Poland Famous Buildings

Poland Most Famous Buildings

It is time for you to get to know Poland famous buildings and famous landmarks to visit when you go on vacation. Going to Poland and travelling through the countryside is a wonder in itself. However, during your visit to the country, there are some buildings that you must admire and know about. The list of famous buildings and landmarks in Poland is immense, although some stand out more than others on a tourist level.

Most of these buildings are more than a century old. As such their construction features and architecture retains a very classical style. You will be able to see the best of the medieval style in each building, and you can even visit its facilities to fill up your travel memories with amazing pictures.

Poland Famous Buildings and Landmarks

Wilanow Palace

It is a very symbolic building in Warsaw because it has been housing of the royal family and was King Jan III Sobieski’s residence ages ago. You will be able to enjoy the best architecture in the Baroque style, immense green areas, and amazing works of art. In this building, you will also have access to the museum of the palace of King Jan Sobieski III.

Amazingly the Wilanow Palace has survived all conflicts around Poland in medieval ages. Not only that, but this famous building managed to escape both World Wars without being destroyed.

The Palace is one of Poland’s Historic Monuments. This beautiful landmark is highly regarded among the Polish people, and we definitely recommend a visit when you are staying in the Warsaw area.

Warsaw Famous Palace

Royal Castle of Warsaw

If you go to Warsaw, you must visit the famous building of the Royal Castle. This castle is more than 700 years old. Today it is adapted to be a museum accounting for the visit of many tourists daily. You can check out the beautiful baroque building of the Castle and visit the museum to learn about the history of Poland.

The Royal Castle in Warsaw was not such a lucky landmark as Wilanow Palace. During the second world war, the building was completely destroyed. When you visit the castle keep in mind, that the reconstruction finished in the ’80s. Regardless, this famous building in Poland has is part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. As such, we think it’s a perfect place for you to visit during your stay in Poland.

Royal Castle Warsaw

Wawel Krakow

Another famous building that is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site that you should visit in Poland is the Wawel Castle in Krakow. This building includes a Cathedral museum for John Paul II, inside the Wawel Cathedral, and the Wawel Royal Castle.

For ages, the castle served as the throne for the ruler of Poland. Given this, the landmark carries incredibly important history. It’s one of the most significant buildings in the history of Poland. Although there is a paid museum inside the castle, you can still visit the gardens and courtyards free of charge.

The Famous Wawel in Krakow

If you are in Krakow you can check out our free things to do in Krakow guide.

National Maritime Museum

Gdansk has always been one of the most important coastal cities of Poland. Here you will find the famous building of the National Maritime Museum. The museum has opened its doors to the public in 1962. Ever since it has been an important landmark and tourist attraction in Gdansk.

In the museum, you can learn about not only the maritime history of Poland but other topics as well. You will be able to get yourself familiarized with the history of fishing, what’s life like on the sea.

Gdansk Maritime Museum one of the Poland Famous Buildings

Wang Temple

Also known as Vang Stave Church, this famous building is located near Karpacz village. What makes this temple interesting is the fact that it was bought. King Frederick William IV bought the church from Norway. It was then transferred piece-by-piece to Poland where it was re-erected and opened in 1842.

Ever since it has been a popular tourist site for the crazy history and unique architecture.

Wang Temple

Krakow Cloth Hall

One of the most famous buildings in Poland is the Cloth Hall of Krakow. This magnificent structure stands in the middle of the Old Town Market Square. This renaissance masterpiece is a favourite of tourists visiting Krakow. It’s also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Originally the landmark was one of the centers for international trade in Poland. However, even today, as you step inside, you will find merchants offering you their wares. On the upper floors, you can find a museum of Polish art.

Cloth Hall one of the Poland Famous Buildings

Palace of Culture and Science

The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw is a landmark built in the style of American skyscrapers. With its 237 meter heights it’s one of the Poland famous buildings. In fact, it ranks as the tallest building in Poland and the fifth tallest in Europe. Although there has been some controversy around the building, today it’s easily recognizable as a prominent famous landmark for Poland.

Warsaw Skyscraper

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