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The 7 Best Taranto Italy Beaches

Puglia is known for having some of the most stunning beaches in Italy. We’ll go through the top beaches in Taranto in this article.

If you’re in Puglia for a vacation, Taranto is a must-see destination. As a beautiful seaside city. It has a lot of historical significance as well as tourism attractions.

Taranto’s splendor is visible in the city’s streets, with its churches, fortress, and port. Taranto also has lovely seaside. The beautiful shoreline is with vibrant colors and evocative scenery. Take a look at this incredible selection of beaches in Taranto, Italy.

1. San Pietro beach in Bevagna

San Pietro in Bevagna beach is situated on the Manduria coast, in the region of Taranto. The coast stretches for roughly fifteen kilometers.

The beaches are largely made up of sand. There are only a few rocky sections. Long lengths of sand can be found. For long sections, the water is very shallow. The sea is also crystal clear.

Beaches with bars can be found. Long walks on the sand to enjoy the sea or lying down to take advantage of the warm southern sun will be enjoyable.

The town of San Pietro in Bevagna is claimed to be named after the apostle Peter, who is said to have landed in this area. The village thereafter grew over time. You can go for a walk in the village if you stay until the evening. There are many bars along the streets where you may have a delicious dinner.

In San Pietro in Bevagna, where should I park my car? If you get in San Pietro in Bevagna by car, you must park on the town’s roads. Paid parking areas with blue stripes are located close to the different beaches.

2. Beach of Spiaggia di Campomarino

The beach at Campomarino di Maruggio stretches for nine kilometers along the coast. The Moline tower, located on the seaside, is used to see adversaries invading the area via water.

The tower got its name because the rocks in this area were removed to make room for the mills. Typical cereal-grinding gear. There are both sandy and rocky portions on this Taranto beach.

Choose your favorite beach. A swimming pool is comparable to the sea. Always crystalline and transparent. Dunes that overlook the shore can be found in several locales. All of this contributes to the beauty of the Taranto coast’s landscape.

3. Marina di Lizzano beach

Marina di Lizzano, a few kilometers from Taranto, also has a beautiful sea. The majority of the beaches are free, with a few that are furnished.

The Taranto sea sand is very clear. You will be able to glimpse the clear water in this manner. Many tourists flock to the Marina di Lizzano area. There are several B&Bs and motels in the neighborhood where you can stay. When you see the water of Taranto, you will want to come back!

The clean Ionian Sea, which laps the Gulf of Taranto, is visible from Marina di Lizzano, which spans for 7 kilometers along the Salento coastline between Marina di Pulsano and Torre Ovo. There are km of huge beaches with soft sand, caressed by the crystal blue and welcoming water, stretching from the town center by the sea to Torre Sgarrata.

The sand is so transparent that the water takes on Caribbean hues, especially on days when the wind is blowing from the north. The seabeds, which are primarily sandy and sloping down, are ideal for swimming and bathing.

Long expanses of public beaches alternate with the most well-known and well-organized private beaches along this region of the Ionian coast, where the nightlife begins under the stars.

Right before the shore of Salento, there exist dunes immersed in elegant Mediterranean rum, alongside secured flora like juniper. Small wetlands and extensive pine woods with stone pines and holm oaks can be found among the dunes in some areas.

When I return to Puglia, Lizzano is always one of the first places I visit; I enjoy spending a full day here because the sea appears like a swimming pool.

4. Beach of Marina di Pulsano

Pulsano Marina is located south of Taranto. A sequence of bays surrounded by a clear sea. The sea of Puglia is stunning, and the water of Taranto is a prime example.

You have the option of going to a sandy beach or a beach with low rocks where you can go diving. A simple swim in Taranto’s sea will be a pleasurable experience.

5. Torre Colimena beach

Torre Colimena Beach is a wonderful choice if you appreciate rocks. On this Taranto beach, a tower stands out. Furthermore, from above the building, the landscape of the monks’ salt pans may be observed.

The beach is quite wide, and the sea level is rapidly rising. To arrive by car, simply follow the guidelines. Your automobile can be parked near the beach on a nearby street. You may then walk to the beach.

6. Beach of Salina dei Monaci

The Salina dei Monaci is accessible from Torre Colimena’s beach. A wonderfully evocative location. It’s a protected area. It is renowned for pink flamingos and is surrounded by lush flora.

The beach is long and wide, with a clear blue sea. The Benedictines are the source of the name Monaci. In the region, they had built a salt factory. Salt used to be extremely valuable.

The seawater naturally deposited beyond the dunes as a result of the storm surges. The Benedictine monks constructed structures to work with the salt. The Monaci salt pans have been a protected area since 2010. It is now a popular tourist destination in Taranto.

7. Ginosa Marina beach

The beach near the village of Ginosa Marina is another gorgeous beach in Tarantino. This beach near Taranto is ideal for those seeking leisure, a spacious beach, and crystal blue water.

The beach of Ginosa Marina has been granted the blue flag by the foundation for environmental education on several occasions. The water is crystal clear. Marina di Ginosa is a frazione, or territorial subdivision, in the province of Ginosa in Italy.

It is a beach resort on the coast of the Gulf of Taranto. Marinese is the name of the people who live there. Ginosa Marina is another name for it.

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