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10 Top Things to Do in Checotah, OK

Checotah is a charming city located at the crossroads of I-40 and US HWY 69. Its population is approximately 3400 but this small town has plenty to offer its visitors. Let’s see what are the top things to do in Checotah, Oklahoma.

Checotah might not be the biggest town in OK but it has given some famous people to the nation. The most notable is Carrie Underwood who is from Checotah along with a number of professional Wrestlers.

It’s also on the shores of Lake Eufaula which was at a time the largest man-made lake in the entire nation. The Lake and the surrounding area is nice for recreation which is marked by a number of campsites nearby.

1. Katy Depot Museum and Visitors Center

Those who are into railroads will absolutely love the Katy Depot Museum in Checotah. It is actually the reason why the town exists in the first place.

The rail company was expanding through this territory and they’ve built a small depot right here where the telegraph office and the town’s original Post Office were housed.

Soon the locals started to take advantage of the railroad and the area became a major shipping point for livestock and agricultural products.

The depot that you can visit today was built in 1890 and was in passenger service up until 1965. Today it has been transformed into an amazing museum where you can learn about the local railroad and the history of Checotah and its original inhabitants.

2. Heartland Heritage Center Museum

The Heartland Heritage Center Museum and Gallery is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in American rodeo history and Native American culture. You can experience showcases of the town’s rich rodeo history also known as the Steer Wrestling Capital of the World.

In addition to rodeo exhibits, you can also explore Checotah’s heritage and Creek Nation culture, as well as view artwork from both well-known and local artists.

And for fans of country music superstar Carrie Underwood, the museum also features a special exhibit showcasing her memorabilia.

It’s a nice local museum that offers a peek into Checotah’s past.

3. Lake Eufaula State Park

Lake Eufaula State Park

Lake Eufaula is the premier outdoor things to do in Checotah. Although it’s a man-made lake, nature found a way to take root in the area. Today it’s a sprawling ecosystem with opportunities to experience wildlife encounters and interesting trails.

One of the best things you can do in the State Park is to explore the different walking trails. Some of them are centered around bird watching while some showcase the local flowers and plants.

The state park also has multiple RV and camping sites so if you want to stay in a rural nature environment then this is a great place to do it.

You can swim, fish, disc golf, bike, walk, and enjoy nature in this state park. Definitely, a place to be when you visit Checotah.

4. Honey Springs Battlefield

Honey Springs Battlefield

Are you a history buff? Then the Honey Springs Battlefield will be something for you. It’s a historic place where one of the largest battles took place in Indian Territory. More than 9000 people were involved in the two sides as they fought it out on the battlefield.

Today it’s a historical site combined with a nature trail. You can choose from up to six walking trails to experience history and check out the local wildlife as you travel the former battlefield.

The walking trails are full of informative signs so you will be able to learn the full history of the Honey Springs Battlefield as you travel across the 1000-acre area.

5. Fountainhead Marina

Do you want to get the most out of Lake Eufaula? Then Fountainhead Marina is the one where you should go.

This place is a professional boat rental agency where you can get yourself a suitable boat and get onto the water.

Our favorite boat to rent is definitely the one with the slide. It’s a superb family activity during the summer. The slide runs from the top of the boat to the water and you can also jump into the water from the top.

Simpler boats as well as jet-skis are also available here. If you want more you can grab something to eat as well.

6. Hummingbird Beach

When visiting during summer you’ll be tempted by Lake Eufaula. Worry not, there is a nice local beach on the lake that you can take a visit.

Hummingbird Beach is a simple beach but it has a sandy shore and the basic facilities you need for a beach day. There’s even a playground for the children.

It’s a nice clean beach that the locals love during summer and Lake Eufaula surely gets nice and warm as the weather turns to sunshine.

7. Belle Star Marina

Another marina on Lake Eufaula is Belle Star Marina. They have simpler boats but better service than the other marina. Their restaurant is also pretty nice as we enjoyed the burgers here very much.

If you want a nice fishing boat then Belle Star Marina can hook you up with the best but they also have leisure boats for the days when you just want to explore the lake and maybe swim a little from your rented boat.

8. Sequoyah State Park

Sequoyah State Park is around 50 minutes from Checota by car but it’s worth a trip as you can definitely spend the whole day in this state park. This amazing state park is a nature lover’s paradise that offers a plethora of outdoor activities.

Water enthusiasts are drawn to the park’s impressive 19,000 surface acres of water and 225 miles of shoreline on Fort Gibson Lake, providing ample opportunities for boating, fishing, and beach activities.

For those seeking a more land-based adventure, the park offers hiking trails, picnicking areas, guided horseback trail rides, and wildlife watching. The nature center provides educational activities, while golfers can enjoy a round on the park’s scenic course.

The full-service Paradise Cove Marina offers everything from boat rentals to bait and tackle supplies, ensuring that visitors have everything they need for a memorable stay.

9. The Castle of Muskogee

Looking for a truly magical and exciting experience during your travels? Look no further than The Castle of Muskogee. This stunningly beautiful banquet hall and grounds play host to a variety of seasonal events, including the renowned Oklahoma Renaissance Festival.

Immerse yourself in the world of 1569 England, as you witness the quest for knighthood, a thrilling full-contact jousting tournament, and breathtaking exhibitions featuring beautiful Birds of Prey and talented traveling Acrobats. Each weekend, Her Majesty will declare a theme to honor the visiting Kings.

10. Day trip to Tulsa

The Skyline of Tulsa OK

If you’re looking for a fun day trip from Checotah, Tulsa is just a short drive away and offers plenty of exciting things to see and do.

Tulsa offers an array of attractions, from the stunning Philbrook Museum of Art and the Tulsa Zoo to the historic Cain’s Ballroom and the popular Gathering Place Park.

Take a walk through the trendy Blue Dome District, where you can find delicious food, unique shopping, and live music. The Tulsa Aviation Museum is another highlight, with fascinating exhibits on the history of aviation in Oklahoma.

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