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8 Amazing Resorts in Newport News, VA

Do you want to enjoy the best that Virginia has to offer? We’ve got you. This list will help you pick out the best resorts in Newport News, VA. Whether you are traveling for leisure or business you’ll have a great time at these places.

Finding the perfect resort in Newport News can be a bit tricky. For one, most resorts are not actually in town, and for two, there are plenty of mediocre options. When we go to a resort hotel we want to get that resort hotel atmosphere so why settle for mediocrity?

Lucky for you, this list of our favorite resorts in Newport News, VA will guide you through the selection process. We deliberately not putting numbers on this list as we believe this list is unordered. Any of the places we mention will be great for a vacation.

Also, note that most resorts near Newport News are actually in Williamsburg. The area around Williamsburg is more accommodating to resorts and while technically they are in the neighboring town to Newport News the distance is pretty negligible.

Kingsmill Resort

Kingsmill Resort is one of the highest-rated resorts near Newport News. Travelers from all over the nation and even the world love coming to this resort to take advantage of the variety of activities available.

Kingsmill Resort is also one of the most famous golf and spa resorts in the area. You can play some golf in the morning, then relax at the huge pool complex, only to indulge yourself in some spa activities around the evening.

This resort is one of the best if you want a place that offers a full vacation experience without even leaving the resort grounds. There are 3 and 4 bedroom apartments available so it’s an excellent place for families and bigger groups.

Kingsmill Resort is definitely among our favorite resorts in Newport News, but it’s an especially good choice if you want to play golf.

Kiln Creek Golf Club and Resort

The Kiln Creek Golf Club and Resort is the premiere Newport News tourist resort. As the name suggests this one heavily caters to people who want to come here and enjoy some golfing.

However, the Kiln Creek Golf Club and Resort is so much more than just a place to play golf. They’ve got a nice boutique hotel on the grounds where luxury takes center place so you can travel in style and relax like a royal.

This place is a combination of a resort and an exclusive close community. Visitors can stay at ‘The Lodge’ which is an amazing boutique hotel while residents own and rent apartments all around the neighborhood.

If you love golfing then Kiln Creek Golf Club and Resort is the place you should book in Newport News. Simple as that. Others, who are not that into golfing might find the resort a bit lacking though as different family-centered places offer more entertainment.

Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg

If the exclusive Kiln Creek Golf Club is not up your street then the Great Wolf Lodge might be. It’s one of the best family resorts in Newport News.

As it is with all Great Wolf Lodge resorts the main attraction is the waterpark. Visitors who stay at the resort also get tickets to the waterpark where the whole family can enjoy a day full of fun and adventure.

Apart from the pools and slides, there are a variety of other family-centered attractions available on site as well. They include things like a suspended rope course, bowling, an arcade, and even laser tag.

Those who are looking for the perfect family holiday in Newport News must have the Great Wolf Lodge of Williamsburg on their radar.

Of course, this amazing place can’t be without a downside. The price is quite high. All things considered, you do get entry to the aquapark and a plethora of activities you get your money’s worth but it’s hard to say this place is affordable.

Bay Tree Manor

Bay Tree Manor is one of the best resorts for couples near Newport News. It’s a luxurious stay in well-equipped rooms where you can easily find romantic opportunities.

We feel that Bay Tree Manor offers one of the best boutique experiences around especially when it comes to the resort space in this area. There’s always a small personal touch to make you feel right at home and welcome in this hotel.

You’ll find a nice outdoor pool for guests, a hot tub, and a sitting and viewing deck. You’ll get complimentary breakfast along with your booking which we’ve found to be pretty enjoyable.

The gardens of Bay Tree Manor are especially beautiful and they offer a great retreat for couples who want to stroll around and enjoy a romantic moment. Overall Bay Tree Manor might be one of the simplest resorts near Newport News but it offers some of the best accommodations for couples.

Salt Ponds Marina Resort

Salt Ponds Marina Resort is one of the few resorts actually in Newport News. As the name suggests you will find it near the marina and it’s a resort that caters to boat owners.

The Salt Ponds Marina Resort prides itself on the fact that they have free access to the nearby bay and the ocean. They can accommodate even the largest of sailboats and there’s definitely a place for you if you want to sail here.

You’ll find a nice swimming pool with a designated children’s area. Then there’s also the sandy beach on the ocean itself. It’s actually one of the few resorts with a sandy beach in the Newport News area.

They also have a bathhouse and a laundry room. There’s transportation for resort guests and they have a nice lounge with free Wi-Fi which is a great place to relax after days on the open ocean.

One thing to note you will be staying on your own boat so this is definitely a resort for boat owners. It’s one of the best of its kind, but you’ve got to have a boat yourself or you have nowhere to sleep.

Hilton Vacation Club The Historic Powhatan Williamsburg

Finally, as our last three picks, we’ll show you some name-brand resorts that are great choices for a stay in Newport News.

First is Hilton’s version of a resort town with apartments from 1 bedroom to full homes with 4 bedrooms to rent. It’s a nice choice for families especially if you rent out your own building in this resort town.

As you would expect from a Hilton resort you get both outdoor and indoor pools for every weather situation. You can also find a fitness room and some tennis courts on the resort grounds.

Overall it’s a nice choice and it’s surprisingly affordable. There are no surprises here you get what you would expect from a normal resort in this area.

Marriott’s Manor Club at Ford’s Colony

Marriott’s Manor Club at Ford’s Colony has an especially nice location for a resort. It’s located right next to the golf course so once again a great resort if you want to come here and play some golf.

It’s one of the more exclusive resorts with villas available for short and longer stays. Families enjoy this resort as there’s enough entertainment for everyone. You’ll find pools, playgrounds, and sporting opportunities as well as some SPA facilities for the parents.

Considering the beautiful villas available at this resort we would definitely expect a higher price point but it’s priced similarly to the other resorts in the area. Overall, Marriott’s Manor Club at Ford’s Colony is a beautiful brand resort that’s good for families and even couples.

Greensprings Vacation Resort

Finally, we have Greensprings Vacation Resort which is another great family resort near Newport News. The resort grounds are pretty and offer endless entertainment for the whole family.

There are two and four-bedroom suites available that can sleep your whole family. The suites are well-equipped with kitchens and a balcony or patio. It’s a nice home away from home environment.

Once again you get some nice facilities like both an indoor and outdoor pool. There’s also a fitness center, beach volleyball court, and even minigolf available.

Due to the number of entertainment options, it’s definitely a good one for families as you can entertain everyone from kids to adults in one spot.

Resorts in Newport News, VA – FAQ

What is a great resort for families in Newport News?

Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg offers the most entertainment for families, however, it can be a pricey stay. Greensprings Vacation Resort is more affordable while still a nice choice for the whole family.

Which is the best couple’s resort in Newport News?

Bay Tree Manor gets our vote as the most romantic resort hotel in Newport News.

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