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Pelekas Village in Corfu: A charming mountain village with a nice beach

Located at a central location in Corfu, Pelekas Village is a perfect mountain town to include in your vacation itinerary. In fact, due to the location, you might even choose it as a base to explore the wonderful island of Corfu. Driving around Corfu is a ton of fun and you can see the whole island from Pelekas.

Pelekas is a tiny, picturesque town located on a hilltop on the island of Crete’s western coast. In particular, it is well-known for Kaiser’s Point, where you can get a bird’s-eye view of the whole island. Much like Sokraki, it’s a charming place with only a few people living there full time.

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What to see in Pelekas Village, Corfu?

Let’s explore all the things to see and things to do in Pelekas Village. Since this quaint little town is located very centrally you can visit it easily. It would be a shame to miss it!

Kaiser William II Observatory

One of the best overlooks on the whole island is hiding in Pelekas. The observatory of Kaiser William II can be accessed through a small footpath within a forest. Even the way there is extremely lovely and provides a relaxing atmosphere.

On the last few steps of the way, you will scale a bigger rock that has steps built into it. When you arrive at the top you will be treated to one of the most awesome views you will experience. You will be able to see almost all of Corfu from up the observatory. It’s a magical experience and just for this observatory alone, a visit to Pelekas will be worth it. This attraction is also known as the Kaiser`s Throne.

Walk the village streets

As you enter the town by car you will notice that the road gets incredibly narrow. This might be a bit of a nerving experience for you, but you are better off ditching the car anyway. Find a suitable spot to park – if you arrive early in the day there should be spots towards the city center – and continue on foot.

While on foot you can enter all the small sidestreets and charming alleys that can’t possibly fit a car. Admire the local architecture and don’t forget to take some amazing pictures. It’s a small town so you can wander the streets very quickly and enjoy the old style of buildings.

Try to find all the churches

Even though you are in the small village of Pelekas there are multiple churches to explore. Most can be found next to the main road. Most of the time you will find them open and waiting for you to enter. Just remember to always dress decently when you are going into churches. There is even a small chapel at the beginning of the path to the Kaiser’s Throne.

Paragliding in Corfu

Paragliding Pelekas

Being a small mountain village means that Pelekas is also great for paragliding. You can book tandem paragliding flights with Corfu paragliding and get your adrenaline flowing. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who hasn’t had such an experience yet.

Sample the local foods

One of our favorite things in Greece is the fact that most businesses are locally owned. It’s already hard to find big chains and big western brands in big cities, but in small villages like Pelekas, they are totally missing. This means that if you were to have lunch in Pelekas, then you are supporting the local economy. We urge you to do this as there are some really awesome tavernas that you can choose from.

The Pink Panther restaurant is a great place to stop by. They have a terrace overlooking the seashore and they make amazing seafood and pizza. It might not be the cheapest one in town but the views are amazing. Despite the silly name, this one is a real Greek taverna.

Arriving early in the morning you might want to start your day at Bakery Cafe Kalimera. They make great Greek pastries. Combine them with some coffee and you are set for a superb breakfast.

Kontogialos beach

The beach Kontogialos beach is also known as Pelekas beach. It’s very close to the town all you have to do is drive a little bit further on the main road. The beach is a sandy beach with blue waters so you will have the classic beach experience here. Whenever you visit on a hot day it’s definitely recommended that you stop here.

Where to stay in Pelekas?

Now that you know all about the wonderful things to enjoy in Pelekas village it’s time to tell you about some awesome hotels you can pick. Surely Pelekas is just right for a one-day visit when you are renting a car, but you might choose to stay here for the long term.

Kontis Apts

One of the best picks in Pelekas Village is Kontis Apartments. It has some of the best views around Corfu island from the balcony. It comes fully equipped with amenities and private parking. At an affordable price point, we are sure that you will love it here. Don’t just listen to us though, guests have left spectacular reviews for this hotel.

Mayor Pelekas Monastery

Are you looking for a resort? Then the Mayor Pelekas Monastery is the place for you. At 5 starts you will surely have everything you need for a relaxing holiday. Complete with a resort-style building, multiple pools, and a spa, it’s all about comfort here. It’s also located super close to Pelekas beach which means you can go down to the seashore any time you want.


Pelekas Village, a highland village in central Corfu, is a great addition to your travel plans. Whether you stay for a week or just have fun on a one-day visit is completely up to you. However, one thing is sure, you should visit Pelekas.

Featured Image Credit: “Kaizer’s Throne Pelekas” by www.sapr.in is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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