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Rent a Boat on Malta Without a License

Malta, the beautiful island country south of Italy. Throughout history, this little nation has been influenced by numerous different nations. Due to this, the architecture of Malta is truly unique. Sometimes you might feel like walking in a small Italian coastal town, the next moment you will feel like stepping into a district of Morocco. One of the best ways to enhance your experience on Malta is to rent a boat, which you can do even without a license.

What to look out for when renting a boat on Malta

First of all, always keep the weather in mind. Before you decide to rent, make sure you look up the current forecast. As an island nation weather can change quicker than on the mainland.

Be especially careful if you plan to head away from land. On open water, the waves can get brutal, even in weather that doesn’t seem so bad. We recommend staying close to the island of Malta when renting a boat.

If you rent without a license, you will receive a safety briefing from the staff. Make sure you pay attention and understand everything. If something is unclear it’s better to ask, than having problems later when you are alone on the water.

Once you’ve got your boat, take it easy. Try different maneuvers. Get a feel of the handling. Try slowing down, see how quickly you can stop, and reverse. Although you are still technically holding a steering wheel, boats handle very differently from cars! Make sure you are confident in controlling your boat before venturing too far.

Boat Exploration Malta

What type of boats can you rent without a license in Malta?

Jet Ski Rental on Malta

First of all, you can rent a Jet Ski. A Jet Ski is perfect if you are renting for only two people, and want to get some adrenaline into your system. Although definitely not as comfortable as a boat, you will be able to get around the islands pretty quickly.

We recommend Jet Skis for shorter-term renting. Renting a Jet Ski for a couple of hours will be more expensive than renting a small boat. Although it is quicker, riding a boat will give you a greater sense of security. If you want to go quick and ramp up the excitement levels on your vacation then the Jet Ski is for you.

You can rent for around 35 Euro / 15 mins.

Jet Ski Rent Malta

Small Boat Without License

Now the real deal is the small boats. These don’t require a license in Malta. The only requirement is that you undergo a brief training by the staff before renting.

These little boats come in many different shapes and sizes. One of our recommendations is to rent a boat that has sun shading. Being on the open water, you can easily get sunburnt without proper shading. If the boat you are looking to rent doesn’t have it, we would say, go to the next rental place.

As for people on board, there are boats as small as 2 people all the way up to 6-8 people. Yes, you’ve read that right, you can rent a boat for up to 8 persons on Malta without a license. It’s perfect if you travel with a group of friends, and want to have a stretch of water just for yourselves. Do keep in mind though: even on water, no drinking and driving.

Depending on the size you can expect around 150-250 Euro / half a day of boat renting.

If you are looking for particular places to rent, we recommend the following boat rental providers:

Renting With a Captain

In case you are looking for the most trouble-free experience, consider renting a boat with a captain. As this can be quite pricey we mostly recommend this option for bigger groups. However, for bigger groups, it can be perfect.

First of all the boats available to hire with a captain are usually much bigger than what you can drive without a license. Many of these are better fit to be called ships and not boats.

Secondly, the captain will know the waters around Malta like the back of his hand. You might be well informed and good with directions, but nothing really beats experience. The captain will be able to take you to the most interesting and hidden spots around the island. It’s a worry-free option where you will have to enjoy the water and the sights.

In any case, whether you decide to be the captain of your own rental or hire someone for the job, we recommend a half-day boat renting when in Malta. Not only is it a very memorable experience, but it will also open up a new side of the island. There are many hidden beaches and beautiful caves around the Malta seaside, which are only accessible by boat. It’s no wonder that anyone can rent a boat on Malta even without a license.

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