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12 Amazing Things to Do in Sibenik

Sibenik is one of the cities that has become the pearl of Croatia. It offers you a lot of very attractive locations that are combined with amazing nature. This is a worthwhile city on your trip to Croatia along the Dalmatian coast. Below you can find out the best things to do in Sibenik.

The coastal town of Sibenik is an especially great destination if you like military history. It’s a dream for those who are into medieval fortresses. The town has a total of 4 fortresses. Each of them is open for tourism and you can visit.

Top Things to Do In Sibenik

1. Visit the medieval Mediterranean garden

In Sibenik, you will find the Medieval Mediterranean Garden that you will find in the city’s old part. You can have a beer or a coffee surrounded by wonderful plants and trees.

The park is called Perivoj Roberta Visanija. You will find multiple fountains and benches to sit down inside the park. There is shade where you can hide in the summer. A great place to slow down and enjoy the day.

2. Walk through the old town

Sibenik is a city that offers you many incredible streets to spend an extraordinary walk. They are alleys with stone tiles that are six centuries old.

When you stroll the narrow, cobblestone streets of the Sibenik old town, you will see many examples of classical Croatian architecture. Beautiful buildings full of colour and small walkways will provide many opportunities for great pictures.

Old Town Sibenik

3. Visit Barone Fortress

Among the things to do in Sibenik is to visit Fort Barone. You must pay a fee to access the place, and it offers you a wonderful view of the entire city. Through headphones, you can experience battles, and it will be amazing to see them. This pass also includes a visit to St. Michael.

One of the latest addition is the augmented reality tours. It is included in the tour price. You will get an augmented reality device to enhance your visit to this epic museum. It’s a great way to use modern technologies.

4. St. Nicolas: The fortress that scared the Turks

The Croats, for many centuries, lived in fear of a possible invasion by the Ottomans. They were the ones who dominated the interior of the Balkans. The city of Sibenik had four fortresses that defended them, and one of the most spectacular is San Nicolás. This fortress protects the city from its vantage point on the islet of Ljuljevac.

It’s a triangular fortification. The Croatian architects built it to protect the waterway into the city. It’s a beautiful sight. Today you can visit this amazing structure. It’s not only an important historical site but also a great viewpoint.

Sibenik Fortress

5. St. John’s Fort

This fortress known as St. John’s Fort is one of the places in Sibenik, where the television series The Games of Thrones was filmed. Its access is free, and it is one of the highest Sibenik strengths you will find. You will enjoy an incredible view of the entire city.

Unfortunately, as of today, the owner has decided to close access to the fort due to reconstruction. Hopefully, they will finish the restoration of this amazing fortress and you will be able to visit it on your next trip.

6. Fortress of St. Michael

The fortress of St. Michael in Sibenik was recently renovated, and you must pay a fee to enter. It offers you underground walks with ancient wells to make your experience the best. You will see an excellent view of St. James’s Cathedral and the nearby islands of the Sibenik archipelago.

During the summer there is also an open-air theatre on the top of the fortress. If you manage to catch a play or show on the open-air stage, you will surely walk away with awesome memories.

7. St. James’s Cathedral

Another thing to do in Sibenik visits St. James’s Cathedral. This cathedral has been built for over 100 years and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It was built between 1431 and 1535 and has become the most prominent Gothic-Renaissance monument in Croatia.

The cathedral is a place that will thrill all fans of the Game of Thrones series because the city of Bravos is Sibenik. It has great religious and architectural importance, and when you visit the city, you should include it in your itinerary.

Sibenik Cathedral

8. Visit the Krka National park

In Sibenik town, you will be able to visit Krka National Park, and you must include it in your things to do in Sibenik. You have to get on a bus from the main station, and in less than an hour, you will be in the park.

Another option is to rent a car in the city. There are multiple providers available. You can head over to our car rentals page to search for a deal.

If you wish, you can also hire tours available in almost all city accommodation sites. You can swim in Krka, hike, take a beautiful boat ride, and much more.

It’s a great national park, especially suited for families. The children are guaranteed to tire themselves running around the beautiful nature trails.

9. Aquarium Terrarium Šibenik

Good family activity in Sibenik is the local Aquarium. You will be amazed by the different types of fish and underwater life. This family-friendly attraction offers free entrance for children up to five.

Apart from life under the water, you will be able to see different species of reptiles. You can marvel at snakes from small to huge. There is even a photo opportunity with a giant snake.

10. Dalmatian Ethno Village

If you are looking for something truly unique, you can visit the Dalmatian Ethno Village. It is a museum and a restaurant all at once. All around you will marvel at the historic Dalmatian architecture.

You can try all the best classical foods in the region. The Dalmatian Ethno Village has its own garden. A lot of the ingredients that the Chefs use are grown in this garden locally.

Image courtesy of the official site

11. Aquapark Dalmatia

For a day trip or half-day trip consider the Aquapark Dalmatia. The perfect family getaway. Complete with thrilling waterslides and pool-based attractions, you will surely enjoy yourself here.

The children can occupy themselves with sliding and jumping into the water all-day-long. Admittance is free for anyone under 90 cm of height.

12. Tour St. Anthony’s Channel

The only waterway leading into Sibenik is the St. Anthony’s Channel. Next to it, you will be able to visit the hiking and touring area. A great way to include some activities on your holiday. The channel park includes a great walkway that will take you along for an experience next to the sea. At the end of the journey, you will be treated to the awesome view of St. Nicholas Fortress.

Sibenik Evening

Sibenik is a city worth visiting and visiting all its streets to enjoy charming places where you will feel calm and happy. Book a cheap flight to Sibenik and have a fun time.

If you want to read more about Croatia, check out our travel hub page.

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