it perfect for snorkelling. The sea-bed here is particularly varied and full of life. Locals love to visit this off-the-beaten-path attraction and so do we.

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We think these are some of the best beaches you can visit when you are having a vacation on Pag Island. We included not only the most popular beaches but some of the hidden gems. If you follow this list you are guaranteed to enjoy your holiday on Pag Island. If you are wondering where to stay on the island we recommend Novalja City. Due to its central location, you will be able to access the sites listed easily.

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