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10 Romantic Hotels in Portland, Maine

Maine’s Portland is the cultural and historical hub of the State. With its long-standing port it has always been an important city and it’s currently the most populous city in Maine. With a charming downtown and an excellent location, it’s a great place for a couple’s getaway. So, join us as we explore some of the most romantic hotels in Portland, ME.

Portland Maine is a very inviting place for couples. You can explore the historic downtown, hop on a ferry to check out the islands, and try any of the excellent seafood restaurants in the harbor. If that’s not enough you have easy access to some amazing towns nearby.

It’s easy to see that this city is great for romance. You will have plenty of opportunities to spend time together and a great hotel will always help on a weekend getaway. With that foreword let’s jump into our favorite romantic hotels in Portland, Maine.

Oh, one more thing. We really love all of the hotels that we’ve selected so were are totally not numbering this list. So there is no particular order to these hotel picks like first is best and last is worse. Some will cater to different kinds of travelers than others but we think all of them are amazing.

Best Bower

Let’s start our journey of the most romantic Portland, ME hotels with Best Bower. This is actually a quite unique hotel. The hotel’s grounds were once home to a marine communication tower. Luckily this tower is still standing and it’s a famous landmark.

Right next to the tower, you will find the guesthouse available for visitors. There are a total of six rooms all furnished with a classic Maine style. They are minimalistic with a hint of luxury.

The rooms are like mini apartments with keyless entry and a very seamless experience. You will be mostly on your own. Though you can also order some locally sourced produce which will await you when you arrive in your room.

All-in-all it’s an excellent hotel for couples. The location is unique the landmark tower is a sight to behold and the rooms are just lovely.

Blind Tiger

The Blind Tiger has not one but two locations in Portland, ME. Although the two locations are not exactly the same they have a common atmosphere that suggests luxury, comfort, and romance.

Although both locations offer excellent opportunities for a romantic getaway we do like the Blind Tiger Danforth Street property a bit better for couples.

They took an authentic 19th-century home and refurnished it to be a luxury hotel experience, and in our opinion, one of the best romantic hotels in Portland.

We absolutely loved the interior of the rooms. Danforth Street is more of a minimal luxury style while their Carleton Street building hosts more colorful and busier rooms without losing the luxury touch.

Add to that the hotel’s staff is always there to make your romantic getaway feel even more special and they have some amazing hand-tailored experiences in the city that you can try.

The Chadwick Bed & Breakfast

One of the best B&B hotels in Portland, Maine is also one of the best romantic hotels around town. Enjoy an epic getaway in an authentic Maine home that’s designed to be cozy, elegant, and a pleasure to be in.

The Chadwick Bed & Breakfast prides itself in providing one of the best getaway experiences in Portland and we couldn’t agree more.

This hotel is absolutely perfect for your romantic vacation. What’s better? They have constant offers and other little enhancements you can order for your room like flowers or a selection of locally-produced cheese.

As a locally run, authentic Maine hotel we can’t recommend this place enough. Not only is this place great as a romantic hotel in Portland, ME but you’ll also give back to the community by choosing The Chadwick Bed & Breakfast.

West End Inn

West End Inn is another beautiful romantic choice in Portland. As the name suggests you will find it in the neighborhood called West End which is one of the best areas of Portland, ME.

West End Inn offers a historical setting. A red brick building with cute rooms and beautiful common areas. We were especially fond of the breakfast which was a nice start to the day during the visit.

The staff is also something we must mention. This particular hotel has one of the most accommodating and best staff in Portland. You’ll feel right at home from the moment you step into West End Inn.

Overall, this is a favorite of couples who visit Portland and we can easily see why. It’s a great romantic pick and we’ll find it very hard for you to be disappointed.

The Press Hotel, Autograph Collection

Brand hotels and romance usually doesn’t go hand-in-hand. However, there are some unique places even by these famous brands that are more tailored to an intimate experience rather than mass travel.

The Press Hotel is one of these places. It’s part of the Autograph Collection by Marriott. The Autograph Collection is quite unique as these hotels have a lot of independent authority from Marriott hence they are able to create a custom atmosphere.

And wow do we have an atmosphere at the Press Hotel! The whole hotel is inside the historic headquarters of the Portland Press Herald. Although the newspaper does not exist anymore the hotel does a great job at continuing the heritage.

The rooms are excellent and you can really feel the atmosphere oozing from the furniture and the design. It’s a place that has a natural romantic tone to it. We absolutely love it.

The hotel is also just a few minutes of walking away from the waterfront and downtown so it’s an excellent choice for a romantic getaway in Portland, Maine.

The Mercury

The Mercury is a simple yet elegant inn near downtown Portland. Designed with modern travelers in mind it poses a great opportunity for couples to enjoy what the town has to offer in a pleasant environment.

It’s another place that’s truly a local business. The owners are always available and you can really feel that bringing joy to their guests is their passion.

Luckily not the service doesn’t end inside the hotel. The innkeepers will be more than happy to let you in on Portland’s best-kept secrets and give you tips to get the most out of your stay in The Mercury.

The Francis

Portland Maine is quite an amazing place for those who love historic buildings. There is so much here and as you’ve already seen from this list some of them have been transformed into amazing hotels.

The Francis is no different. A red brick building that has stood the test of time and is now welcoming guests from all over the state. In fact, the romantic atmosphere is a great draw for couples.

When booking The Francis we recommend the ‘Junior Suite’ for a great romantic experience. It’s located on the top floor giving you some of the best privacy among the rooms and it’s a spacious and well-equipped choice.

Pomegranate Inn

Our last romantic hotel in Portland, Maine is the Pomegranate Inn. We highly recommend this place for couples who love a colorful and eclectic design.

It’s a boutique hotel and in contrast to the historical hotels of Portland, this one is centered around color and art. If you love this kind of place then you will feel very happy inside the Pomegranate Inn.

Similarly to other Inns of the city, it’s located in West End so everything is within comfortable walking distance.

You do have to note one thing. While we absolutely loved this place we’ve heard that there was a change of owners. Recent visitors seem to be more-or-less disappointed in the current state of the hotel since the management change. So make sure to read some opinions from recent visitors before you pick this place.

Sea Rose

For the last two of the romantic hotels, we are looking outside of Portland. We wanted to mention these two hotels because they are excellent picks for a couple’s getaway and are still incredibly close to the city so you get easy access by car.

Sea Rose is a cute seaside hotel south of Portland. It’s got great rooms with all the views to entice a romantic feeling.

It’s quite a nice change from the busy streets of Portland. During the night you’ll hear the calming sounds of the waves crashing on the shore.

Rooms are designed with one word in mind: homely. They want you to feel at home and it shows every step of the way. It’s an excellent choice for couples and meanwhile, this hotel might not be as upscale as some others on the list, but the romance is still strong.

Inn by the Sea

You will find our last romantic hotel recommendation further down south from Portland. Inn by the Sea is a wonderful property that caters to couples very well.

It’s a pretty big place and very well equipped. From wellness options to even a pool there’s plenty to do inside the hotel. Not to mention that you’ve got the shore and Crescent beach right next door.

There is also a great selection of seafood available. It’s still super easy to get into Portland by car and the whole area is very romantic.

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