Norfolk Island Snorkeling

Snorkeling on Norfolk Island – Traveler’s Guide

The beautiful Australian Norfolk Island has some amazing beaches you can visit for some swimming and snorkeling. In fact, the ocean around the island is blooming with underwater life that’s waiting for you to discover. So let’s dive and see everything you need to know about Snorkeling on Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island is a perfect spot for snorkeling. As it’s not an overcrowded tourist destination the underwater life is usually very active around the beaches. Make sure that you pack your snorkeling equipment before your trip!

That being said, if it’s your first time on the island we can give you some tips. Let’s see what are the best places for snorkeling on Norfolk Island and any extra equipment you should think about.

Best Places for Snorkeling on Norfolk Island

Let’s start with the best places for snorkeling. There are two awesome spots where the waters are calm and the underwater world is active.

These are Emily Bay and Slaughter Bay. We will handle them in one place as they are actually behind the same reef barrier that creates a small bay.

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In reality, you can choose either beach to explore this bay and the coral reefs. Try to find multiple starting points to explore different underwater locations.

Usually, you can do snorkeling all year round on these beaches as the weather never really goes below 18 celsius. The water is usually on the colder side so think about bringing a wetsuit if you are afraid of being cold.

You may try the other beaches around Norfolk Island however you have to keep the waves in mind. The other beaches are kind of wild and usually have big waves. They are only suitable for snorkeling in very calm weather when the water is also calm.

Norfolk Island Bay

Best Time to Snorkel on Norfolk Island

The best time is all year round. The tourism season is never about overcrowded beaches and thousands on the water on Norfolk Island. Even during the height of the tourist season, you’ll find plenty of underwater life and plenty of space to do your snorkeling.

Jan to March is usually the best for snorkeling as these months have the warmest water. When you are staying inside the water for extended periods this can really make a difference.

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Norfolk Island Snorkeling

Equipment to Bring

Finally, let’s see some tips on what you should bring for snorkeling on Norfolk Island. The most important is your snorkel itself.

You will do just fine with a basic snorkel but if you can get one with a splash guard it’s even better. If you plan to explore the wild beaches then the splash guard is a must.

Do you want to see underwater life up close? Then consider buying a snorkel with a valve that closes as you go underwater. This way you can dive down if you see something interesting and not get any water into your pipe.

One more thing to consider is a wetsuit. As the ocean can be cold you might want to suit up to stay warm. Whether you need one or not is totally a personal preference.

Some people have no problem staying in the water for extended periods while others start feeling cold very quickly.

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