Awesome Things to do in Lefkimmi

The town of Lefkimmi is located in South Corfu. It’s one of the bigger towns on the island and has a less touristy feel than many of the other places in Corfu. Most part of the town is found towards inland Corfu which is perfect for locals and the authentic vibe. Read on to discover the most awesome things to do in Lefkimmi for a perfect vacation.

Lefkimmi is actually the second biggest settlement in Corfu after the town of Corfu itself. Many of the tourists concentrate on the seaside resorts and vacation homes when they visit southern Corfu, which means Lefkimmi can be an amazing local experience for you.

It’s very easy to reach and you can go anywhere in Corfu without a hassle if you choose to stay in Lefkimmi. Perfect for both a quick visit and your whole stay, read on to discover the top things to do in Lefkimmi and decide how long you want to visit this charming place.

One of the most unique features of the town is the river that flows through the middle. It’s an unusual sight not only in Corfu but generally in Greece as well. Even if you only visit to walk around the main bridge and river area it’s worth a stop.

How to get to Lefkimmi?

Whenever you choose to book a cheap flight to Corfu you will be landing in Corfu Town. Whether you stay in Corfu town first and only include Lefkimmi later or head over to Lefkimmi instantly, you need to know the best ways to get to Lefkimmi from Corfu Town. We’ll help to give you the pointers.

Getting to Lefkimmi by car

Lefkimmi has a great location that you can reach very easily by car. If you decide to rent a car at the airport or in Corfu town you won’t have many troubles reaching Lefkimmi. As you can learn from our article on driving in Corfu the main roads are well maintained all around the island.

One of the best ways to get to Lefkimmi by car is taking the seaside main road in Corfu all the way to Mpoukaris. From there you can go towards Argyrades where you’ll join the mainland main road. After that, all you have to do is follow this road to Lefkimmi and you will arrive at the town. You can also take the inland main road, but keep in mind that it has more mountain sections than the seaside road.

Getting to Lefkimmi by public transport

Bus to Lefkimmi
It’s very easy to reach Lefkimmi by bus

As the second biggest town in Corfu, you’ll have great public transport opportunities if you don’t want to drive to Lefkimmi. Just keep in mind that it’s actually a pretty big town due to the weird long shape. If you try to walk inside you might find it difficult to get to the beach itself.

To get from Corfu to Lefkimmi by bus you need to take Greenbuses line B1. It goes all the way to Kavos but conveniently has multiple stops in Lefkimmi. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take off. During the weekdays there is a great selection of scheduled buses meanwhile there are only a few at the weekend.

You’ll need to pay 4.40 EUR to ride the bus and it will take around 1 hour and 30 minutes until you arrive at Lefkimmi. Check out the full schedule here.

Things to do in Lefkimmi

As you can see it’s relatively easy to get to this town. Whether you choose public transport or a rental car read on to learn about the awesome things to do in Lefkimmi.

1. Lefkimmi Bridge & River

Lefkimmi Bridge
“Lefkimmi” by is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

The main charm of Lefkimmi is without doubt the river that cuts through town. The bridge over the river is one of the few ways to cross and there are restaurants on each side. You can easily stop on the bridge to take some awesome photos of scenery that’s very unusual in Greece.

After the epic photos, you have taken you can walk the streets next to the river. You may sit in one of the restaurants for an authentic Greek meal or just stroll along the river and enjoy the unique local atmosphere. If you don’t mind a longer walk, then you have a chance to go all the way to the sea.

One of our favorite features in Lefkimmi is the different boats mooring in the river. As it flows directly into the sea many of the local residents take up their boats all the way to town. This creates an interesting mix of small fishing and personal boats just rocking along the river shore.

2. See the Flamingoes

If you walk follow along the river on the left-bank path and reach the sea, you can continue towards the west on a small path next to the sea. It will take you to an old salt farm which now acts as a nature preserve. You’ll be able to see the old ruined mill and the wildlife of the area.

There are many migratory birds during certain periods of the year, but without question, the star of the show is the flamingo. You can see wild flamingoes here on Crete just next to Lefkimmi. It’ll take some walking to get here but the Alikes Lefkimmis nature preserve is worth the trip.

3. Beaches you can visit

Beach Cocktail
You can enjoy a cocktail while on the beach

Would you say a vacation to Corfu is a vacation without going to the beach? Well, that is if you visit during the warmer months. If you do so, you’ll be interested in what are the beach options for in this south Corfu town.

Bouka Beach

Bouka Beach is the easiest to access from Lefkimmi. You can even reach it by walking down the right bank of the river. It’s a pretty long sandy beach, but most people stay around the one beach bar that’s available. They sell drinks and some snacks to complete your time on the beach.

There are comfortable sunbeds available and the water stays warm even in September. Due to the clear waters and the sand, it’s a perfect one for families. This beach is mainly used by the locals and even during the summer, there’s not much of a crowd here.

Paralia Kavos

Kavos beach is found just down the main road from Lefkimmi. It’s a particularly popular beach in Corfu among tourists. They love the clear waters and plentiful amenities available. If you as us, however, we think this beach is a bit overrated. It can get crowded during the summer and there are better beaches in the area.

Arkoudilas Beach

As featured in our guide to the best beaches in Corfu one of the best beaches around Lefkimmi is Arkoudilas Beach. This secluded piece of heaven is very easy to visit from the town if you have a car. We highly recommend checking it out at least once. In our opinion, it’s much more worth it than Kavos beach.

4. Go on a Boat Tour

Boat Touring
Boating is a perfect day trip activity

The harbor of Lefkimmi is home to multiple touring agencies. During the season they’ll run different types of boat tours ranging from simple exploration to island hopping. One of the fun things you can do in Lefkimmi is to go on a boat tour.

You can try to arrange one tour from the town as there are agency buildings there as well or head directly to the marina and book a tour when you arrive. Make sure the weather is nice, some boat tours will sail out even if the waves are huge and that’s a recipe for seasickness.

5. Visit the local churches

Church in Lefkimmi
Kritzolina, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As is usual with many Greek towns they have some charming churches. It’s no different in Lefkimmi either. We always love to go on a church seeing tour after arriving at a new town in Corfu. There’s almost certainly something to discover.

Ekklisia Agios Spiridon

Beautiful white church along the river. You can access it as you walk towards the sea from the bridge. It’s a great sight and you can take some cool pictures with the bell tower.

Church of the Blessed Virgin Odigitria

It’s a huge historical church that’s the main one in Lefkimmi. Found along the main road it’s almost impossible to miss. The yellow walls and huge belltower is impressive.

Kloster Kirás ton Ángelon – Monastery

On the outskirts of town, you will find Kloster Kirás ton Ángelon. It’s a beautiful small place of devotion. St. Anastasia’s relics are located in this place. You may pay respects to the saint’s relics, see where she resided, and visit her gravesite. Definitely worth visiting.

Where to eat in Lefkimmi?

Want to grab some great restaurant tips for Lefkimmi? Let us tell you about some places we love to grab a bite at whenever we visit. Although it’s a small town there are great meals that you can try.


You can find Agkali next to the river in Lefkimmi. Although it’s a few minutes of walking from the bridge this restaurant is totally worth it. Local meals are plentiful on the menu and you can sample what it is like to be from Corfu. Great place and good meats.

Papa’s grill

Another restaurant that we absolutely love in Lefkimmi is Papa’s Grill. Found right at the center of town it has a great barbeque and amazing meats for any meat lover. Highly recommended place for a diner when you are craving big portions and superb quality.

Where to stay in Lefkimmi?

Are you looking for a place to stay in Lefkimmi? You can visit this town for multiple days after all. Corfu is not a huge island so everything will still be easily reachable for you when you choose to stay here. Let us highlight some great choices for a place to stay in Lefkimmi.

Antonia Beachfront Villa

Do you want to wake up and go to the beach for a morning walk? Then Antonia Beachfront Villa is the perfect choice for you. It’s right at the beach and has all the amenities that you could require during your stay in Corfu. Perfect for families and couples alike.

Afrodite Lefkimmi Apartment

Located at the center of Lefkimmi this is a perfect apartment to rent for couples. You’ll have all restaurants, coffeehouses, and shops nearby. Parking can be on the street and you can head out for a romantic adventure every day. So much fun!

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