Moosehead Lake Near Greenville in Maine

16 Amazing Things to do in Greenville, Maine

The visuals of Greenville are no less than a piece of heaven on earth. The Moosehead Lake and the Big Squaw Mountain (also known as Big Moose Mountain) offer great fun activities, which will become unreasonable memories forever. It’s best to explore all the possible things to do in Greenville, Maine before you complete your vacation.

What are the things we can do in Greenville, Maine?

Moosehead Lake is the main attraction there. You can do water sports, fishing and a lot of water games in this lake. There are lots of mountains near Greenville town so tourists also can enjoy hiking and camping in those mountains.

Greenville is a great city for exploring. It is famous for hiking, river rafting, boating, fishing, sightseeing, seaplane ride, and camping. Also, Greenville has some beautiful restaurants and wineries with specially customized wines.

Let’s have a look in detail!

How to get to Greenville, Maine?

Getting to Greenville, Maine by car

The city of Greenville in Maine doesn’t have great public transport connections to the main cities in the state. In fact, there is almost no public transport within a 50-mile radius. This means, that most people arrive by car when they take a vacation in Greenville.

One of the easiest ways to get to Greenville by car is to travel to Bangor. Bangor has nice motorway connections and is fairly easy to get to. From Bangor, you need to continue northwards into Stillwater, Maine where Route 16 starts. Take Route 16 until Lagrange, where it continues as Route 6. Go along Route 6 until you reach Greenville, Maine.

You may also take Route 201 from Brunswick, Maine. It will take you all the way to Bingham where you will find Route 16. Follow it until you reach Abbot, Maine, then turn onto Route 6, which will take you to Greenville.

Getting to Greenville, Maine by plane

If you are looking to travel by plane, then you can book your airplane tickets to Bangor or Portland, Maine. Here you will have to rent a car to get into Greenville.

In case you own a private plane, then you will be pleased to learn, that Greenville, Maine has its own airport. You can land there for your vacation. The city even has a port for seaplanes. During the summer it’s a popular destination to fly to with your seaplane.

16 Things to do in Greenville, Maine

What are the sports and activities you can do in Greenville?

1. Golf course in Mount Kineo State Park

Mount Kineo State Park is known mainly for its Golf course. For people who are interested in Golf, it is one of the best places out there. They teach Golf to tourists, and it is also known for boat riding.

The golf course itself has one of the most beautiful settings with green and mountains all around.

Mount Kineo State Park is not a big state park, however, there are multiple hiking routes available. Most routes are fairly undemanding and suitable for children as well. One of the popular activities is to take a boat ride into the state park, then enjoy some walking around, before taking the boat back to the other side of Moose Lake.

2. Hiking in the Little Moose Mountain

Also known as Little Squaw Mountain, Little Moose Mountain is another great opportunity to do some hiking in the Greenville town near the Lake region.

Often people come here for hiking purposes. It’s not a large mountain, so hiking is easy, and many tourists enjoy hiking there. You can make your way to Little Moose Pond for a scenic spot, to take some great pictures.

3. Biking Trails

Biking Trails in Greenville is another adventure to do. They have all sorts of bikes suitable for the Mountain Road ride.

From single-track mountain bikes to 22 miles long swamp rabbit trails, tourists will find everything they need. It also has varieties of bikes available for sale purposes, and also tourists can rent a bike to enjoy Mountain Road.

Greenville Mountain Biking

4. Mice On Main

“Mice on Main” is the scavenger hunt for kids also for adults in Greenville town. There are nine bronze Mice located on the Main Street of the city and some clues to find them. It is one of the most fun and exciting things to do in Greenville, Maine. This activity is especially recommended for families.

5. Floatplane and Seaplane scenic tours

The seaplane and floatplane tour in Moosehead lake is a must-watch “scenic beauty” for the tourists. Flying on a seaplane and enjoying the beauty of Maine is a thing you will remember forever. Jack’s Air Service has a nice reputation for providing enjoyable scenic rides.

Every September, seaplane events took place in the Greenville town where planes across the country and Canada took part in this event, and thousands of aircraft took off from the city and landed on Moosehead Lake.

Take Off Video by Jack’s Air Service

What are the amazing recreations for boating and fishing lovers?

6. Boating in Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake is one of the main attractions of Greenville town. People often come here to go boating in the Lake.

Also, there are various types of fish in the Lake, so people who love fishing come here especially for this. Many people haul in their own boats to enjoy a relaxing fishing adventure in Maine.

Even if you don’t have your own boat, you shouldn’t worry. There are plenty of scenic spots and great places for fishing on the shores of Moosehead Lake for you.

7. Fishing in the Little Moose Pond

Near the little moose mountain, the little moose pond is also a center of attraction. People who love fishing came here to enjoy hiking in the mountains. Situated between the forest and mountains it is surely a nice place to fish. Especially great if you are after small mountain lake fish.

What are the best places to visit in Greenville?

8. Turning Page Farm Brewery

The Turning Page Farm Brewery is literally what the name says. A farm and a brewery at once. Just the perfect place to visit with family. The little children will enjoy the farm and have a chance to pet farm animals like goats.

Meanwhile the parents can try the beer along with some amazing goat cheese. It’s such a nice place to visit amongst the things to do in Greenville, Maine. You should not skip it.

9. Camping at Lily Bay State Park

This park is located near the Moosehead Lake region; this park is famous for sightseeing and camping.

People who come to the Lake for fishing also come to this park for camping at night. It also has beautiful boat launch facilities.

Lily Bay Sate Park Trail
“Trail” by Lee Edwin Coursey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What are the things to explore the culture and heritage?

10. Moosehead Marine Museum

The Moosehead Marine Museum is another fantastic place to go in Greenville town. It is also located near the Moosehead Lake region.

The entire theme of this museum is Marine. It means it has all sorts of old antique water products, which is very amazing to know. Old boats, vintage equipment, and an informative exhibition. It’s a great place to learn a little bit of marine history.

Visit the Official Website

11. Moosehead Historical Society

It is a non-profit organization near the Lake region. It has many old antique artifacts. The society collects and preserves vintage and historical items from the region.

Many special services are available for visitors throughout the summer months, and even a service to get help in learning about your ancestors.

12. Currier Aviation Museum

This museum preserves the old heritage of seaplanes of Greenville town. It has many seaplanes for the tourists to watch and to know their history. Greenville has always been a popular spot for seaplane lovers. This museum captures this essence and is a great place to put on your things to do in Greenville, Maine itinerary.

Visit The Official Site

What are the best Greenville inn and resting spots?

13. Greenville Inn

This inn belongs to the family of Lumbar-baron William Shaw. It was a bungalow from 1890-1900. It is an antique place to visit in Greenville town.

14. Travel In The Katahdin Cruises

It is a 20th-century steamboat that roams inside Moosehead Lake. It has a restaurant inside, and people often book cruises and enjoy the view of the lake while roaming all over the Lake.

Are there any fun activities for wine and party lovers?

15. Spotted Cat Winery

For the wine lover, it is one of the best places. The most memorable thing about this winery is they customized their wine. According to the taste of the customer. They also have an old and special wine.

What are the best shopping stores near Greenville?

Answer: Northern Maine Minerals, Glacier Wears, and Big Apple Store

16. Shopping for local produce

These stores have a great friendly supporting team. All the items needed for a tour and short visits are available here.

The store owners will guide you through the items and help you choose the best available product in the locality.

Every product available is in a reasonable price range. You don’t need to spend extra and unnecessary tips.

Where to eat in Greenville?

Answer: Jamo’s pizza, Café Crêpe, and Dairy Bar

These are the most famous places to eat in Greenville. These restaurants are popular for their incredible food quality and taste.

Interestingly these restaurants are included among the cheapest available cafes of Greenville. The views from the restaurants add value to your luxury.

They take special care for health and hygiene, and the maintenance is updated regularly. 

Name of the RestaurantRatingSpecialty
Jamo’s pizza4.5 (77 reviews)Americans, Pizza, and vegetarian friendly
Café Crêpe4.5 (60 reviews)Desserts and vegetarian friendly
Dairy Bar4.5 (33 reviews )Desserts

Where to stay in Greenville, Maine?

Leisure Life Resort & Trailside Restaurant

The resort has 16 guest suites, including a bar and a separate restaurant. This is one of the handfuls with an on-site restaurant and lodging. On Wednesdays through Saturdays at 4 pm, the restaurant and bar are open with the kitchen shutting at 8 pm.

In addition, they provide a multi-day camping experience throughout the spring and autumn. RV and tent camping are both allowed. For the campsite, there is a bath building with private showers.

Leisure activities will take place at the slope that overlooks Moosehead Lake. You may have a straight ride on ATVs and snowmobiles just outside your door.

The Perfect Vacation near Moosehead Lake

Greenville, Maine is an amazing spot to explore Moosehead Lake. Come here and enjoy a relaxing vacation, while you explore nature and learn a bit about history in the local museums. Our things to do in Greenville, Maine guide will take you through the steps to enjoy yourself.

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