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Punta Prosciutto – One of the best beaches in Puglia

Punta Prosciutto is famous for its awesome beach in the Lecce region of Puglia. There is no wonder it’s so well-loved by people as the huge stretch of sandy beach can be compared to paradise on Earth.

In fact, in 2017, Punta Prosciutto was featured in The Telegraph. That year The Telegraph has counted this beach as one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth. We have to say the spot is well deserved amongst the 29 best beaches in the world.

Of course, when you visit Punta Prosciutto you will understand why it was chosen as one of the most wonderful beaches in the world. It’s a long stretch of fine sand beach. You will be able to have tons of fun on this beach as you step onto the sand and into the crystal clear waters of Puglia.

Torre Colimena and Riva degli Angeli are located on each side of Punta Prosciutto, which is surrounded by a dense Mediterranean vegetation. The region that was created by the rising of the seabed is now home to a certain kind of plant and animal life.

When to choose Punta Prosciutto?

Inflatable animals at the beach
Ralf Steinberger from Milan, Berlin + Munich, Italy + Germany, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This beach in Puglia is a prime pick for families. The big size and shallow water make it absolutely perfect and safe for children. They will love to play in the sand. It’s also a great beach if you want to try sandcastle building.

When you come here as a family you will also have the opportunity to meet other families. This means that the children will have new play friends. You will see that the beach is full of local Italian and tourist families who enjoy the shallow water and beautiful surroundings.

Crystal clear waters

It is believed that Punta Prosciutto has one of the clearest waters in the whole region. When you see just how incredibly clear the water is you will find it hard to argue this. Of course, we have no scientific papers to provide the assumption.

Regardless, as you are walking into the sea you will be able to see the bottom for a long time even when the sea level is almost above your head. This just goes on to show how amazing the water quality at Punta Prosciutto beach is.

Due to this fact, the beach is also a perfect place for snorkeling. Grab some underwater googles and get ready to observe the life under the sea. Even if you swim over deep water the visibility remains great and you should be able to get a glimpse of fish and other underwater creatures.

The Punta Prosciutto experience

What’s great about Punta Prosciutto is that it’s not only a beach but a resort town as well. What does this mean? Well, this means that the beach is not only one of the most beautiful in the region but also one of the most well equipped.

There are tons of sunbeds and umbrellas that you can rent for the day to make for a relaxing experience. You will also find many bars and little shacks selling food, drinks, and snacks. Some of them even have table service to the sunbeds at the peak tourism season.

As you can see Punta Prosciutto is an awesome beach and resort town in Puglia. It’s definitely worth a visit, especially if you are staying in the area.

Of course, if you are someone who likes to get away from people then the beach is large enough to find empty spaces. There are stretches of beautiful sands and dunes where no amenities exist. No pre-installed sunbeds and no kiosks selling food.

You can easily find these parts of Punta Prosciutto while walking around the beach and looking for these more abandoned spots.

Punta Prosciutto Beach Clubs

Let’s take a look at all the beach clubs that are available in Punta Prosciutto. These are perfect for those who are looking for a less crowded experience but prepared to pay some entry fee or you may have to order something to use the sunbeds associated with these clubs.

Lido Teranga Bay

Teranga Bay
Image courtesy of https://www.terangabay.it/

The beach club Lido Teranga Bay is the prime club in Punta Prosciutto. It has extremely comfortable sunbeds and beautiful sitting areas that are definitely Instagram-worthy.

They have private parking, they serve food and drinks, and they are open late into the night. There’s everything you would expect from a beach club in Puglia.

Lido Oasis Beach Cafè

The Lido Oasis Beach Cafè is a great budget option if you are looking for some entertainment on the beach. You can buy drinks and snacks in the café and then you are free to use the sunbeds associated with them.

Getting to Punta Prosciutto

Punta Prosciutto is well connected to the major roads in the Lecce region. You can reach it pretty easily if you want to visit.

The beach may be reached through public transportation that runs between Lecce and Gallipoli and Porto Cesareo, or via regional routes (coastal and not) if you drive.

The sea awaits

People Enjoying the Beach
Latiano81, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Punta Prosciutto welcomes every visitor. It doesn’t matter if they are local or they are tourists. You can find free parking and free access to the beach at Punta Prosciutto. It’s great for everyone but especially good for families.

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Punta Prosciutto FAQ

Is it worth visiting Punta Prosciutto?

Yes! The beach is awesome and the water is crystal clear.

Is Punta Prosciutto good for families?

Yes! The beach is great for families due to the shallow water and fine sand.

Is there free parking available?

Yes, there is free parking near the beach.

Do I need to bring my own umbrella and sunbed to the beach?

If you are looking for the free option then you must bring your own equipment, otherwise, you can rent at the beach.

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