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Poznan One Day Itinerary for a quick visit

If you are visiting Poznan for one day only this will be a perfect One Day Itinerary to make sure you get the most out of your day in Poznan.

After all, Poznan is a perfect destination for a day trip if you are having a holiday in Poland. We have already covered the top things to do in Poznan. This guide will focus on a day trip to Poznan and will give you an itinerary you can follow.

Although the primary focus is things you can do in one day, you can easily stretch this guide out for a relaxed two-day experience.

Poznan One Day Itinerary

Old Town Market Square

Your one day itinerary in Poznan should start the Old Market Square. We recommend that you start here at least at 10 AM or earlier. If you’ve not had any food today, this will also be a great place to grab a quick bite before you begin your journey.

Walking around and exploring the Old Market Square will take you around 15-30 minutes.

Poznan Market Square

Parish Church of St. Stanislaus

Just around the corner of the Old Market Square you can start heading towards the Parish Church of St. Stanislaus.

This beautiful example of Baroque architecture will surely catch your eyes with its lavish pink exterior. Before heading inside we recommend walking around a little bit on the outside, to take in the sights from all angles.

If there is currently no service being held, you can head inside through the main doors. Inside you will be greeted with a huge and beautiful church interior.

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Croissant Museum Goat Tour

Just at the other side of the Old Market Square there is the Croissant Museum of Poznan. You won’t be able to visit this museum individually, but they offer regular tours.

Once a day there is a special tour that lasts approximately 65 minutes and starts every day at 11. We recommend you take this tour, as you will be able to see the mechanical goats of the Town Hall that come out at 12 each day.

If you are sticking to our plan you should be able to get to the museum by 11AM. We recommend you book ahead of time to make sure you got a place. You can check out the timetable here.

Alternatively if you wish to skip the Corissant Museum, you can return to the square for an early lunch, and the mechanical goat show at noon.

The Royal Castle and Imperial Castle of Poznan

Starting from the Old Market Square around noon, head north towards the Royal Castle of Poznan.

This castle has suffered severe damage during the second world war, however, has been renovated since then. You can enter the castle free of charge. You only need to pay if you want to enter the museum as well. One of the most noteworthy attractions of this museum the ability to access the castle tower. From the observation deck of the tower, you will have the best view of the Old Town and Market Square.

From the Royal Castle, you will need to walk around 15 minutes to reach the Imperial Castle. On the way to the Imperial Castle, make sure to stop by Fontanna Wolności, a beautiful contemporary fountain. Built under German rule, this impressive building now serves as a cultural meeting point. You can even grab a beer in one of the bars if you wish.

Here, apart from walking around the castle, we recommend checking out the surrounding area and parks. The park next to the castle is the home of the beautiful Poznan Theatre.

The Old Zoo

Starting from the park at the Imperial Castle, you will need to walk around 10 minutes to arrive at the entrance of the Old Zoo. It is one of the oldest Zoos in Poland and is free to visit. It is perfect for a pleasant walk in the afternoon sun, especially if you love animals.

There is also a reptile house in the Zoo, which charges a small fee for entrance. If you are interested in the reptiles, we recommend checking it out from the inside, otherwise, you can keep to the free outside areas.

Palm House in Poznan

From the Zoo, head towards Woodrow Wilson Park. It’s a small park with a pond and some ducks. You can take a stroll around the park, and check out the pond.

At the close end of the park, you will see the Palm House of Poznan. As one of the biggest Palm Houses in Central Europe, it houses a great number of different plants from all over the world. Additionally to the plants, there are aquariums filled with exotic fish. We highly recommend visiting it.

The Palm House is the last destination on our Poznan One Day Itinerary. If you have arrived by train to Poznan, the train station will be very close to the Palm House.

If you still have some time on your hand, we recommend either returning to the Old Market Square or visiting Stary Browar, a shopping centre that has been built inside an abandoned brewery building.

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