Romantic Things to Do in Prague

The Best Romantic Things to do in Prague

It is time for you to know the romantic things to do in Prague and thus enjoy a great getaway with your partner. The city of Prague, in the Czech Republic, is a great option for romance. This city has enough potential for love, and you should give it a priority if you are looking to activate romance with your current partner.

Among the different romantic things you can do in Prague with your partner are:

Take a ride through the old town using a carriage

If you want romantic things to do in Prague you can go to the old town in the Czech capital. You can rent a very elegant horse-drawn carriage for a romantic encounter. Both you and your partner will enjoy the moment in a tour that can last as long as you want.

Going through the old town square and exploring Prague from the carriage is an excellent activity. You will see the astronomical clock and all other sights throughout the ride.

The photos along the way cannot be missing, and if you take the service at night, you will love the dazzling sky. You can do this type of tour at any time, and the rental price for the carriage is affordable.

Horse Carriage Waiting

Walk Around Petrin Park

Once you have enjoyed great sightseeing and Prague city tourism, it’s time to escape into nature. Although not true outskirts, Petrin Park is a great green area to explore.

You will get amazing views of Prague Old Town and will take great pictures. There is a beautiful rose garden at the top of the park, which you definitely need to include in your visit. You can also check out a great mirror maze within the limits of the park. For the perfect views of the Czech capital, you will need to climb up Petrin Tower, the local lookout spot.

Petrin Park and Hill

Go to the Vineyard Pavilion

You can walk or take a taxi to the Vineyard Pavilion, and its distance from Prague can be covered in 40 minutes. This is a very romantic area where you can organize a lunch with your partner. The incredible and picturesque view around you will surely provide a pleasing experience. You will be able to sit together with your love in the wooden gazebo and enjoy some of the best local wines.

There is no perfect time to go to this place. You have to organize yourself and surprise your partner. To end the romantic encounter you can rent a very old private car that will give you a tour of the garden.

Take a cruise on the Vltava River

Another type of romantic things to do in Prague is taking a cruise on the Vltava river. If you want a romantic experience, you can take this boat to make every minute special. While you are on the water, you can enjoy famous national and international dishes with the city views providing a beautiful backdrop.

This type of Vltava River cruise will start the adventure from the Carlo Bridge to the Prague Castle approximately. You have to take your camera to capture these special and very romantic moments with your partner.

River Cruise

Visit the Mala Strana Bridge

You may have a movie moment in Prague by visiting the mala Strana Bridge and leaving a love lock. According to the myths they have on the bridge, if you put a symbolic padlock in your relationship, love will last. This is the bridge of lovers that you could see at some point in movies and that it exists for you to visit.

If you are motivated to visit this bridge around it, you will have various commercial premises to enjoy lunch. You can feel the love in the whole area where you will surely surprise your crush.

Love Locks

Go to Vysehrad Castle

If you want one of the romantic things to do in Prague, you can take Vysehrad castle as a priority. In this area, you will enjoy the architecture that makes up the castle and also its works. It is an area where you will come across poets, musicians, artists, and other people who do magic with their talents.

It is a castle where love is present, and it is a very influential area in Prague for you to visit now. You should visit SlavĂ­n’s tomb in the 19th century, being an area very frequented by tourists.

Prague Castle

Enjoy Culture at the State Opera

You may want to try out things you wouldn’t do at home. Your vacation to Prague is the perfect opportunity for this. You can go to the beautiful old building of the State Opera in the capital.

Just pick out any opera you want to watch and enjoy a romantic experience in the State Opera. You will also marvel at the lavish and exquisite interiors of the Opera. It’s a truly beautiful building both inside and outside.

The State Opera itself is part of the National Theatre in Prague. It has long been an important cultural and architectural monument for the people of the Checz Republic.

Stroll the Charles Bridge at Night

Now, this might be something you already plan to do. We cannot recommend it enough. It’s free and easy to do. You will have to walk to the Charles Bridge at nighttime. The beautiful lights of the city and the castle will provide an excellent view.

You can embrace your partner and enjoy the view together. After, it’s the perfect time to stroll hand in hand into Old Town Square and enjoy a candlelit meal.

Charles Bridge at Night

Chocotopia The Chocolate Museum

One of the lesser-known attractions in Prague is the Chocotopia. You can find it just outside of Prague. Although not in the city centre, you can still reach it easily with public transportation.

You will learn about making chocolate while tasting all the different kinds. It’s an especially great thing to do for couples during winter and the colder day.

Pieces of Chocolate

Botanical Garden of Charles University in Prague

Another hidden, lesser-known attraction of Prague is the Botanical Graden. It’s officially run by Charles University. It has a great selection of plants you can view and marvel at.

Strolling through the beautiful nature trails and the palm house, hand in hand, is a great romantic experience. Usually, this place is not crowded as a lot of travellers all around Europe doesn’t know about this great attraction.

Botanical Garden

As you can tell Prague is a great place for couples. It’s no question that any romantic holiday plan will be enjoyed in this city. Due to the lovely Old Town, and all the romantic possibilities we like to recommend Prague for couples.

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