Saginaw Bay Beaches

The 6 Best Saginaw Bay Beaches

Saginaw Bay is a bay on Lake Huron on the eastern coast of the United States state of Michigan. It’s a nice place to visit especially if you want to explore the nearby state parks. Come here during the summer and you will experience some hot days. So, let’s take a look at the best Saginaw Bay beaches for the days when you want to cool down in the water.

Saginaw Bay covers a large coastal area in Michigan. However, most parts of this area is a marshlands while other parts are private property. This leaves you with only a few options when it comes to beaches. Today, we’ll explore these options.

Getting around the bay is pretty easy. There are bigger roads covering the whole Saginaw Bay area and the traffic is usually pretty light.

1. Bay City State Park

Bay City State Park is one of the most convenient Saginaw Bay beaches for a lot of travelers. Bay City is an important tourist hub for exploring the bay and the Great Lakes area.

In reality, this State Park is more for hiking and exploring the marshland area, however, there is a perfectly good sandy beach inside the state park.

We love to take the kids on a tour of the area, learn something new, maybe catch a glimpse of the wildlife that’s also present here, and after all that go down to the water.

On the sandy beach, you can suntan, swim, collect interesting-looking shells, and above all, relax.


2. Caseville County Park

Caseville County Park is a campground and beach at the same time. Don’t worry if you are not keen to camp here you can visit just the beach.

It’s another good option for families as this one is a beautiful sandy beach as well. What’s great is that the beach starts out really shallow so it’s perfect for travelers with smaller children.

There’s also a nice grill bar on the beach if you ever become hungry. We highly recommend a visit to this beach, especially for family travelers.

Oh, and one more thing, the left side of the beach is suitable for dogs as well. You will need to look for the sign that says: “Dogs are allowed left of this sign”. So in reality, it’s also a good beach for people who travel with their dogs.


3. Bay County Pinconning Park

Bay County Pinconning Park is a tiny beach but regardless of the size, it’s a good choice. There is a small entry fee ($3 when we visited) and if you wish you can set up a tent near the beach area.

There is a small patch of sandy beach here that you can enjoy. Although the place is small it doesn’t really get crowded as it’s generally unknown to other travelers.

It’s also one of the best places to watch the sunset so if you are looking for a romantic spot then you should consider Bay County Pinconning Park.

What’s interesting about this beach is the fact that during winter, this one becomes a popular ice fishing spot.


4. Tawas City Shoreline Park

The Tawas City Shoreline Park is another place that’s centered around families. You have clean bathrooms, food stalls, and a small sandy area to go into the water.

You also have a playground area for children near the water. It features a few small slides, but unfortunately, the slides are completely inland. It would be nice to have them go directly into the water.

We can easily recommend this one to families. Due to the available amenities, you don’t need to bring anything when visiting. It’s a convenient place and one of the better equipped Saginaw Bay beaches.


5. Tawas Point Dog Beach

One more dog beach for those who visit this area with their furry companions. Generally speaking, dogs will enjoy this area of Michigan as there are tons of walking trails and plenty of nature to experience.

So why not take them out for a nice beach day as well? Tawas Point Dog Beach is a great place to do just that. It’s a mixed beach so you should get your swimming gear on as well and join the dogs in the water.

One thing to note: there is a sign towards the lighthouse that says “No dogs beyond this point”. Please don’t ignore this sign, the no dogs rule exists as the ground near the lighthouse has eroded heavily in the past years.


6. Oscoda Beach Park

Finally, one of the best beaches in the Saginaw Bay area. We love Oscoda Beach Park as it feels like a beach straight out of the Florida Coastline.

It’s big, it’s sandy, and it’s full of amenities. Toilets, bars, playgrounds, and showers are all available here. The only problem is that it can be quite far from Bay City so you are looking at some driving. It’s almost 100 miles so it’s definitely not close.

Other than that if you are willing to make the trip, or if you are staying somewhere closer, then Oscoda Beach Park is our favorite Saginaw Bay beach. We highly recommend this one as it provides a true beach feel and beach experience. Something that’s hard to come by in the Great Lakes area.


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