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10 Top Things to do in Cadaques

The town of Cadaques is a beautiful quiet settlement with a population of around 2,000. That is true at least during the winter months. On the other hand, if you visit Cadaques during summer, you will find it bustling with life and people enjoying a great vacation. It’s time that you learn about the top things to do in Cadaques and check out this amazing place.

Tourists and locals alike love Cadaques. It’s situated around 2 and a half hours from Barcelona. Just the perfect distance for a holiday home. Not too close to the big city, yet easily reachable. 

This quaint little town is also important when it comes to art. Many of Spain’s great painters loved to come here and relax. We can understand as the surroundings can be highly inspiring. One of the most famous visitors is Salvador Dali, who spent a lot of time here as a child. Due to his relationship with Cadaques, he later purchased a holiday home in the city and loved to spend his time here during summertime. Later in life, he moved to Cadaques to live almost 3 decades here.

Cadaques Bay with Ships
This town is waiting for you!

How to get to Cadaques?

Getting to Cadaques by plane

Cadaques cannot be directly reached by an airplane connection. However, there are two bigger airports in the area that you should find cheap flights into. One of them is the Barcelona airport while the other is Girona airport. As an international airport, you will find it easier to book a flight to Barcelona. However, if you are coming from the UK or Germany you might find some super deals on airline tickets to Girona.

How do I get from Barcelona to Cadaques?

Located on the Costa Brava, the town of Cadaques is very easy to approach. If you want to rent a car at the Barcelona airport, all you have to do is follow the signs that lead to Girona. It will take you onto B-22 then B-20 which loops around the city from the airport of Barcelona. 

To complete your journey from Barcelona to Cadaques keep following the road towards Girona then Figueres after you pass Girona. Here as you approach Figueres the next city to find is Roses. Once you are close to Roses road signs for Cadaques will start to appear and they will lead you directly to this awesome town. 

The whole getting from Barcelona to Cadaques journey takes around 2 h 30 min.

To get from Barcelona to Cadaques by bus you have to find Estacio del Nord. This big bus station will have regular buses going towards Cadaques. The journey is 2h 45min. The last bus leaves at 9 PM meanwhile the first bus is at 8 AM.

How do I get from Girona to Cadaques?

When you are flying to Girona you have an even easier time finding Cadaques. Simply rent a car at the airport and start going towards Figueres then Roses then Cadaques. It will take a maximum of 1h 30 min to get to Cadaques this way.

You can also take a bus from Girona to Cadaques. A direct bus is available a few times daily from Estacion de Autobuses de Gerona. The three direct buses leave at 9 AM, 1 PM, and 7 PM. We recommend taking one of these as no other bus goes directly to Cadaques. The journey is a little less than 2 hours.

Is Cadaques worth visiting?

Yes, the town of Cadaques is worth your time. With our things to do in Cadaques guide, you will be able to discover many opportunities to have fun and enjoy yourself. This part of Spain is not short on attractions and things to see, plus you are on the Costa Brava so going to the beach is always an option.

Best Things to do in Cadaques

What are the free things to do in Cadaques?

1. Explore the narrow streets

As you can often find in old Spanish fishing towns, Cadaques is full of wonderful narrow streets. One of the best free things to do in Cadaques is to simply wander the streets and explore the local architecture.

You will see many cute withe houses and small alleyways. You might feel like taking a picture at every corner! Truth to be told the town is rather small. You can complete a nice walking tour in less than an hour. However, if you take it slow, check some of the restaurants or local shops on the way you will be able to spend quality time exploring this city.

Cadaques Narrow Street
Explore the alleys of Cadaques

2. Go to the beach

Are there any nice beaches near Cadaques? Yes! There are some great beaches that you can reach on foot. There are also some that you can reach after some hiking. 

The main beach is Platja Gran. You can find it directly in the city center. As Cadaques is located in its own bay, choosing this beach will provide a unique swimming opportunity. Instead of having the sea and nature around you, when you look around you will see the cute little white houses of the town smiling back at you. It’s a fun experience that you can remember for a long time. 

When you want to stay in the city, but want a beach that doesn’t have so many buildings around you can visit Platja des Llané Gran. It’s located on the south-western side of town and depending on your hotel, you might need to walk a bit to get here.

Walk just a few minutes more and you will arrive at Platja sa Conca. This beach is almost completely without buildings and human-made structures. It’s the perfect one if you are looking for untouched places.

Boats on the Beach
Some boats resting on the beach for the night

What are some great places to hike or be active in Cadaques?

When you’ve had enough of the beach or the day is not as sunny as you would like, you can try some active things to do in Cadaques. This includes hiking and walking in nature. The town itself is a bit remotely located, especially if we are looking at other Costa Brava towns, that are sometimes almost next to each other. This however means that you have some nice hiking places nearby.

3. Far de Cala Nans – Lighthouse Hike

An easy hike you can do is visiting Far de Cala Nans lighthouse. It’s located south of the town. The total distance is around 4 kilometers so it shouldn’t take long to complete it. At the destination, you will be greeted by the small but cute Far de Cala Nans and some impressive views out into the sea.

On the way, you can make a quick detour and see Pont Es Sortell which leads to a very small island. From the island, you will have a spectacular view of Cadaques and the bay. It’s worth the extra few minutes.

In case, that you are doing this hike on a sunny day, then you might also want to think about bringing a swimsuit. Before the last leg on the hike, you can take a path down to Cala sa Sabolla, a beach completely surrounded by rocks and nature.

4. Hiking in Cap de Creus

Another great hike you can do is the exploration of Cap de Creus. Cadaques itself is located just next to it and as such it’s a perfect place to start. Your first stop should be Far de cap de Creus, which is the lighthouse. You can get here with a relatively simple hike from Port Lligat. There will be many secluded beaches and nice spots along the way, so bringing a swimsuit is highly recommended. 

Once you arrive ad Far de cap de Creus Lighthouse, you can continue to explore and go on sidepaths. If you are looking for a shorter hike and have a rental car, you can come directly to the lighthouse where parking is available.

From the lighthouse, you can take a short, but rocky path down to Cova de l’Infern, a beautiful cave that will leave you speechless. Just make sure you bring appropriate footwear, due to the rocky and sometimes slippery surfaces. This part of the trek is not 100% suited for children.

You may also walk up to the Mirador del Cap de Creus, where impressive views will await you. It’s a great spot with a painted rock to take pictures.

5. Sea Kayaking 

You can experience the excitement of sea kayaking on Costa Brava from Cadaques. Whether you are looking to rent and do a trip by yourself or want to go on a guided tour there is a company in Port Lligat who can help you. Although this is not a free experience, we can wholeheartedly recommend it if you want to explore more of the Costa Brava, from a different perspective. Visit the official website to inquire about availability.

Port Lligat Beach
You can start your Kayaking excursions here

What are some great museums to visit in Cadaques?

If you are someone who is interested in history and art, then museums can’t be missing from your things to do in Cadaques plans. 

6. Salvador Dalí House Museum

The single, most important museum in Cadaques is the Salvador Dali museum. Technically it’s found in Port Llgat, but in reality, the two towns are almost one. You will need to walk some, but not for a long time.

A visit to Salvador Dali’s house is mandatory. You can see where the famous artist lived for the better part of his life. The house is full of personality and is shaped by Dali himself. When he originally moved in, it was just a little fishing shack. Over the years he kept adding extensions and expansions to the building until it took the form that is today.

Amongst the rooms, you will discover sculptures and other works of Dali. This is a very personal experience with the artist, recommended for everyone. If you are a Dali fan, it’s a must-do in Cadaques.

Entrance to the museum is given in different time slots (similarly to Sagrada Familia) and you always have to reserve your ticket beforehand. As per official instructions, you must arrive 30 minutes before your timeslot.

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7. Cadaques Museum

Cadaques and art have a long history together. No wonder that the official museum of the city is centered around artists. Visitors of this museum can learn about the artists that have been created in Cadaques and also get some insight into the city’s culture and history.

We especially recommend this museum for those who love art and have an interest in checking out the local history. There are some relics and works from Dalí as well, but the exhibition is not focused on him.

What are the best places to visit near Cadaques?

Are you looking to get out of Cadaques and explore the nearby areas? If the answer is yes, then we have some great tips for you to complete this things to do in Cadaques guide.

8. Day trip to Figueres

The city of Figueres is the closest big city to Cadaques. It can be easily reached by both a car or public transportation. This accessibility makes it a perfect day-trip recommendation for any kind of traveler. Whether you are with childer or on a romantic vacation in Cadaques, we are sure that you will have a nice time in Figueres. An especially great activity in case the sun goes away for a day.

Figueres has an awesome historical center with narrow streets to enjoy. There are many beautiful churches like Església de Sant Pere. There is also the Dalí Theatre-Museum, where you can further enjoy the genius of Salvador Dali. 

If you are working through things quickly, then you can easily make this a half-day visit as well. This means that you will be back to catch the afternoon waves at the beach of Cadaques.

Salvador Dali Museum Figueres
The Salvador Dali Theatre-Museum

9. Monasterio de Sant Pere de Rodes

Monasterio de Sant Pere de Rodes is a monastery located from a short drive to Cadaques. Unfortunately, public transport is not available here. The monastery is an impressive historical site that can be a great activity just before lunchtime.

The beautiful Monasterio de Sant Pere de Rodes is from the 800’s. Back then it was just one simple building. Throughout history, many additions and restorations were completed, which resulted in today’s form.

10. Day trip to Barcelona

The world-renowned Barcelona is just a few hours away by public transport. Even less if you are renting a car. You can easily take the morning bus and be back in the evening. Although one day is definitely not enough to check out all that is Barcelona, you can see the most famous attractions.

One thing you can do is visit the Sagrada Familia, then head up to the Park Guell. In fact, the Sagrada Familia is only around 15-20 minutes of walk from the bus station you will arrive at. These two major attractions are well worth your time. Alternatively, you can take public transport into the heart of Barcelona and walk around the Gothic District.

Sagrada Familia Beautiful View
The World Famous Sagrada Familia

Super TopFlightsNow Exclusive Tip:

When you are looking for a vacation in Cadaques, the nearest major airport is Barcelona. If you book your airplane tickets to Barcelona anyway, why not spend 2-3 days in the city? Spending just 2, maybe 3 days in Barcelona will allow you to see almost everything that matters and you can still travel to Cadaques to enjoy some of the famous Costa Brava. Consider this option.

Where to eat in Cadaques?


Compartir Restaurant is one of the most famous places to grab a meal in Cadaques. The specialty of this restaurant is large dishes that are meant for sharing. When you eat at the Compartir you can taste the local cuisine at its best, meanwhile, you will enjoy a shared meal with your loved one.

Address: Riera de Sant Vicenç, s/n, 17488 Cadaqués, Girona, Spain

Restaurant Mama Aicha

Are you after the most authentic homemade Catalan experience, while still eating at a restaurant? Then the Restaurant Mama Aicha is just for you. Visit this establishment and enjoy a menu that mostly consists of homely Catalan foods. Homemade bread, fresh fish, and amazing meat-based meals are available here.

Address: Carrer Miquel Rosset, 12, 17488 Cadaqués, Girona, Spain

Restaurant Casa Pilar

When you are enjoying a nice holiday, you can quickly lose track of your budget. Restaurant Casa Pilar is a very affordable seafood place. It’s a little bit hidden but has a friendly staff and cozy atmosphere. Those who are looking to eat amazing meals, but don’t want to spend a fortune should visit this restaurant.

Address: Carrer de la Miranda, 4, 17488 Cadaqués, Girona, Spain

You will eat plenty of sea-food on your Cadaques vacation

How long should I stay in Cadaques?

Cadaques is perfect for a full week’s vacation during summer. The weather will be very pleasant and you will be spending a lot of time on the beach. This means that there won’t be so much time left to complete all the things to do in Cadaques. 

A good alternative option is 2 days in Barcelona and 5 days in Cadaques. This will fit both sightseeing and beach time into your holiday.

Where to stay in Cadaques?

Cadaques is a small town, which means that you can stay in any part without major issues. The only thing you should keep in mind is car parking in case you are coming with a rental or your own.

Tramuntana hotel

The Tramuntana Hotel is a great choice if you are looking to stay inside the Old Town of Cadaques. It’s located inside a beautiful historical building, right in the middle of the city. Although for parking, you might need to leave your car in a nearby spot, you can’t beat this location.

Book the Tramuntana Hotel

Hotel Playa Sol

A great beach hotel option in Cadaques is Hotel Playa Sol. As the name suggests it’s located directly at one of the smaller beaches. The price range falls into the middle of hotels for the area, making it a recommended place to stay.

Book the Hotel Playa Sol

Boutique Hotel Villa Gala

For a luxury experience, you should book a room at the Boutique Hotel Villa Gala. It offers a high-quality room, with everything to make you comfortable. The hotel has its own pool with sunbeds for a great relaxing time.

Book the Boutique Hotel Villa Gala

An enjoyable holiday in Cadaques

With our guide, you now know all the top things to do in Cadaques. It’s time for you to grab some cheap airline tickets and get ready for an amazing holiday. Cadaques will leave you smiling and wishing you have more vacation days available!

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