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Tips for Parking in Corfu Town – Free + Paid

Are you planning a visit to the beautiful island of Corfu? Then you simply can’t skip Corfu Town. It’s the main hub on the island. Exploring the island fully is best done with a car, but that leaves you with one problem. Namely, parking in Corfu Town.

Whether you are staying in Corfu Town or just visiting with a car, parking is always a bit difficult to find. There are multiple free and paid options available but they vary in quality. We’ll help you find the best option for your travel needs.

Of course, free parking would be the best for everyone, however, space is very limited on the island and especially inside Corfu Town. So in addition to the free options, we’ll also give you some nice paid parking lots. These can be a good alternative especially if you consider that some of them are pretty cheap.

Are you still on the fence about renting a car? Read our driving in Corfu guide for more info!

Free Parking in Corfu Town

Let’s start with free parking. This is definitely the harder option. Parking spots inside Corfu Town are pretty limited and you’ll need to have your parallel parking skills ready.

Most of the side streets offer free parking. Pay attention to road signs. Some roads don’t allow for curbside parking and you might get a fine if you do it. Other roads only allow private parking for residents.

Additionally, pay attention to road markings. Whenever something is painted on the road, it’s usually either a handicapped slot, a bus parking slot, or a spot reserved for residents.

You will see the local drivers park in places where parking is not allowed but you should not follow suit. Seeing a rental car might warrant a fine even if the other cars are not fined.

Double parking can also be a tiny bit of a problem. This means that someone will park right behind, next to, or in front of you, essentially blocking your exit. If possible try to find spots where double parking is simply impossible.

Staying inside Corfu Town

The hardest part about parking is when you are actually staying inside Corfu Town. Most of the old town is car-free, so you’ll have to walk a bit anyway. The free parking spots around the old town are usually crowded as well so if you are planning on renting a car while staying in the old town you’ll have to find parking elsewhere.

If you really want to do it then your best bet is Leof. Dimokratias road or the streets around Spinada Square.

Consider staying in a more residential area. The same area that we recommend for people coming from the South has some nice B&Bs and parking is more readily available over there.

Coming from the North – Kassiopi, Sidari direction

When you are coming from the North direction, your best bet is the road that passes next to the Marina. It’s a multi-lane road that gets narrower and allows for curbside parking as you are nearing the city.

There are also some residential areas right next to the road with parking options. Usually, there are only a few empty spots but we’ve usually managed to find at least one or two whenever coming from this direction.

The walking distance from this direction is around 15 to 20 minutes. It’s not great but not too bad either. We’ve marked one of the best sideroads for finding free spaces but you may try something a bit closer to the town center as well.

Try this sidestreet for parking:

Coming from the South – Lefkimmi direction

If you are driving into Corfu Town from the south direction then you’ll drive next to the beautiful seaside of Corfu. There is an extensive residential area in this part and we recommend that you try your luck here.

You may try the actual seaside road as your first pick as it has curbside parking and there are sometimes spaces. This road is called Leof. Dimokratias and we’ve been successful in finding parking spots here multiple times of the day.

If there are no open spots there then you can head into the residential area and try to find some empty spots. Pay attention to the road signs as there are some sections that don’t allow parking.

We’ve marked the middle of this residential area where you may find some nice parking spots.

Try this area (yes we’ve picked a grocery store but it’s located right where you should try):

Corfu Town Parking
Rare example of perpendicular parking in Corfu Town

Paid Parking in Corfu Town

Now, if you want to take out the unpredictability of parking in Corfu Town then you might want to look into some paid options. There are multiple parking lots available inside the city and they are actually reasonably priced.

Staying inside Corfu Town

If you don’t mind paying for parking and you want to stay inside Corfu Town then we highly recommend you book a hotel that has parking. Our recommendation is The Bluehouse which is close to the city center and offers private parking for visitors.

Other than that you should take a look at the parking lots we recommend for one-day visitors as they could be a good pick for you too.

Coming from the North – Kassiopi, Sidari direction

From the direction of Kassiopi and Sidari, our favorite car park is the Old Port Parking lot. It’s very affordable. You’ll need to pay 5 EUR for day parking or 8 EUR if you want to leave the car overnight.

It’s close to the city center and it’s quite big so there’s always free space. We recommend that you look no further when coming from this direction and use this parking lot.


Coming from the South – Lefkimmi direction

If you check the maps you will see that there are little to no parking lots from the south direction. This means you’ll probably have to drive inside Corfu Town a bit to get to your desired parking area.

First of all, since you’ll need to cross the town anyway, Old Port Parking is still a good option. If you don’t want to go all the way, however, then the conveniently named Corfu Parking 2 should be the one on your radar.

Once again it’s 5 EUR per day parking so no surprises there. It’s another open lot with street parking options.


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