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11 Best Things to Do in Tumby Bay, SA

Tumby Bay is a popular tourist destination in South Australia. It’s a sleepy fishing town with amazing beaches that attract visitors from all corners of Australia. We have collected the top things to do in Tumby Bay for those who want to visit this quaint little town.

The main attractions of the town are fishing and the beaches. During the hot summer months, people come here to enjoy the weather and get their suntan on. Meanwhile, colder months are still relatively popular as travelers who enjoy fishing visit town and try to enjoy the local catch.

Tumby Bay is sitting on the Eyre Peninsula. This means that there’s even more to this place than just swimming and fishing. The Peninsula is full of natural wonders and protected nature areas that are all waiting for you to explore. So, without further ado, let’s see what are the best things to do in Tumby Bay.

1. Enjoy the beach

Tumby Bay is well known for its golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Travelers who are looking for a family destination with a laid-back atmosphere will feel right at home in Tumby Bay.

Ski Beach is one of the most popular in town and it’s a secluded beach without the crowds. The sand has the typical golden color of the area and the water is calm thanks to the bay area.

There’s also Salt Creek Beach which starts right near the town center making it easy to access for visitors. Whether you are planning on getting a tan, swimming, or just enjoying the beach scenery Tumby Bay is a great place for all.

2. Tumby Bay Street Art

A timelapse of painting the Silo

The locals of Tumby Bay are especially proud of their street art mural paintings and as a visitor, it’s easy to appreciate them.

The most famous and the one you should not skip is the Tumby Silo Art. It’s a huge mural that’s painted over an old grain silo. The silo was painted by Argentinian artist Martin Ron based on a photograph by Robert Lang – a local photographer. The silo mural is a nice tourist attraction and you’ll even find picnic tables and a brief description of the art.

Street art does not stop at the silo though. In 2018 there was a local festival called Colour Tumby Street Art Festival. As a result of this festival, numerous other wall murals have popped up in the city and as you are driving and walking around Tumby Bay you will surely bump into one or two of the local wall murals.

3. Tumby Bay Lookout

Want to get the best views of the shore? Tumby Bay Lookout is the place to go. It might be a small and simple lookout but it provides an excellent vista.

As it is tradition in town this area can’t be left as just a lookout. You’ll also find BBQ options and picnic tables near the lookout. This BBQ area is pretty well equipped though, there’s running water, power, and even a playground for the kids.

4. Tumby Bay Mangrove Boardwalk

There’s plenty of beautiful nature around Tumby Bay but can even start your nature exploration right in town. The Tumby Bay Mangrove Boardwalk is a small elevated boardwalk that will have you walking among the treeline of mangrove trees.

This is a great place to catch a glimpse of the local bird population. Have your phones and cameras ready as you’ll see the birds nesting and sitting on the branches nearby.

Although it’s a rather small boardwalk we’ve left satisfied. The wildlife we saw provided plenty of entertainment and as we didn’t even have to leave town we could be back at the beach in a short time.

5. Glen-Forest Tourist Park & Vineyard

Glen-Forest Tourist Park & Vineyard provides one of the best family things to do in Tumby Bay. It’s a mix between a petting zoo and a farm.

You can meet and even pet or feed a number of animals here. Great fun for the kids. This wildlife park has inhabitants like koalas, kangaroos, sheep, goats, cows, and many more. Meeting these animals close is both educative and exciting for the whole family.

Travelers who love wine will also enjoy the local Vineyard. It’s right here at Glen Forest and you can sign up for a tasting.

6. Fishing in and around Tumby Bay

Boat Fishing

The other famous activity in Tumpy Bay is fishing. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to do it in town. There’s the town’s jetty where you can try your luck and Tumby Bay Caravan Park has their own fishing pier as well.

Nearby towns and some places on the shore also present great opportunities for fishing but if you are looking to get the best experience we recommend a fishing charter.

You can find fishing charters in town or Port Lincoln for a greater variety. These charters will take you out to the open water where you have the best chance to catch some fish.

7. Lincoln National Park

Lincoln National Park
Jacqui Barker, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Continuing with the theme of nature exploration you also have Lincoln National Park nearby. It’s an expansive and beautiful National Park boasting stunning views over Boston Bay, the largest natural harbor in Australia.

With its rugged granite headlands, secluded bays, and offshore islands, this natural wonderland is a sight to behold. The park’s southern side features massive wind-sculpted sand dunes and the pounding surf of the Southern Ocean.

Within the park lies the secluded and pristine Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area, featuring a pure white sandy beach and lushly vegetated headlands.

This place is definitely a must-see in Tumby Bay if you love nature. There’s plenty of that here.

8. Boat Tours and Charters

We’ve already touched on the opportunity for fishing boat charters but this area also has plenty of boat tour providers.

The bay has some uninhabited islands with great beaches that you can only visit via charter. These small islands offer unspoiled beauty that’s hard to come by in other places.

Check out your local tour providers in Tumby Bay but if you want the full variety of options you can also head over to Port Lincoln where most companies reside.

9. Coffin Bay National Park

Coffin Bay National Park

Finally, we’ll end our nature exploration in Coffin Bay National Park. The national park is a remote coastal oasis, known for its picturesque bays and rugged coastline.

it offers a host of activities, including boating, fishing, sailing, scuba diving, and windsurfing. Explore the park’s windswept cliffs, massive dunes, and pounding surf beaches, all while taking in the stunning views.

For those seeking a more relaxing experience, Yangie Bay offers a peaceful escape with its tranquil waters and coastal bushwalking trails. Point Avoid and Golden Island Lookout is accessible by a sealed road, providing spectacular island views.

The park’s pristine northern beaches are only reachable by high-clearance 4WD and offer a haven for anglers, birdwatchers, and surfers alike.

10. Museums of Tumby Bay

After tanning on the beach, swimming in the bay, catching some local fish, and enjoying nature it’s time to absorb some culture.

There are a total of two museums in Tumby Bay which might pique your interest.

Excell Blacksmith and Engineering Workshop Museum

Learn about the history of blacksmiths in Tumby Bay. It’s a great place to bring the family as the kids will see how tools were made back in the day.

They also have a variety of machines on display from the past century. We’ve found the museum staff to be knowledgeable and there seems to be no question left unanswered about blacksmithing.

Tumby Bay National Trust Museum

The Tumby Bay National Trust Museum already looks interesting from the outside. It’s inside a 1950s prefab school building.

Inside you’ll find memorabilia that are connected to local life and culture. The exhibited items display a great variety. Some of them are connected to transport, shipping, and agriculture, while others are about entertainment, early settlers, or war.

11. Koppio Smithy Museum

Finally, we have the Koppio Smithy Museum as a great thing to do in Tumby Bay. Yes, we’ve already looked at the local museums but this one is in the nearby town of Koppio.

This museum definitely deserves its own entry as it’s one of the largest and most interesting in the area. The whole place feels like a miniature museum village with buildings that will take you back in time.

You can get a peek inside the early days of Eyre Peninsula as you explore the different buildings of the museum. They did a great job to get era-specific furnishing for the interiors.

There’s also a great variety of cars, trucks, and tractors on display. All of these are very old so if you are into vintage machinery you’ll definitely enjoy this place.

Eating and Staying in Tumby Bay

We’ve seen what are the top things to do in Tumby Bay now it’s time for some more tips. We’ll give you a list of our favorite places to eat in town and give you a recommendation for staying in town.

Restaurants in Tumby Bay

  • Seaspell Cafe Tumby Bay
    • The Seaspell Cafe Tumby Bay is one of the best places to eat in Tumpy Bay. Whether you are looking for a cup of coffee and a quick sweet bite or something bigger, they have it on the menu. We loved their cakes and we especially loved their burger.
  • Tumby Takeaway
    • Tumby Takeaway is the place to go if you are longing for deep-fried seafood. They have a great selection of everything that’s seafood.

Hotels in Tumby Bay

  • Sip’n Save – Tumby Bay Hotel
    • A simple and affordable hotel on the beach. It has nice rooms with great views. There’s usually a patio or balcony available. Especially good for couples.
  • Tumby Bay Caravan Park
    • Those who are into camping will love Tumby Bay Caravan Park. It’s the best caravan park around town. It even has some glamping opportunities for those who don’t want to sleep in an RV.
  • Tumby Villas & Motel
    • Tumby Villas and Motel offer luxurious accommodation for those who want a home away from home. The hotel grounds look like a newly developed neighborhood with nice houses. You can rent out whole units so it’s great for a family vacation.

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