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8 Romantic Hotels in Vancouver, WA

Washington’s Vancouver is a great place for a couple’s getaway. It has amazing wine, beautiful countryside, and plenty of opportunities for romance. However, we’ve always found that picking the right place to stay is just as important as the activities you do together. This is why we’ve put together this list of 8 romantic hotels in Vancouver, WA.

We are taking a look at some of the best places to stay for romance in Vancouver. Hotels inside the city center and cute BnBs out in the wilderness both made the list. It’s only up to you what kind of romantic setting you want to choose.

So, without further ado let’s jump into the best hotels in Vancouver WA for an unforgettable romantic getaway.

The Briar Rose Inn

One of our favorite romantic properties in Vancouver, WA is the Briar Rose Inn. It has an exceptional location and its style has a very romantic feeling by default.

This cute inn is located in the historic center of Vancouver so you’ll be within walking distance of any major attractions. You’ll also be very close to the waterfront where you can go on wine tasting or try out some of the best restaurants the city has to offer.

The property itself truly fits the historic setting and there is a beautiful garden outside adding to the appeal. The whole place is a mix of luxury, history, and romance.

We do advise on one thing: French Toile Room as it has a private bathroom. Of course, their ultimate romantic offering is the Hearth Room but for some unexplainable reason, it shares a bathroom with another of their rooms. So meanwhile the Hearth Room itself has a super romantic atmosphere the bathing situation is a bit of a letdown.

The Heathman Lodge

Another one of our favorite romantic hotels in Vancouver WA is the Heathman Lodge. Although the location is not central the hotel more than makes up for everything that’s not within walking distance.

The style of the place is just lovely. A brick facade combined well with wood makes it feel authentic and romantic.

They also make an effort to cater to couples as they offer romance packages for a little extra. These packages are designed to provide plenty of intimate experiences and to provide opportunities for relaxing and completely forgetting about stress.

All-in-all we feel that the Heathman Lodge is one of the best romantic choices in town. The only downside is that it does feel a little bit hotely. And if you are unlucky you’ll catch some business conference right in the hotel which will surely take away from the romantic atmosphere.

Camas Boutique Hotel

All right, now we are getting into the territory that’s around Vancouver. It is true most of the hotels on the list might not be directly in town but we still consider them great choices for Vancouver, WA itself.

The Camas Boutique Hotel is located in downtown Camas. We love this place as it offers plenty of opportunities to go out and enjoy great restaurants within walking distance. The downtown of Camas is a lively place during summer and we loved exploring it as a couple.

Vancouver and the state parks of the area are also super close so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to go out.

The hotel itself has cute romantic rooms and the staff tries to create an intimate atmosphere. For example, they leave handwritten greeting cards in your room for you when you arrive.

There is also a bar downstairs and they have an excellent restaurant on site. It’s a great choice if you want to stay in a busier area.

Silver Star Lodge

Are you the type who enjoys getting away from it all? Then you will absolutely love the Silver Star Lodge as a romantic hotel in Vancouver. It’s located near town inside its own little wilderness area.

It’s a rustic lodge with a fireplace and a huge outside sitting area. There is even a soaking tub that adds to the romance. It’s located in the outside sitting area and it’s one of our favorite features of this place.

Inside you will find the fireplace and very stylish minimalistic furnishing. If you enjoy staying outside of town then you will absolutely love this place.

Dome Sweet Dome

Dome Sweet Dome is a great place for those who are looking for a totally unique experience. You’ve heard about the dome hotels of Iceland but now you can experience them near Vancouver, WA as well.

Located on a hilltop way outside town there is plenty of experience to enjoy the open skies and feel like a true nomad inside your own little wooden dome.

It’s truly one of the most romantic settings you can ask for – if you are into this nomadic style. One thing to note, these domes are amazing during fall and winter but they fall a little bit short in summer. They heat up quickly making them uncomfortable in the long run.

Riverbend Lodge

Riverbend Lodge is perfect for those who want to step out of their hotel and start exploring immediately. Located along multiple hiking routes this lodge has plenty to offer in terms of romance and intimacy.

It’s another rustic setting with many wooden walls and wooden furniture to go along with it. There’s a fireplace inside which we always find quite romantic and cozy. As the name suggests there’s also the river, practically in the backyard of the property.

The picturesque views will surely make you fall in love with the place but if that’s not enough they also have a private hot tub that you can enjoy.

The downside you might ask? Pricing. This is quite a big property and renting for two people gets a bit pricey. We think it’s totally worth it but keep it in mind.

Homewood Suites by Hilton

For our last two picks on the list, we are back in Vancouver, WA. These two hotels are chain hotels. While we think chain hotels generally don’t offer the most romantic experiences you can make them work if you want.

For this very reason, we’ve decided to include these on the list. First up is Homewood Suites by Hilton. The name of this hotel tells you the whole story. These are like mini apartments in a big apartment complex.

Quite unorthodox from a Hilton hotel but also quite intimate since it feels like you’ve got your own little place while staying in Vancouver. The hotel is well equipped – as you would expect from Hilton. There’s even a common pool that you can use during the warmer days.

We like this pick because you get your own private place and it’s different from a traditional hotel experience. Still, we found the romance aspect a bit lacking but we totally see this work.

AC Hotel by Marriott Vancouver Waterfront

Finally, we have a hotel right on the Vancouver Waterfront. We wanted to include this hotel because the Vancouver, WA Waterfront is one of the most romantic places in town. It’s so full of life that you’ll want to go out every day.

So what would be the best place to explore then a hotel right on the waterfront? Don’t expect much more romance then you would get at your everyday hotel but if you manage to snatch a room with a view over the Columbia River then you’ll wake up each day to picturesque scenery. This alone can make a stay worth it here.

We recommend this last hotel to those couples who love to go out. You’ll be right in the center of action and you can spend a lot of time inside Vancouver.

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