Things to do in Homosassa, FL

10 Best Things to Do in Homosassa, FL

The town of Homosassa in Florida is a famous fishing spot and nature destination. It’s located right next to Homosassa River, hence the name. If you are planning a visit, we’ve compiled a travel guide of the best things to do in Homosassa just for you.

Homosassa is absolutely perfect for getting some boating and fishing done. Swim with manatees and get amazed by the Crystal River Wildlife Refugee area. This quaint fishing town is an ideal destination if you want a laid-back place that’s avoided by mass tourism.

Of course, there are so much more things to do in Homosassa, FL, than what we’ve mentioned above. Join us to explore the complete list of activities.

Top Things to Do in Homosassa, FL

Are you ready to dive into our favorite things to do in Homosassa, FL? Get ready for a lot of water-based fun and outdoorsy activities. Homosassa is all about nature and we recommend you try to experience it to the fullest when you visit.

1. Go Fishing in Homosassa

Fishing in Homosassa, FL

First things first: go fishing. Really, if you enjoy fishing, then you will love Homosassa. The area near the town is a natural wonder and the water is full of active fish.

If you are big on fishing then you have your own boat already. Bring it to Homosassa and explore the marshlands to find the best catch. Be aware though, that you will be paying for parking while launching your boat. No free ramps.

Do you maybe just want a small taste of a fishing adventure near Homosassa? Worry not. There are plenty of fishing boat charters available.

They will take you out to the best spots around town and on the river. You can even rent equipment from them in case you need it.

The best types of guides will not only have you fishing but will help you explore the area and tell a little bit about the surroundings like you are on a sightseeing tour.

2. Take a Boat Tour of the Area

Airboat Homosassa

Are you not big on fishing but still want to explore the Homosassa river area? The Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge is an amazing and beautiful place after all.

In case you want to skip fishing and go straight to sightseeing, you will be happy to learn that there are many captains who will take a sightseeing tour with you.

It’s one of the things to do in Homosassa, FL, that you simply can’t skip. Exploring the wildlife area is a treat in itself.

When it comes to boat types you have a pretty nice selection for your tour. You can take airboats, traditional sightseeing boats, or even kayaks. The kayaks are really great if you want an up close and personal experience.

Most of the boat tours will take you to meet the Manatees living in the area and some even let you swim among them. And this actually leads us to our next point.

3. Swim with the Manatees

Whenever you visit Homosassa, FL, you can’t go home without swimming with manatees. Seriously its a once in a lifetime experience.

These docile animals create amazing memories for the people who visit them and spend some time up close and personal among them.

There are multiple options here. First of all, you can take one of the above-mentioned boat tours and you will have a chance to meet the animals.

If you want a different experience then you can also head to the town of Crystal River where manatees are more visible during winter. Crystal River also has some great boat tours for you to meet them.

4. Check out Monkey Island

Monkey Island Homossa

There is a Monkey Island in Homosassa, FL. Can you believe that? A very small patch of land in the middle of the river is occupied by monkeys.

You can’t technically visit the island but you can observe the monkeys from the shore. Of course, there is a monkey-themed bar nearby so you can also spend some money if you’d like.

Most boat tours will also pass near the island and will let you see the monkeys. If you have kayaks it’s very easy to kayak near them and get a better view.

The occupants of the island are Spider Monkeys who swing, play, and jump around the island all day long. It’s a rather unique things to do in Homosassa, FL.

5. Explore the Nature Trails on Foot

Hiking in a Forest

Are you ready for some land-based activities? It’s time to grab your walking shoes and get immersed in nature on the nature trails near Homosassa, FL.

There are multiple walking trails that you can explore. One of our favorite hiking places near the towns is the Salt Marsh Trails. It’s a beautiful short walk into the Crystal River Wildlife Refuge where you can see some wildlife and the surrounding marshlands.

Another superb option is the trails inside Withlacoochee State Forest. They have you explore different areas of the forest like small ponds and rivers.

If you are attracted by the marshland type of scenery then make sure to do a walking trail around Homosassa: you won’t be disappointed.

6. Go to the Beach

DanTD, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you visiting Homosassa during summertime? Then it’s time to head to the beach. Many people skip the beach as a things to do in Homosassa, FL, but it’s easier to visit than you think.

Of course, the shore near the town is not very suited for swimming and sunbathing but there are some options nearby.

There is for example Fort Island Beach which is a nice natural beach with minimal amenities. Or Alfred A McKethan Pine Island Park not that far away which is a more traditional beach experience.

If you want to explore more make sure to check out our guide on the best beaches near Homosassa, FL.

7. Go Kayaking

Maine Kayaking

We know we have already mentioned some options for kayaking but if you are an active and outgoing person then you must not skip kayaking on the Homosassa river.

There are so many kayaking trails to explore. Small inlets, marshlands, and wildlife are all waiting for you and your kayak.

The easiest way to explore is to bring your own kayaks but even then we might recommend hiring a guide. It’s not terribly hard to get lost in the marshlands near the town so it’s best to have someone lead the way and show you the most beautiful spots.

8. Spend the Morning at Howard’s Flea Market

Flea Market

Do you love flea markets? Hunting for treasures among the items people no longer need? Maybe want to have some locally crafted jewelry? You may find all and more at Howard’s Flea Market.

It’s the biggest flea market in Citrus Country dating back all the way to 1972. The whole market takes up more than 55 acres! In addition to all the space outside, they also have 800 covered booths where you can explore merchandise.

It’s not all about antiques or collectibles though. The flea market is also full of locally produced vegetables, furniture, and other merchandise. Artisians from the area come here to sell their products.

Free parking and free admission for all this. There is a restaurant inside so you may spend a full morning checking out all the sellers and trying to find that antique lamp you’ve always wanted.

9. Visit Crystal River

Are you looking for a day out? Crystal River is a perfect destination for a day trip. It’s close and it’s the home of Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge which houses manatees.

Crystal River is also known for the springs that flow in the city. King Spring, Three Sisters Springs, and Hunter Springs Park are just a few to mention.

If you are still up to another boat tour then we definitely recommend one of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge. It’s great fun.

Hunter Springs Park is also the home to a pretty low-key beach. It’s a good visit during summertime when you want to cool yourself.

10. Go Golfing


Visiting Homosassa, FL, is also a good opportunity to hone your golfing skills, or to maybe try your hand at golf for the first time.

You can pass some fun time at the Sweet Swing Driving Range, swinging away balls into the distance and practicing.

Then there is the actual golf course at Sugarmill Woods Country Club. It’s the local golf club where you can play a full game and have a nice meal afterward in the restaurant.

Where to eat in Homosassa?

Now that you know all about the best things to do in Homosassa, FL, it’s time to give you some other recommendations. First of all, we’ll give you our favorite places to eat in Homosassa.

Wild Sassa Food Trailer

Let’s start with a full outdoor place. So much so that it’s a food truck so all sitting is outside tables only. The tables are overlooking the river so you’ll get a pretty nice view here.

This restaurant prides itself as a seafood and taco restaurant. And well, this is what they make and do they make them really well.

We absolutely loved the tacos here. They are a great portion and the outdoor seating provides a nice atmosphere.

The fish is also a good choice especially if you want to go for the fresh daily catch.


Crump’s Landing

Crump’s Landing is our choice if we want a little more traditional restaurant experience. Though seating is still outdoors mostly.

It’s a seafood restaurant with very good meals and good prices. We love this choice as a family-friendly option.

There is a playground and even some local live performances during the evening.


Where to stay in Homosassa, Florida?

Finally, we’ll give you our favorite hotels in Homosassa, FL. These are great places to stay when you are visiting.

Riverfront Treetop Bungalow

One of our favorite options when it comes to the Homosassa hotels. In reality, it’s more of a proper house than a bungalow but the surroundings are some of the best here.

It’s fully immersed in the marshland-style vegetation nearby. Trees, some wild birds, and birds singing in the morning.

We absolutely loved staying here.

The Last Resort

The Last Resort is an equally fun place to stay while visiting. These are actually more like bungalows. This property is a waterfront property that makes for some great scenes during your morning coffee on the porch.

A simple accommodation but with a good price and it actually has everything you can wish for on an outdoorsy holiday.

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