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5 Best Restaurants in Mahon, Menorca

Mahon is the capital city of Menorca. A great tourism destination. Do you want to know what to eat, when you are staying here? Join us, to find out the best restaurants in Mahon, Menorca.

Mahon is the second biggest city on the island. This means that there are a lot of options to eat. Also, there are generally more tourists than other places on Menorca. This can be both good and bad. Where tourists are available great places will pop-up. However, bad places will pop-up as well, to cash in on tourism.

The 5 Best Restaurants in Mahon

When you are figuring out where to eat in Mahon, you will find cuisines from all over the world. Even if you are someone who likes to try all the local delicacies, it’s a good idea to switch it up at times.

1. Perla Kitchen & Bar

We will start our guide with the Perla Kitchen & Bar. You will find this restaurant right in the middle of the city. They serve both tapas and full meals. If you are a fan of sea-food, then come here. They have a good selection of sea-food available.

Although the owner is of Serbian origin, you will be able to try out the local foods here. More to that, their ‘signature dish is a homemade chili stew. Definitely try this one if you like chili!

After you have had a filling lunch in this Mahon restaurant, order ‘ Auntie Margaret’s Chocolate Cake’. It’s their specialty dessert.

Prela Kitchen and Bar
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2. Punt7

Punt7 is actually located one street away from Perla. This restaurant specializes in both Italian and local dishes. In all honesty, they have a rather small menu.

However, that’s usually good. When a restaurant can keep a small menu, you know that the things on it will be perfect. On one side, you have your usual local and Italian dishes, many with sea-food.

Then you get a nice selection of pizzas. When you are craving that Italian itch, you will know that Punt7 has got your back.

3. Clorofilla Cuina Vegetariana

Looking for that vegetarian options. Lucky for you there are many restaurants in Mahon, Menorca. This includes a very good vegetarian restaurant.

The Clorofillia Cuina Vegetariana is conveniently located in the center of Mahon. This restaurant is the top pick for vegetarian and healthy food. You will find the many great dishes on the menu to have a full and filling lunch or dinner.

One thing to note. Although the food is always great, the prices are a little bit on the expensive side. Just keep this in mind when you come to this vegetarian restaurant in Mahon. You might need to pay more than other places.

Clorofillia Cuina Vegetariana
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4. El Cent Disset

Let us tell you about this gem of a place in Mahon. El Cent Disset restaurant is a lovely place at the port of Mahon. Come to this restaurant to have great sea-food and try the local cuisine.

Oftentimes the fish will be fresh off the market in the morning. The wines they serve are all local, and the food is prepared with skill and proficiency.

It’s still not well known among tourists. Perfect if you are looking for hidden gems in Mahon. Did we tell you, that the prices are also very favorable? Yes, you will get amazing food with a reasonable price tag attached. Highly recommended.

5. Restaurante Bisou

Restaurante Bisou was recently opened by a couple. They have managed to put together a lovely place with a terrace looking towards the city port.

The whole atmosphere is friendly and intimate. The staff and owners are quite honestly amazing people. They are fun to talk to, and it shows, that they care about this restaurant.

Bisou is centered around French cuisine. All the meals are prepared with excellent proficiency and taste really good. You can come here to enjoy some of the best food among restaurants in Mahon.

Even better, as a French restaurant, they must be on top of their wine game. And let us tell you, that they are. Probably the best selection of wines in the city. It’s a lovely place to sit down, enjoy the summer evening breeze and sip wine while you enjoy a filling dinner.

Bisou Restaurant
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Don’t Skip These Restaurants

When you travel to Mahon, you will enjoy attending these restaurants. You can go to a different one each night! They will be a nice fit on your holiday, and you will have great foodie pictures to post on Instagram.

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