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Things to do in Morrisville, Vermont

Morrisville is a small village in Vermont. It’s part of the bigger Morristown area, boasting the highest population within Morristown. Whenever you are exploring Vermont, you might end up near or in Morrisville. It’s time that you learn about the top things to do in Morrisville, VT.

When you visit Morrisville you will find it easy to enjoy the slower pace of life and the beauty of small-town US. It’s a great place to make new friends among the welcoming locals and hop into some local bars and restaurants. You can visit Morrisville any time of the year and find things to do from framer’s market to local festivals.

How to get to Morrisville, VT?

Getting to Morrisville by car

Morrisville is located next to Route 100 making it very easy to reach. All you got to do is take Interstate 89 and take Exit 10 towards Stowe. That will take you right onto Route 100, which you will follow until you reach Morrisville.

Getting to Morrisville by plane

There is a small airport in Morristown, however, no commercial flights are available here. You can only go to Morrisville directly by plane if you actually fly your own into the airport.

The closest international airport to Morrisville is located in Burlington. The Burlington International Airport welcomes flights from all over the US making it the best place to land when you travel to Morrisville.

How to get from Burlington, VT to Morrisville, VT? If you are renting a car at the airport it will be extremely easy to find Morrisville. You just have to enter I-89 through Williston Rd. You will enter the interstate towards Montpelier and leave it at Exit 10 towards Stowe. From there you just have to follow Route 100 and turn right at the Morrisville junction.

The best things to do in Morrisville, VT

Once you arrive in Morrisville you can start having some fun things to do in this charming town. It’s always great to discover the best things to do in a location and we are going to do it together for Morrisville in Vermont.

What are the museums to visit in Morrisville, Vermont?

Front Look of the Noyes House Museum
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1. Noyes House Museum

The Noyes House Museum in Morrisville awaits you with history and stories to tell. It’s a historical museum that wants to showcase the way of life in the greater Morristown area for visitors. There are multiple interesting clothing apparel and furniture on display. You can see what people used to wear and how a typical house was furnished during the 18th century.

2. River Arts

Although River Arts is technically an art gallery, it’s located in a very beautiful historical building, that you must see for yourself. It’s a community art center that houses different exhibitions throughout the year. You can check out some local talent when you visit the River Arts in Morrisville.

What are the parks to visit in Morrisville, VT?

3. Elmore State Park

If you love nature you must make a trip to Elmore State Park. You can reach it via a short drive from Morrisville. This small state park is a great visit during all seasons. There are some trails you can walk on and even a lookout tower to climb for superb views.

You can then head down to Lake Elmore Beach and enjoy a warm drink on the shores. Visiting during the summer also means you should bring a bathing suit because you can swim in Lake Elmore.

Cady's Falls
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4. Cady’s Falls Botanical Garden

Cady’s Falls Botanical Garden is an absolute stunner. Run by a local couple for over 40 years it has evolved into a relaxing and charming botanical garden. Until recently, Cady’s Falls used to be a nursery for local planters, but they decided not to sell plants anymore.

Instead, you can visit the Botanical Garden and walk around the small trails to explore different species of flowers, trees, and other plants. An off-the-beaten-path attraction that’s worth your visit.

What are the fun things to do in Morrisville, VT?

5. Rock Art Brewery

Visiting the local breweries is always a fun thing to do on vacation. Rock Art Brewery has been in the business for more than 23 years and produces awesome beers and hard seltzers. The windows of the tasting area are overlooking the production area, making it a unique visit. You may even arrange a factory tour in advance for the full experience.

6. Bijou Cineplex 4

An old-school-looking cinema with modern equipment inside. Visiting the movies is a fun family thing to do, but given the Bijou’s looks, you should at least see the building. This old-style movie building will surely invoke some great memories in adults that used to go to the movies as children.

7. Peace Pups Dogsledding

Those who are looking for an unusual experience on their vacation should visit Peace Pups Dogsledding. It’s a local business providing dogsledding tours during fall and winter. When you visit during winter, you can experience classic dogsledding on snow. When there is no snow, they will bring out their custom-made dogsledding car with wheels.

8. Lost Nation Brewing

Another great local beer brewing company. Lost Nation Brewing has a very nice outdoor sitting area, where you can enjoy the beers they make. Some of them are inspired by European-style beers, so it’s a different experience from the usual US beer market.

9. Green Mountain Distillers

Another distillery makes it into our top things to do in Morrisville, VT. This one on the other hand is a spirit distillery, with many different vodkas, gins, and other liquors. You can always ask the owners about their spirits and get nice recommendations. They make an especially nice gift to bring home from Vermont.

What are some hiking trails near Morrisville, Vermont?

10. Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

Without question, the main walking trail you can check out in Morrisville is the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail. You can take on this trail any season, with different equipment. Some people walk, some cycle, some bring a snowmobile, while some use it for cross-country ski practice.

It’s a beautiful multi-purpose trail that you must include in your Morrisville visit. We must also mention, that walking the trail in the western direction will lead you right into Lost Nation Brewing for a nice sample of local beers.

Can you golf in Morrisville?

Yes, there are two golf courses located near Morrisville that you can visit.

11. Copley Country Club

This country club is located right in the middle of Morrisville. It’s a 9-hole golf course, that many of the locals love. It’s great if you are looking for a smaller golf course to spend the afternoon at.

12. Ryder Brook Golf Club

A truly local, family-run business. A challenging set of 9-holes awaits you in this golf course. The scenery is lovely and the staff is always friendly, making your visit worth your while.

What are the local festivals to see in Morrisville, VT?

Rocktoberfest Morrisville
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13. Rocktoberfest

Every October, the first Saturday is dedicated to Rocktoberfest in Morrisville. Local rock talent and family events make this day a great one to catch on your Vermont visit. The town comes together and everyone enjoys an afternoon of fun and music.

14. Oxbow Music Festival

Another music festival you can catch is the Oxbow Music Festival in Morrisville, Vermont. It’s a yearly event during summer, where families and locals listen to the music and grab some of the best local foods available.

15. Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights is a great family Christmas event in Morrisville. It includes free movie showings, gingerbread house building, puppet shows, and lighting the Christmas tree of the town.

Where to eat in Morrisville, Vermont?

Thompson’s Flour Shop

Excellent local bakery, that’s just perfect for breakfast. You can get sweet items or sandwiches to kickstart your day. We personally recommend the cinnamon rolls.

Moog’s Place

Local grill bar with live music events during evenings. From drinking to eating, the people of Morrisville love to visit Moog’s and chill in this bar. The burgers are excellent and grilled meat is always a great choice.

Pizza On Main

Craving pizza in Morrisville? Then Pizza on Main is the place to be. As the name suggests this restaurant is located right in the middle of the town. They make great pizza and mozzarella sticks.

Where to stay in Morrisville, VT?

Sunset Motor Inn Morrisville
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Sunset Motor Inn

This is the place to stay if you want to sleep in Morrisville. It’s a nice family-owned business with multiple rooms for all kinds of travelers. They have a nice garden area, all the necessary facilities, and even a small swimming pool.

Visit the Sunset Motor Inn Website

Vermont Style

Visiting Morrisville means connecting with the locals. Although the town is close to major attractions and ski resorts, it’s off the radar of tourists. This offers you a unique vacation experience as you will be able to mix with the locals, learn about their ways, and meet amazing people. Not to mention, that as most businesses in the area are locally owned, you will be contributing to the local community via tourism.

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