12 Best Things to do in Zamora

Zamora is an old Romanesque town in western Spain. You can find Zamora near the Portuguese border. The city itself is located in the Province of Zamora. It’s a town that is rich in its heritage and beautiful medieval architecture. TopFlighsNow will help you figure out the best things to do in Zamora for a perfect holiday.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit some of these attractions and others that may be of interest to you. We hope you’ll make Zamora part of your Spain vacation itinerary. Medieval castles, old architecture, and beautiful churches await you.

What is the best time to visit Zamora?

The best time to visit Zamora is spring. The city is a really good choice for weekend getaways, where you’ll do a lot of sightseeing. As spring is generally a mild, but already hot time in Spain, it’s just the perfect weather for a visit. 

You can consider a visit during summer, however, just be mindful of the weather. On most days you can expect plenty of sunshine and hot temperatures. Bring water and protection for your head.

Winter is also a good option. In these parts of Spain, it rarely gets below 10 Celcius. This means that even if you visit during the winter, you will be met with reasonable weather that’s suitable for sightseeing.

How to get to Zamora?

In order to get to Zamora, you’ll need to fly into Madrid. It’s the closest international airport to the city. Luckily, it’s not hard to catch a flight into Madrid, as one of the largest travel hubs in Spain. There are direct flights from all over the world into Madrid.

To get to Zamora from Madrid, you’ll need to take the train. The train trip only takes around 1 hour 15 minutes and will cost about 30 EUR for one trip. 

Things to do in Zamora

Zamora is a magical place. You will be able to experience medieval architecture and a charming atmosphere. Regardless of the beauty, many tourists miss the town of Zamora from their trips. A typical itinerary in Spain is usually spent on the beach. However, as you will see, there are plenty of things to do in Zamora for all seasons.

1. Catedral de Zamora

The Cathedral of Zamora is built in Romanesque style. It’s a perfect example of early Spanish churches that architecture buffs must not skip. Constructed in the 12th century, this Romanesque church has been an important religious landmark in the province of Zamora.

Once you step inside the cathedral you will see that it’s not only the outside that’s impressive. Within the church, there are many important pieces of art collected over the centuries. In front of the building, there is also the Plaza de la Catedral, an important square in the city’s history.

Zamora Cathedral
Image source Flickr

2. Castillo de Zamora

The Castle of Zamora is a reminder of the city’s hard past. As a town close to Portugal, it has always been an important city to control. As such, Zamora has a party ruined castle today for you to visit.

In the early days, the Zamora Castle was of course used as a fortification. However, throughout the years’ different functions were filled by the fort. At times it was a prison or court. 

If you are on a budget you will be happy to learn that the castle is a free things to do in Zamora. Today when you visit, you can see a sculpture collection and marvel at the castle interior. When visiting, make sure that you go up the city walls, in order to get all the good views of the town from Mirador del Castillo.

Castillo de Zamora

3. Puente de Piedra

The Puente de Piedra is one of the most important and beautiful bridges of the city. It was the first bridge to cross over the Duero River. Today, there are a total of five bridges in Zamora, however, for many centuries, Puente de Piedra was the only crossing on the Douro.

Today you can see the old architecture in the bridge pillars. They are an impressive sight, especially when you think about the age of this landmark.

Puente de Piedra
Image source Flickr

4. Mirador del Troncoso

When you are after the ultimate good views, you have to include Mirador del Troncoso in your itinerary. You can reach it with a short walk from the cathedral. You’ll get a good view of the Douro River and the other side of the city.

Coming up to this observation area is among the popular things to do in Zamora. Tourists love to marvel at the architectural wonders of Zamora from this place.

Zamora Cityscape
Image source Flickr

5. Santa Maria Magdalena Church

Another important religious landmark is the Santa Maria Magdalena Church. A small Romanesque church built in the 12th century. Originally it was constructed for the Templars. When you visit this attraction you will be greeted with a cute church. Although not huge in size, it has a very charming architecture that makes it worth seeing. One of the important features is the rose window at the front.

Santa Maria Zamora
Image source Flickr

6. Museo Baltasar Lobo

If you are someone who likes to visit museums, you can find a nice specialty museum called Museo Baltasar Lobo. It’s a contemporary exhibition, where the works of Baltasar Lobo are put on display. The exhibition is mainly for sculptures, however, there are also paintings and photographs you can see.

Plaza de Catedral Zamora
Image source Flickr

7. Palacio del Cordón

The building of Palacio del Cordón is a residential Palace in Zamora. As a 16th century residential palace it’s among the important historic sites in the city. You can marvel at the renaissance facade that has been kept intact.

The palace interior has been renovated and redesigned. Today it’s used by the provincial museum of Zamora. 

Palacio del Cordon
Image source Flickr

8. Gate of Doña Urraca

During the medieval days, the city’s old quarter was enclosed by great walls. Today, only a small part of this wall exists. One of the great sights for visitors in the city is the gate of Done Urraca. It bears significant historical importance as one of the best-preserved city gates in Zamora. 

Gate Dona Urraca Zamora
Source Wikimedia

9. Plaza Mayor

An important things to do in Zamora is visiting Plaza Mayor. You can enjoy a wonderful time at the main square of the city. Here you’ll find the medieval city hall, which is home to the police station today.

Around the square, there are also tons of interesting buildings and religious sites, such as the Church of San Juan. As the heart of the town, you will get nice restaurants and bars around Plaza Mayor and its side streets. It’s a good opportunity and a popular option to grab a bite in this area.

Plaza de Mayor Zamora

10. Museo Etnográfico de Castilla y León

If you are looking to learn about the locals and their cultural history, then you must visit the Ethnographic Museum in Zamora. You will find it very easily as it’s located only a corner away from Plaza Mayor. The museum is a modern building within the historic city center.

It’s the perfect place to learn about local history. You will be able to attend the exhibition about relics and archeological finds from the surrounding province.

Ethnographic Museum Zamora
Image source

11. Old Water Mill

Although most of the top attractions can be found on the north bank of the river, there is a cute water mill on the city’s south side. It’s a little-known part of the things to do in Zamora itinerary and many people seem to miss it. The medieval water mill is preserved in a mint condition. It’s an interesting sight with good photo opportunities.

You do have to know, that to visit Aceñas de Pinilla, you have to go through the restaurant called Restaurante Las Aceñas. It’s a fine restaurant with a great view and tasty food.

old water mill restaurant Zamora
Image source

12. Requejo Bridge

The picturesque Requejo Bridge is outside of Zamora. You will need to take a short 35-minute drive to reach it. It’s an impressive-looking bridge that crosses over the valley and the Douro River. No matter which direction you arrive from, there are parking and observation points for you to enjoy the view.

When you visit the bridge, you’ll also get an opportunity to go kayaking. Just a short walk from the northern parking will get you to the Douro Kayak rental center. You can go on guided tours that range from a short half-day trip to going all the way to Porto.

Puente de Requejo

How many days to spend in Zamora?

There are tons of things to do in Zamora, without even leaving the city. In fact, it might be a little bit too much for a day trip. If you are looking to only spend one day in the city, then you must decide what’s important for you to look at and what you are going to skip. 

A weekend vacation seems like the ideal amount of days spent in Zamora. It will allow you enough time to explore the wonderful city and its attractions at a reasonable pace. 

If you want to get the ultimate experience and explore not just the city of Zamora, but the surrounding towns and the province itself, then a week-long holiday is a good choice. There are tons of attractions and charming Spanish towns in the region to keep you occupied. For day trips you have both Salamanca and Valladolid close. It’s easy to spend a day sightseeing in both cities.

Zamora Hotels on Map

There are many great accommodations in Zamora. Our top hotel pick is Parador de Zamora, located in the city center. It’s a true 15th century Renaissance palace that’s been transformed into a luxury hotel. It’s one of the best places to stay in Zamora. To help you easily find hotels in Zamora, we have included a hotel search map.

Zamora Hotel Map

A real medieval experience

Zamora is a fascinating Spanish town. Whenever you walk the cobblestone streets, you will be wondering how they could fit so many medieval and Romanesque buildings in one place. The old churches and residential buildings make it worth the trip. With this list of the top things to do in Zamora, you will have a wonderful experience and holiday in Spain.

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