Things to Do in Murcia
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Top Things To Do in Murcia

Murcia is a great holiday destination in Spain. The town was founded in 825. As a vacation spot, the temperature can run really hot during the summer. However, the weather is quite pleasant all-year-round. You can enjoy many things to do in Murcia, Spain.

Luckily as a town for tourism, there are many hotels in the area. The wide selection will provide suitable accommodation, whether you are travelling with kids or just looking for a simple romantic getaway.

There is also a great selection of AirBnB apartments available for tourists. We always love this option, as it means you have access to cooking! You can try out all the local ingredients this way.

Things to Do in Murcia

The Beaches of Murcia

Murcia is not directly located on the shoreline of the Iberian Peninsula. You will need to actively plan your beach days. You can get an easy transfer from the city centre to any of the coastal towns and beach areas via public transport. However, for your convenience and the best travel experience we recommend renting a car. It’s always best to be in control than to be a passenger.

The coastline south of Murcia is called Costa Calida. It’s full of beautiful beaches. You will be able to enjoy the Mediterranean if you wish to come here.

Playas de La Llana

One of the most popular beaches in the Murcia area is Playas de La Llana. You can access it by some hiking or biking. It’s a secluded spot. Once you arrive, you will be greeted with a lovely beach covered in golden sand. You will be able to enjoy activities such as swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling here.

Explore the Churches

Murcia, just like many historical towns in Spain, is full of ancient churches. You can plan a day of sightseeing that is full of visits to these often beautiful places of worship.

As a tourist, you will be welcome in the churches to look around and take in the beautiful works of art inside. The century-old paintings and cravings will surely amaze you.

One of the most important sights is the Sanctuary of Fuensanta. It’s an old monastery build in the style of Baroque. Standing on the hillside, it’s a great place to end your day. It will provide a great view of the Murcia skyline.

Murcia City view

Hike to Castillo de La Luz

Castillo de La Luz is a castle ruin up in the mountains near Murcia. You will be able to visit this castle ruin after a short and relaxing hike on your vacation. Although there are only a couple of walls remaining of Castillo de La Luz, the trip is worth it for the incredible views from above.

Check out the Local Museums

As the area is rich in history, you will be able to visit all kinds of museums here. Different centuries brought different nations to rule over the lands of Murcia. You will learn about all the different rulers in the city’s museums.

Museo de Santa Clara

This museum is dedicated to religion. You will be able to check out different artefacts and religious items from the nations that have influenced the area. The museum also has a beautiful garden inside.

Museo Salzillo

The statue museum is showcasing great art from the region. There have been many amazing artists around the area. No wonder, as the coast and hills provide picturesque inspiration.

Go to the Market

Murcia has multiple markets open in the morning. It’s a great activity to do some shopping early in the day, or just before lunch. You can browse through the local products and handcrafted items.

Our go-to place to recommend is Veronicas Market. It’s one of the biggest and busiest in the city.

Murcia Bell Tower

Attend a local festival

Throughout the year Marcia has a lot of festivals. This is generally true for Spain. Seemingly the people of Spain like to celebrate. If you get the chance to stay here when there is an ongoing festival, your experience can be greatly enhanced.

One of the most famous festivals in the area is the Easter festival. A great tourist destination if you are looking for a weekend getaway around that time.

Enjoy Local Food

Spain has a great cuisine. As Murcia is quite close to the water you will be able to enjoy seafood and all the local delicacies. We always recommend fresh seafood whenever available. It’s a must-try when you are travelling in the area.

The city also has some great bars. If you are looking for ways to spend your night, you should just hop into one of the many bars in the centre. They all have great cocktails and a fun atmosphere.

Murcia Church

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