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Saule talks about Living in Byron Bay, Creating a Bikini Brand, and Travel

Today we are going to talk with Saule, an Instagram personality, who created the brand Beach Bums & Feels. She will talk about living in the famous Byron Bay, traveling the world, and creating her own eco-friendly bikini brand.

In this series of interviews, we strive to discover all the interesting people in the world. We want to showcase local creators, travelers, and small business owners connected to travel. There are just too many awesome people that you should know about. Saule is one of them.

Without further ado let’s hear from Saule herself! All images that appear on this page are courtesy of

Interview with Saule the creator of Beach Bums & Feels

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Q: Please introduce yourself: Who are you?

Ans: Hello! Who am I? 🤔 Interesting question. This changes all the time, but right now I’d say I’m a mother, fiancé, continuous student of the universe, an entrepreneur, and also a keen explorer.

Q: What do you do?

Ans: Right now I work for SAE Creative Media Institute in Byron Bay as a Marketing Automation Specialist as well as run my little sustainable bikini business brand @beachbumsandfeels.

Q: Where do you come from?

Ans: I was born in Lithuania and grew up there. I then left to live in London when I was 18. It was meant to be a year out but turned into 16 years of living there! What an amazing place for a young adult.

There’s so much to do there. The nightlife, job opportunities, theatre, art.. you name it! I left London with a heavy heart but wanted a change in lifestyle. Work and life balance, long winters, and weather, in general, was starting to get to me. 😂 ☔️

Q: What’s it like to live in Byron Bay? Is it as awesome as it sounds?

Ans: Yes! I traveled a lot, and honestly, this is the slice of paradise I’ve always dreamed of. It’s got everything. The chill life rhythm, but still amazing work and business opportunities.

People and food are incredible and THE WEATHER and beauty of this part of Australia are unbeatable. I could compare Byron Bay to living in Bali. It’s quite hip and has a huge cafe/beach/surf lifestyle but it’s still the 1st world country that has so much to offer.

Q: So you weren’t born and raised in Byron Bay?

Ans: No, I’m not Australian! As mentioned I come from Lithuania! My whole family still lives there. Mom dad and brother with his fiancé. Dying to see them as Australia had its borders shut just shy of 3 years now 😣😭

Q: How did you end up in Byron Bay?

Ans: So… this is quite a long story but I will give you a shortened one… Picture this, I’m minding my own business at my best friend’s wedding in Split in Croatia (oh what a place) and I bump into the man of my dreams! 🤩

I still went on my travels through India and Bali leaving him behind as he worked for an investment bank in London but to my surprise, he followed me for a few trips and that’s where our love blossomed.

We knew we could not be apart and fortunately, an opportunity arose for us to relocate to Australia. We started in Manly, Sydney, which was a dream, and during the various lockdowns and getting pregnant we made our way to Byron to escape what was happening in the city and never looked back.

Q: Do you mind the tourists?

Ans: Not at all. Local people here do really feel the ‘pressures’ of tourist influx when it gets really busy and rowdy but most people rely on tourism a lot. Byron Bay had so many small businesses that need that support so tourists will always be welcome here.

Q: Do you surf?

Ans: I tried to learn surfing when I was in Bali but didn’t end up pursuing this new skill. I have a surfboard now and keep meaning to take it out for a play but haven’t yet! 🙈 Lots of our friends here do surf though.

Saule Traveling

Q: What was the most exotic place you visited?

Ans: I guess ‘most exotic’ is debatable, but one of my favorite places I’ve been to in Costa Rica. I loved the culture and what the country has to offer in terms of nature and activities.

However, the most exotic for me personally was Lebanon. I went there for a friend’s wedding and got to see the city through ‘local’s eyes’. It was sensational. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

We went to villas in the mountains and to most niche little restaurants and stayed with his family. It was truly beautiful. It was also scary! We went to visit a beautiful place with ancient ruins close to the Syrian border and there was some shooting in not too far distance.

We had to lie down on the ground and evacuate. It was definitely something! 😅 It doesn’t compare to anywhere else I’ve ever been.

Q: If you had to pick one place where you’ve already been to visit tomorrow, which place would it be?

Ans: I’ll go to Bali over and over again any day. But I’d also go back to Vietnam.

Q: Why?

Ans: I’m obsessed with Phô and would kill for an authentic bowl of that delicious broth 🤤

Q: How many countries have you visited?

Ans: I’ve actually counted this recently and it came up to 68 – I expected it to be more! 😂😅

Q: What’s your favorite part of traveling?

Ans: I think planning and anticipating the adventures is definitely one of the most exciting things about it. Looking up places and getting excited about what you’re going to do and explore gives me life.

Q: What do you hate most about traveling?

Ans: Airports!! Aghhh I do love a good executive lounge though. 😂🤪 Also, you wouldn’t believe it but I used to be really scared of flying. I had a flying phobia but managed to get over it in recent years, although turbulence will still get me.

Q: Favorite place in Australia? (that’s not Byron Bay!)

Ans: So far from what I’ve seen, it’s probably Queensland state. It’s got an exquisite variety of things to do. Most beautiful beaches, nightlife, wineries, waterfalls.. you name it!

Saule Queensland

Q: Tell us about your brand Beach Bums & Feels

Ans: How it came to be? I founded this brand when I was living in Bali. Seeing the pollution of the oceans and beaches with plastic was so painful and I wanted to do something about it.

I used to participate and also organize beach clean-ups etc. and thought of ways to do something that would also coincide with this cause – That’s how the sustainable bikinis of @beachbumsandfeels came to life.

Q: What was the idea behind creating a swimsuit brand?

Ans: The idea was to offer a sustainable brand, 100% recycled swimwear that was still sexy and fashionable. At the time when I started, there weren’t many brands doing that yet.

Q: How are the new collections designed?

Ans: I design the collections myself just through my own inspiration and what I’m into at that time. It is so fun!

Q: Tell us about the charity fundraiser you have on your IG. What does it mean to you?

Ans: When I was living in Bali, I adopted a rescue puppy @merakithepanther through @missionpawsible dog rescue charity. The issue of homeless dogs and their tragic destinies is terrible in Bali and I wanted to contribute to helping them.

I’ve always loved animals and have been wanting to get a dog – when I met my little Meraki I just knew I was going to keep her. Seeing her gain confidence and get healthy with me gave me the inspiration to help more dogs in Bali so I try and help @missionpawsible as much as I can.

Saule with the dog

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

Ans: Fun fact; my name Saule means sun ☀️ in my native Lithuanian language. Also, I’ve got my first ever driving license 6 months ago here in Byron Bay 😀 I think that’s all from me! 😀


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