Dubrovnik in the Rain

Things to Do in Dubrovnik When It Rains

Dubrovnik, one of the most popular Croatian tourism destinations in the summer. Rightfully so, as it’s located in southern Croatia, you can expect plenty of sunshine from your vacation. However, it doesn’t seem to matter where you are in the world, rainy days happen. Even the sunniest places see some rain every once in a while. This guide will help you out if you want to prepare for things to do in Dubrovnik when it rains.

Although rare, rainy days happen in Dubrovnik. If you happen to be present for such a day, you don’t have to worry. It’s still one of the most beautiful towns in Europe and Croatia. We recommend taking it slow, and having a relaxing day, while it’s a rainy day.

Old Town Walks

Consider how heavy is the rain. If you have the appropriate attire and it’s only raining a little it might just be the perfect opportunity to discover more of the Dubrovnik Old Town. Most of the other people will probably be holed up in their hotels.

For those who are a little more adventurous and not afraid of the rain, this can provide a unique opportunity. Its almost impossible otherwise, to experience the historical centre of this city without crowds of people. Walking the city walls in the rain can be soothing. Even better, it will provide unique picture opportunities, as not many tourists see Dubrovnik in the rain.

Explore the Local Cuisine

A little rain will give you the perfect excuse to spend more time in cafés and restaurants. The city is full of amazing places you can sit in and enjoy some quality time.

In the morning you can start your day with brunch. Hop into a café from the main street for a great breakfast. If you are not in the mood for brunch, there are also many bakeries and cafés offer a good selection of pastries to choose from.

One of our favourites is Cogito Coffee Shop / Dubrovnik Old Town. It’s a lovely little café that offers tables sheltered from the rain. You can grab coffee, ice cream or pastries here. Just the place to start a relaxing day.

For lunch or dinner, you can choose from any of the restaurants available. Whether you would like to experience local foods or looking for international cuisine, Dubrovnik has it all. Although it might be easy to go for pizza or sushi we really recommend taking this opportunity to taste the local cuisine.

Our restaurant recommendation is the Restaurant Salvatore Dubrovnik. This is a seafood place, that is working hard to provide local tastes, and source their food from local sources. If you love seafood you cannot go wrong with this one.

Seafood Croatia

Take Shelter from Dubrovnik Rain in the Museums

Although many tourists only come to look at the Old Town and relax on the beach, Dubrovnik has some great museums. A rainy day in the city will give you time to enjoy and appreciate them. You can learn about the history of the city and Croatia.

War Photo Limited

One of the most interesting museums in Dubrovnik Old Town. As the name suggests this place is dedicated to photojournalism during wartime. It has pictures from world-renowned photographers. You will be able to learn more about some modern conflicts and how it affected the local population.

Red History Museum

Another great museum if you are interested in modern history. Here you will learn about life in Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. Today in its place there are multiple countries including Croatia. The Red History Museum is trying hard to take you back in time. You can experience what the day-to-day life was during this time period.

Love Stories Museum

The perfect rainy day activity for couples. This museum is centred around real people and real stories. Inside you will be able to get familiar with a couple of amazing and lovely stories about life, love and romance. Apart from the stories, there are different relics, and letters on display that will help you imagine the full situation.

Other Museums

These were our favourite museums, but if it’s raining all day you might want to check out some more. Some other notable museums include:

  • Dubrovnik Sea Aquarium
  • Maritime Museum
  • Dubrovnik Natural History Museum
  • The Foundry Museum
  • MOMAD – Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik
  • Etnografic Museum Rupe
  • Rector’s Palace

We believe these are the most notable museums in the area. The first three we mentioned are outstanding places in their own right, but you should have your fun in the others too.

Dubrovnik in Rain

Explore the Churches

The historical centre of Dubrovnik is full of old and lovely churches. On a rainy day, you should take your time to go into as many of them as you can. They are beautiful from the inside and it’s always fun to explore.

One of the most notable is the Dominican Monastery. Not only it is an ancient place of worship you can check out, but there is a museum inside. We highly recommend the visit, especially since it’s conveniently located inside the Old Town.

Go on a Day Trip from Dubrovnik

Now, it might be raining where you are, but that doesn’t mean it rains everywhere. There are great options for day trips from Dubrovnik. You should check the weather in the surrounding islands and cities. You might just find the perfect weather for a day trip a few hundred kilometres away.

Day Trip to Split

The coastal town os Split is around 230 KM from Dubrovnik. That should be well enough to put some distance between you and the weather. As things to do in Dubrovnik when it rains, this will prove a perfect opportunity.

Like many cities in Croatia, Split has an amazing Old Town area. This historical centre is surrounded by the ancient city wall. There are plenty of opportunities for strolling around and sightseeing.

You can choose to travel by car. In case you have no car available you can always quickly go for a rental. There should be plenty of options available for car rental in Dubrovnik.

If you don’t want to drive that far, there are guided tours available from Dubrovnik. It’s always a good option as you won’t have to worry about planning. Usually, these tours come with priority queue entrances to the museums.

Split Day Trip

Peljesac and Korcula Day Trip

Another option is to go towards the water. This can only be done with guided tours. Although not as far as Split, the weather can still be much better if it rains in Dubrovnik.

We recommend this activity to anyone who loves to be on the water. You will be transported by a boat to Peljesac and Korcula. Korcula town is an amazing little coastal village full of history. It has a great historical city centre, and you will be able to check the house, where Marco Polo was born.

We recommend this tour. It costs around 55 EUR per person.

Day Trip to Mostar

Mostar is a beautiful city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s an excellent destination if you are looking to change things up. As it’s in a different country you can expect different architecture and history.

It’s 140 KM from Dubrovnik. You can get to Mostar in a car. It will take around 2 hours and 20 minutes. Just don’t forget to bring your passport!

As with the other options, you can also go on a guided excursion. One such option is this tour. Just like the Korcula tour, this will cost around 55 EUR per person.


Go Shopping

Have you done your souvenir shopping yet? If the answer is no, then this is your opportunity. You can check the different shops and merchants for items to take home.

This might also be a good time to go to a local supermarket. We always like to recommend checking them out. It’s one of the best ways to get familiar with local products and try them. Every nation has its locally produced chocolate, sweets and dairy items. You will be able to buy and taste all of them in the local supermarkets.

As you can see you don’t have to worry if it rains a little on your Dubrovnik holiday. There will be still plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the weather. Whether you like museums or boating there are many options available. With our things to do in Dubrovnik when it rains guide, you will find the best activities to do.

Shopping in Croatia

Make sure you check out our guide on Korcula.

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