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Temperatures in Alicante Throughout the Year

You can expect stunning climate throughout the entire year in Alicante, Spain. The Alicante climate is a mellow Mediterranean one, which implies the summers are warm, hot, and dry. Meanwhile, the winters are gentle and charming. The climate makes this city a mainstream place for a get-away for Spaniards and outsiders alike.

The topography of the district assists with this climate marvel. Since there are huge mountains in the north this gives security from the northerly breezes. This is also a great help in keeping the winters not too cold. In case you are searching for a place to visit, Alicante can provide great temperatures each month of the year.

Summer Months

In the event that you are visiting Alicante in the Summer or Spring, you can anticipate a normal high of 26-29 degrees Celsius. During the summer months, there can be days reaching up to 40 degrees. In the evening time, the low is around 17 degrees.

Since you get very nearly 12 hours of daylight throughout the late spring this makes Alicante an extraordinary spot to get a tan! There is not really any downpour whatsoever throughout the late spring.

This radiant climate makes summer the most well known time for an outing to Costa Blanca. You can appreciate the seashores with this beautiful climate, just as participate in a wide assortment of water sports. Particularly July and August are popular months to visit Alicante. If you are looking for a place to relax and spend time on the beach, we highly recommend a visit in these months.

Alicante Summer

Spring Months

The spring is an incredible alternative for you in the event that you need to appreciate Alicante without numerous sightseers. Even in the spring, you will be able to hit the beach. Don’t expect the water to be warm yet, but the outside weather will most likely allow for some swimming. On the other hand, the tourist crowds are not yet arriving. This means you can enjoy a seashore that’s not overcrowded.

Although you can expect some light rain in spring, there will be plenty of sunshine to enjoy. Normally the temperature ranges somewhere in the range of 14 and 19 degrees Celsius. You can expect an evening scope of 8 to 13 degrees. There are normally around 7 hours of sunlight in late-winter, however, it gets as long as 10 hours of light each day during the later months of Spring

Fall Months

On the off chance that you wouldn’t fret the downpour, at that point go to Alicante during fall. Although September and October can see quite a lot of rain, the temperatures will still be pleasurable. On a better day, you will be able to hit the beach without the crowds, just like you would in Spring. It can be a great location to consider in early Fall, to catch the last real sunny days.

Luckily Alicante is not a strict tourism town. This means that the economy can live on during the off-season. You don’t have to worry about places being closed and restaurants not available. Alicante is a great destination all-year-round.

Alicante Statues

Winter Months

These regions can be especially mainstream during the wintertime. Particularly for individuals that are coming from Northern Europe and other colder environments. Since snow is uncommon in this locale, it is an inviting escape for individuals from anyplace from London to Stockholm.

Throughout the colder time of year, you can anticipate that an average temperature of 12 should 16 degrees Celsius. Around evening time you can anticipate that the temperature should go down around 5 to 8 degrees. There are seven hours of light in the wintertime, yet the temperature is the specific allure.

Palm Trees

As you can see Alicante is a great place to visit almost any month. Depending on what you want to do you can visit in the hot summer, or take it easy and travel into the mild winter.

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