Kalong Bat Island

The Secret Kalong Island Bats In Indonesia

If you want to have a different vacation, you have some options like visiting Kalong Island in Indonesia. Kalong Island is located within the Komodo National Park near Papagarang for you to locate yourself correctly. It is an area where you can see many bats that take over the entire island. It’s a great and unique holiday attraction, to watch the Kalong Island bats in action.

It is a very small island covered by some mangroves that you can visit from Komodo or Rinca Island. Kalong Island’s main display is undoubtedly the bats you can see flying in the afternoon/evening.

The Bat Island

Did you know, that ‘Kalong’ means ‘bat’ in Indonesian? Yes, that is right. The whole island is named after the creatures living and hiding within the lush trees and environment. You don’t have to worry though. Although the bats of the island can grow quite huge, they are totally harmless against humans.

Kalong Island Exploration

For you to have an unforgettable moment on Kalong Island, you need to explore it at night. You will be able to see bats active, flying from side to side or searching for food. The island’s walking tour is not possible because mangroves cover it, which makes it impossible.

The only exploration you will have on Kalong Island is by boat late at night or in the morning. They are the tours in these unusual hours, that will take you to observe the Kalong Island bats.

The island is uninhabited because of its mangroves but also because many laws protect it. You will not be able to fish near the island, cut down its trees, or capture the bats that live there. It is a beautiful island that you can visit from Rinca Island or after visiting the Komodo National Park.

Ways To Get To Kalong Island

To get to Kalong Island, the first thing you should keep in mind is that it is within Indonesia. You will have to go to Labuan Bajo to have the best service in boat rental for navigation. From the port to Kalong Island, it is less than 50 minutes, so you have to be patient.

Over the way to the island, you will be able to see natural wonders, crystal clear water, Rinca Island, and other things. You can rent these boats for the whole day, try to go to the island after 7 pm and before 5 am.

Attractions Near Kalong Island

When you go to bat island, you will stay with this great experience and expand it with other attractions. Very close to the island you can visit:

• You can go to Keerom Regency where you can enjoy several restaurants with traditional food. You will have to hire a guide to communicating with the natives if you do not master the Tofanma or Namla language.

• Visit Komodo National Park to see different wild animals. From Launa Bajo, you can take a cruise that will allow you to reach the place without problems.

• You can also go to Padar Island, where its mountainous view is impressive. It is a not very crowded island where you can get there by cruise ship or rent a boat.

Labuan Bajo

Stay Very Close To Kalong Island

The closest area of ​​the kalong island in Indonesia is in Labuan Bajo, where you rent the boats, and our favorite hotels are:

Hotel Bintang Flores: it will give you 5-star accommodation to stay with your family. The hotel is just a 10-minute walk from Labuan Bajo to take your speedboat to Kalong Island.

Jayakarta Suites Bandung: offers you luxury accommodation just 2 km from Labuan Bajo. You will have well-equipped rooms with free wifi, air conditioning, flat-screen TV, etc.

Angel Island Resort: you can take this hotel for its elegance and proximity to Labuan Bajo, less than 20 minutes away. You will have three private beaches, free wifi and a spectacular view of the sea.

These are our top tips when visiting the mysterious bat island of Indonesia. It’s an unusual and unique way to explore. Go and enjoy the bats flying around and above you. The secret Kalong Island bats will surely leave you amazed.

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