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10 Top Things to Do in Cervantes, WA

Cervantes is a simple fishing town in Western Australia. It’s located north of Perth and it’s known for the nearby desert and beautiful beaches. Today, we’ll take a look at the top things to do in Cervantes for a nice visit.

Without question, the main attraction of Cervantes is the beach. You’ll find pristine sand and mesmerizing water near town. However, it would be a shame to forget about the natural beauty that’s accessible from Cervantes. Those who enjoy the scenery can get plenty more in the local national parks.

Whether you are traveling as a couple or plan to visit as a family there are plenty of things to do in Cervantes. This fishing town might be small in size but it’s definitely not small in character.

1. Pristine Beaches

Beach near Cervantes

Let’s start with the amazing beaches of Cervantes. One thing is sure: if you visit during summertime then you’ll spend most of your days on the beach.

They are characterized by beautiful white sand and picturesque turquoise waters. The major beach in town is Thirsty Point. It’s the local beach and it’s the one that’s easiest to access. No wonder both the locals and tourists flock here during the summer heat.

Hansen Bay is the other beach you should make a note of. This bay is truly a spot out of paradise. It’s mostly unspoiled by human presence yet it is clean.

The sand area is huge which means there’s never really overcrowding on this beach. It’s just a short drive from Cervantes and it’s definitely the most beautiful beach around town.

2. The Pinnacles Desert

The Pinnacles Desert in Cervantes

Other than swimming and sunbathing there’s one more famous attraction in the area. It’s called The Pinnacles Desert and it is part of Nambung National Park.

This desert is actually WA’s most visited tourist attraction outside of Perth. And it’s just a stone throw’s away from where you are in Cervantes.

The pinnacles that you find in this desert are unique limestone structures formed way before our times. They are approximately 25,000 to 30,000 years old which really makes you feel small as a human being.

The whole area looks like something out of an old Sci-Fi movie. Definitely one of the more unique places you can experience on this planet. These limestone towers vary in shape and size with the tallest ones reaching as much as 3.5 meters.

A great thing about this national park is that you don’t actually need a 4×4 to access the pinnacles. Of course, the four-wheel drive helps, but this area has been made accessible for everyone regardless of the car you choose.

3. Lake Thetis

Lake Thetis
Bahnfrend, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There’s another natural wonder right in town. Lake Thetis is the home of the Stromatolites. As you walk along the wooden trail you’ll notice small rocks inside the water. These rocks are the Stromatolites and they are not rocks at all.

They are living beings. Stromatolites are actually one of the oldest life forms on the planet. So not only you can experience the uniqueness of the Pinnacle Desert you can even see Stromatolites in Cervantes.

That’s quite a lot of unique natural wonders for one city. Please keep in mind that there is a walkway around the lake. Do not leave this walkway as you might damage these precious life forms.

4. Molah Hill Lookout

You’ll find the Molah Hill Lookout halfway between Cervantes and Jurien Bay. It’s a lookout that has some of the best views over the ocean and Southern Beekeepers Nature Reserve.

Apart from the picturesque views the lookout also has some picnic tables so it’s the perfect place to stop between the two towns. There is even a panorama sign on the lookout to help you identify what parts of WA you are looking at.

5. Hangover Bay

Hangover Bay
W. Bulach, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hangover Bay offers a picturesque bay with endless opportunities for adventure. It boasts a wide sweep of sandy beaches perfect for swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, and surfing. Visitors might even catch a glimpse of bottlenose dolphins and sea lions.

As you make your way to the beach, you’ll be greeted by the sweet scent of summer wattle and other coastal species. Don’t be surprised if you spot bobtails or other reptiles.

Hangover Bay is a great place for an unspoiled beach. There are no towns nearby which automatically makes this place less popular than other spots around the coast.

6. Day trip to Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay
Bahnfrend, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jurien Bay is north of Cervantes. It’s a nice town that offers plenty of opportunities to further enhance your travel experience.

Whether it is guided tours you are looking at or a change of scenery you’ll find it at Jurien Bay. It is a little bigger than Cervantes so you have more options generally.

Of course, the beaches of Jurien Bay are also very beautiful as we’ve come to expect from this part of WA.

If you do decide to make the trip then Jurien Seafoods is a great place for lunch. It’s a nice fish & chips restaurant that nails the taste.

7. Boating tour

Why not take a tour of the water? There’s plenty of underwater life to see near the coast and there are also some protected islands near Cervantes.

A boating tour represents great opportunities to explore these and to see the picturesque WA coast from a different perspective.

There are multiple providers you can choose from like the Turquoise Coast Enviro Tours. They are in Cervantes and they offer a great selection.

The Lobster Shack restaurant in Cervantes also offers some tours. The most notable is the Sea Lion tour where visitors get a chance to meet these animals up close and personal.

If you want more you can always head over to Jurien Bay where you’ll find other tour providers with different options.

8. Adrenaline Inspiring Adventures

Skydiving in Jurien Bay
Catharine14, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Talking of guided tours and Jurien Bay, why not take on some Adrenaline Adventures? Jurie Bay has two places in particular that will cater to travelers who like to take some risks.

First up you have the Turquoise Heli Experience which is a helicopter tour of the coast. It’s one of the most beautiful aerial tours in Western Australia and definitely worth your time. It is especially exciting for people who hadn’t had the chance to sit in a helicopter yet.

Then you have Skydive Jurien Bay Skydiving Perth which is great if you enjoy getting pushed out of a plane. We are kidding of course but a skydiving experience near Cervantes is something you’ll won’t easily forget. The adrenaline and the views will surely create one of the most amazing experiences you’ve ever had.

9. Lobster Shack Cervantes

We’ve already touched on the Lobster Shack but it’s also one of the more popular places in town. Needless to say, they have some good tours for visitors, but they are actually a restaurant.

A lobster restaurant at that. If you are into lobster or other seafood then we can highly recommend this place. They have a great menu and the food is usually great.

Definitely not fine-dining level but it is very much in line with what we would expect from a sleepy fishing town in Western Australia.

10. Golfing in Cervantes

Finally, the last activity we must mention is actual golfing. Cervantes has its own 18-hole golf course. It is one of the places that have ‘sand greens’. It is a unique golfing experience that’s not available everywhere.

Let’s not forget that this is not an upscale golf course. Rather the emphasis is on fun here and the holes are actually pretty nice and challenging. Oh, and the Golf Club has a great restaurant where you can dine after playing.

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