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Best Restaurants in Ciutadella

The city of Ciutadella de Menorca is a great choice for your holiday. It’s the former capital of Minorca. Regardless of losing this status, it’s still the biggest city on the island. When you are on vacation you will wonder, where should you eat? There are a ton of options for restaurants in Ciutadella. Join us to find the best options.

On your vacation in Ciutadella, you will taste all the local dishes. However, when you wish to try some different kinds of restaurants you can do it here. The city is full of life and good places to eat.

Restaurants of Ciutadella, Menorca

1. Mon Restaurant

The Mon Restaurant is an interesting project. You might have heard about Michelin star chef Flip Lluifriu. He is responsible for bringing Mon Restaurant to life.

When you are looking for fine dining this is the restaurant to come to. Most of the foods are inspired by the local cuisine, with twists and additions from both French and Catalan tastes. The result is usually a great-looking and even better tasting meal.

Mon Restaurant Menorca
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2. Restaurante Vegetariano Fang i Aram

Vegetarians rejoice, you won’t be without a good place to eat in Ciutadella. Fang i Aram is the perfect vegetarian restaurant.

You have to walk a little from the Old Town. This means that it’s more of a hidden gem restaurant than a mainstream one. If you can come here during lunchtime, they have a daily menu available for a very reasonable price.

The food is always prepared from fresh ingredients and tastes excellent. The staff is very friendly and it feels like they are always smiling!

Vegetarian Restaurant Menorca
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3. Smoix Restaurant

Another fine dining restaurant in Ciutadella is Smoix. This place is also included in the Michelin’s Guide as a recommendation.

The food is excellent, and always prepared from seasonal, fresh ingredients. The main stars are fish and local meats.

Also, perfect if you are looking for a nice place to eat at. The garden seating provides a relaxing and picturesque environment for your fine dining.

4. Piqniq

In Piqniq you will get the most amazing home-made style meals. In Piqniq they always use the freshest and most in-season ingredients. They try to make the most out of local produce to serve food that is authentic.

From the local produce, they don’t just make local dishes. You can get curry, burgers and french pastries too. The food is very good and the prices are always reasonable.

Piqniq Meal
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5. Nopales Menorca

Nopales Menorca is located near the center of the town. It’s a very nice location, with easy access. This is the place for you when you are looking for Mexican food in Menorca.

Everything you can order is authentic Mexican and prepared to the best of the chef’s abilities. We have to highlight that the whole menu is really awesome. You can order any option from it, and know that you will eat a really tasty meal.

6. Café Balear

Don’t let the name fool you. The Café Balear is a true restaurant. It’s been around since the 70s. As such the restaurant has long been a favorite of locals.

This Ciutadella restaurant has its own fishing boat. That’s right, to ensure fresh sea-food and fish every day, they don’t just buy it from the market, they catch most of it themselves. How cool is that?

The heavily local tastes in Café Balear are met with amazing sea-food. If you are looking to get some, this is the place. You must try the specialty lobster stew.

Shrimp Stew
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7. Mostassa

Mostassa is probably the best burger restaurant in Ciutadella. When you are in the need of some great comfort food, burgers are your best friend.

One of the attractive features is the ‘make-your-own burger choice. You can put together the hamburgers you eat any way you want. Not seen in many restaurants.

8. Restaurant Pizzeria Roma

Got that Italian itch? Come to Restaurant Pizzeria Roma to grab some great Italian food. This restaurant is part of the Cafe Balear group of restaurants.

In Pizzeria Roma, the pizza is prepared in an old-school wood-burning oven. They are prepared with an excellent skill to perfection. Quite possibly the best pizza in Menorca.

You can also eat any of the typical Italian dishes you want. Whether it is pasta, fish or pizza, that you desire, you will find it here.

Pizzeria Roma Restaurant in Ciutadella
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9. Ti Amo – Sapori Italiani

Italian takeaway food at your disposal in Ti Amo. It is the restaurant you should visit when you need a quick bite.

Sandwich, pizza, and an assortment of amazing desserts. Everything is fresh, and you can see the ingredients that they use to prepare the food.

Choose whatever you like, and take it with yourself on your tour of sightseeing. It’s a great small restaurant in Ciutadella.

10. La Cayena, Cocina Viajera

The restaurant La Cayena has an interesting idea behind it. The owners of the place create dishes, based on their own travel experience. This means, that when you come here you will be able to taste international meals from all over the world.

It’s a very interesting concept, where hamburgers, pad-thai, curry, and quesadilla can fit onto the same menu. Very unique, but also they know how to prepare these. This means that you can expect excellent food when you dine here.

La Cayena Menu
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You Got One For Any Need

Here we are, we have provided you with our favorite tips. These restaurants will fulfill your different needs for food during the day. When you visit any of these places you know you will be avoiding tourist traps.

Great food and quality are extremely important for a happy vacation. This is why we are committed to providing the best tips for your holiday in Menorca.

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