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Top 7 Things to Do in Makarska

As a tourist, you have to go to Croatia’s best destinations and know what things to do in Makarska. This small town in southern Croatia is excellent for sightseeing and enjoying the best natural sights. It has an amazing coastline. A perfect location if you are looking for a sleepy fishing town. It is located between Split and Dubrovnik so that you can reach it quickly.

In this coastal city, you will have many things to do as a family or simply with your partner. It is a very romantic, fun, and affordable area. It’s great for having fun in its different natural parks. Without further ado, you should know what the seven best activities in Makarska are. Croatia.

Beach in Croatia, Makarska

Diving at night

If you want to do something different on vacation, you can try night diving within the limits of Makarska. You can sign up for the various diving excursions from noon to late at night. All this tour is done in the bay of Vruja given by professional divers for all those tourists who dare to do it.

Night diving is great for observing the sea from another perspective. Similarly to the Savannah or mountains, the sea comes alive at night. While during the daytime there are still plenty of fish to see, the number greatly increases once the sun goes down. It’s a perfect opportunity to check out underwater wildlife when they are more active.

You can take underwater photography surrounded by the best fish, shipwrecks, and in general, an incredible environment. These activities are for beginners or expert divers looking for an adventure like no other in Croatia.

Makarska Bay

Kayak in the Adriatic Sea

If you are a fan of kayaking, now you can practice it on your visit to Makarska. What’s better, you can do it within the Adriatic Sea. This sport is suitable for people of all ages. You will have to use your strength, agility, but it’s many hours of fun. You will be surrounded by crystal clear water with the Biokovo mountain range looking spectacular.

Among the things to do in Makarska, this is one of the most entertaining because it consists of a long journey. There will be plenty to see and enjoy during this adventurous trip.

Relax on the Beach

It’s a no brainer that you have to check out the beach when travelling to Makarska. This coastal town has some great places to swim and bathe in the sun.

The mountains in the background will provide a picturesque swimming experience. If you are feeling adventurous you can venture away from the town and walk on the shore. Here you may stumble upon some hidden beaches and amazing sights.

Climb the Biokovo

You have to climb the Biokovo mountain range in Makarska for long walks and spectacular views. If you are looking for active things to do in Makarska this is perfect for you. You should climb this mountain range. On the top, you will have as a reward a unique view towards the sea and even Italy, if the weather is crystal clear.

It’s great to visit the Biokovo natural park to enjoy large trees and picnic areas. You can do hikes, bike tours, and even go in minivans throughout the mountain range. It offers a good break from the beach, into an amazing natural area.

Things to do in Makarska

You can zipwire near the Cetina river

In Makarska, you will not only have a bay, but the Cetina river is around it, covering more than 100 km. You can do various river activities such as kayaking, rafting, climbing, and Zipwire in nearby areas. You will only have to walk a few minutes upriver and enjoy this sport of speed and height.

Zipwire sport is available for children, youth, and adults who want to plunge into this pleasant adventure. You will pass very close to the Cetina river, which will cause your body to take a lot of adrenaline.

To reach Cetina river you will have to travel the city of Omnis. It’s around 35-40 minutes by car, so this activity is also perfect to plan into a day trip.

Things to Do in Makarska: Day Trip

When staying in Makarska you should definitely consider incorporating a day trip into your holiday.

The closest big city is Split. This bustling metropolis serves as the gateway to many of the Croatian Islands. You can choose to explore the city and spend the day there or head out onto one of the beautiful islands. The ferry is usually not that expensive, although prices increase during the summer.

End your evening with an incredible dinner

Among the things to do in Makarska, you will have great walks along the picturesque shoreline. The waterfront is full of great restaurants, especially if you are looking for sea food.

You can go to the Makarska promenade and visit the best restaurants in the area with fresh fish. The main dish of these restaurants is swordfish that you can enjoy at an affordable price.

If you are curious about this type of fish’s taste and texture, find the Jez restaurant in Makarska. The restaurant has a good location, decoration and traditional dishes that you may love.

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