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The Trieste Beach Guide

Trieste is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Italy. Better yet, it is located right on the seafront. Built-in such a way, that the sea is within a few minutes of walking distance from almost anywhere. No wonder the people of Trieste absolutely love the beach. In the summer it’s not uncommon to find signs on shops that say ‘andar al bagno’, which literally means ‘gone to the beach’. They just pack up shop for the afternoon and go swimming. As a result, the typical Trieste Beach can be quite crowded, but don’t let that put you off. Use this handy guide to find where to swim and catch some sun during the day.

Generally, beaches in Trieste are quite unusual. You won’t find any sandy beaches here. Regardless, the people work with what they have and they absolutely love it. The temperature usually picks up around May and you will be able to enjoy the sea throughout the whole summer, until around mid-September.

History of Trieste Beaches

The people of Trieste have been known to enjoy the sea, going as far back as the mid-1800s. There even have been floating facilities set up for bathing. The best part? You can still catch a glimpse of this rich history. Still open today the Ausonia facility. It is a huge beach, right at the centre of the city.

Another one is Bagno Marino La Lanterna. Here you can still find a wall in the middle to separate the men’s and women’s section of the beach.

Bagno Ausonia – Inside Trieste

The Bagno Ausonia has opened its doors to the public in 1930. It can be described as a collection of piers going into the see. As such, it is a very unusual ‘beach’. The facility covers quite a big area at 6.7-square-kilometres.

It is located right in the city centre. As a result, it is a very easy location to get to. Keep in mind that it is still very popular with the locals. The facility can hold up to 2000 people, but if you don’t arrive on time, it can get crowded real quick.

Ausonia comes equipped with all the necessary amenities to make your Trieste beach experience memorable. There are restaurants, pools and even diving boards for your convenience.

Do note that swimming is only allowed from June 1 to September 30. As there are no lifeguards working out of these dates, it will not be allowed to get into the water.

Bagno Marino La Lanterna – The Trieste City Beach

The historical beach of Trieste. La Lanterna is very close to the city centre and also very close to Ausonia itself. The two facilities are practically within walking distance to each other. However, Ausonia really is more of a bathing facility, while La Lanterna is a beach. Instead of the golden yellow sand, you would expect from a classic beach, this one is covered with tiny rocks. It is not that much of an issue, but if you would like to lay down a little we recommend taking something thicker then a simple towel.

One of the interesting facts about this beach is the division of men and women. Even today the La Lanterna operates two parts, with a big white wall in the middle. The women’s section can only be visited by women and children under 12. As a result, it can become quite crowded, because the children usually stay with their mother. The men’s section is a little more spacious due to the lack of children.

Just like Ausonia you can go into the water from June 1 to September 30. The place is still open for sunbathing and recreational activities, however, swimming is not allowed out of these dates.

I Topolini – A unique experience

We are now moving away from Trieste a little bit. I Topolini is a concrete beach. Built on the seaside, you can only access the water via metal stairs. Unlike the previous two facilities, this one is free.

Every summer once the weather gets suitable for enjoying the sea, this place fills up with locals. If you don’t come early enough, you will have trouble finding a place to sit down.

Don’t get discouraged by all the concrete. Even though it doesn’t sound great I Topolini offers a really unique experience. Up on top of the concrete buildings, you can catch the sun and enjoy an elevated view of the Adriatic Sea.

Even though this is an open facility you will still have your usual amenities. Toilets, small bars, showers and changing rooms are all available for you.

Just like the previous two, lifeguards only operate from June 1 to September 30. Any other time you will not be allowed into the water.

I Topolini Beach

BAGNO DA STICCO – Beach on a Rock

This beach is just off of Miramare Castle. It is also very close to a protected marine reserve. Due to this fact, the water quality is outstanding for this facility. You will be able to see the seabed through the crystal clear water. As both the beach and sea are very clean here, please take extra precaution not to litter around this place.

Now if you are already imagining the beautiful seaside with crystal clear water we have some bad news for you. Yes, the water is clear, however, this is one of the classic Trieste beaches. Instead of a usual beach, it is more of a collection of rocks sticking out of the water. You will find your place on top of the big rock, to relax and get into the water. Once again your main access into the water will be a staircase.

This smaller tranquil facility is perfect for families and people who just want to blow some steam off. You will always be able to find a quiet corner to read or sunbathe on in this facility.

As with the others it is open from June 1 to September 30.

GRIGNANO 1 – We are now getting away from Trieste

Just on the other side of the Miramare Castle, you have GRIGNANO 1 or as it is officially called Sirena bathing facility. This one is less of a beach and more of a proper bathing facility you are used to.

It is a perfect place for families, as there is no direct sea access. You can kick back and enjoy, knowing your children will not get lost into the sea. The facility is equipped with two bigger pools.

Adding to the list of attractive features, the facility is in Grignano Bay, which is very beautiful in itself. Additionally, Sirena pays extra attention to their disabled guests. The bathing facility provides full disabled access, with even the ability to bathe with the help of special equipment.

Stabilimento Balneare Le Ginestre – The Beach

Stabilimento Balneare Le Ginestre is quite possibly the closest you can get to a classic beach experience when at Trieste. Although it is still covered in pebbles instead of sand, it stands out as a beautiful natural beach.

It is located towards Monfalcone. Takes a little bit of driving to get here, however, it is worth it. Despite the location being a little bit far from Trieste, it is highly popular among the locals. Although they might not frequent it as much as the beaches that are only an arm’s length from them, they will make the trip time to time.

Although it is quite beautiful, it’s not an open beach. You will have to pay a small admission fee. If you are looking for open beaches, you can try the coastline north or south of this facility. You will find plenty of opportunities to get into the water.

The beachfront is populated with cute little wooden huts, that will provide you with all the amenities required for a day of happy swimming in the Adriatic Sea. As usual in this area, you can enjoy the crystal clear water. Apart from the beach huts, there aren’t any big buildings or facilities that ruin the view.

Available are beach umbrellas and sunbeds to rent, along with private parking on the property.

Bagno Castelreggio – North of Trieste

Going a bit further north into the Sistiana Bay, you will find Bagno Castelreggio. Along with Stabilimento Balneare Le Ginestre, the beach at this facility offers a more traditional experience. As you might be able to guess by now it has a pebble coastline.

Just like our previous recommendation, this is also a popular destination for a day at the beach for Trieste locals. It offers private parking, beach food and cocktails to enjoy in your sunbed.

Additionally, as you are already out of Trieste, it is worth to explore a little bit of Sistiana Bay apart from the beach. You can even book some boat tours from here!

It is a great destination for the people who are looking for something more than the usual Trieste beach experience. Especially popular within the younger age group, as the older Trieste residents have grown quite fond of their local facilities.

Castelreggio Beach

The Grado Beach: Costa Azzurra

If you are looking for the ultimate beach experience while at Trieste, this is the destination you want. However, you must be willing to travel a little further than any other places before. It is about a one hour drive from the city centre of Trieste.

Grado is a city built on an island halfway between Trieste and Venice. Due to its unique location, the city itself worth a visit and walk around. The main beach here is Costa Azzurra.

What sets this beach apart is sand. Finally, on this list, we can show you a beach covered in the sand instead of pebbles. The only downside is that you have to drive to get here. Once here, just settle into your sunbed, or put your towel right down on the ground. With the sand covering this beach you will be able to comfortably relax, even if you are only equipped with a towel.

There are some downsides to this beach though. As it really is a classic sandy beach, it lacks some of the charm, the smaller, more unique beaches of Trieste and the surrounding area have.

In turn, it is also more ‘touristy’. While the beaches around Trieste is all about locals and local traffic, here tourism is expected. You will find that prices a little bit higher for everything.

It is also a really good choice for families. The water only gets deep if you go all the way in. Near the coastline, it is shallow and stays like that for long. It is an especially enjoyable experience for little kids.

+1 Moon Bay in Slovenia

If you are already hopping into the car, why not go south? Instead of going towards Venice, you can quickly go to Slovenia. Here you can find Moon Bay which is the most beautiful beach in Slovenia. It also holds up well even after beautiful beaches in Italy.

Moon Bay is considered to be a hidden treasure. Even in the height of tourist season, you will find the beach to be pretty empty. Considering the crowdedness of local beaches in Trieste, this makes it easy to recommend Moon Bay.

The water is crystal clear, and the bay is surrounded by beautiful mountains. There is no entrance fee, but no facilities either. You will have to make your way on your own into the bay. This means there is no lifeguard. If this makes you feel uneasy or unsafe, we do not recommend you to visit this beach.

Once done with swimming, you can head up onto the top of the surrounding mountainside for the spectacular views of the bay. You can rest on the top and take the scene in. After that, you can either head back down into the water, or decide to pack it up for the day and head home.

As you can tell there are many opportunities to go to the beach in-and-around of Trieste. However, there are not that many opportunities to go to a traditional beach. Deciding to go to the sea around these parts will definitely be a memorable experience, due to the uniqueness of the beaches.

You can also tell it is quite handy to have a car if you are in Trieste. If you don’t have a rental already consider using our Car Rental Search to find the best offers available for you right now.

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