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Our Favourite Things to Do in Prague at Night

Prague, the beautiful capital of the Checz Republic. With it’s extensive Old Town district and numerous historical sites from the medieval age, it has long been a favourite of tourists. It’s great to explore the city during the daytime, however, if you follow our guide on things to do in Prague at night, the exploring doesn’t have to end once the sun goes down.

Whether you are visiting as a family with children, on a romantic getaway with your significant other, or a group of friends looking to explore the city together, you will be able to find interesting things to do from our list.

Prague Old Town at Night

You have seen Prague in broad daylight. You have walked the beautiful streets of the Prague Old Town and you have checked out the astronomical clock. Now it’s time to return and do the same under the moonlight.

Even when the sun goes down, the historic city centre of Prague is still full of life. Although it is definitely less crowded, there is no shortage of tourists enjoying the nightlife around the Old Town area.

Firstly, the missing crowds present an excellent opportunity to get up close to all the historic monuments that are almost impossible to get close to during daytime. Also, the major sights all have beautiful lightning all around. Due to this, they will show you a different face than before.

More than just walking around, the Old Town presents a perfect opportunity to sit down and enjoy the finest of Checz beermaking. After having one or two beer it’s the perfect opportunity to try out the local cuisine. We suggest you go for the Svíčková.

Prague Old Town at Night

Zizkov Television Tower

Built between 1985 and 1992, the Zizkov Television Tower can be seen from almost all of Prague. The tower is 216 meters high, but you won’t be able to go that far. You can get to the observation deck or the restaurant.

You will find the observation deck 93 meters above the ground. Getting up here will provide you with probably the best view of Prague. However, getting up here at night is even more special, as you will be able to see the city skyline and lights flicker into the distance.

Once you’ve had a sensory overload from the astounding views from up top, you can get down to the restaurant. We say down, but really, it is still 66 meters up in the sky. It’s a pleasant restaurant serving both local and international dishes. You can also try a great selection of cocktails here.

Zizkov Tower at Night

Charles Bridge

Spanning over the river Vltava, Charles Bridge is a pedestrian bridge, connecting the two sides of Prague. As a UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Site, this medieval bridge is a well-known tourist attraction in Prague.

During the daytime, it can get really crowded on the bridge. With little shade to hide, and people everywhere it might even get a little uncomfortable. Therefore it is advised to visit the bridge once the sun is out.

Not only does it have beautiful lightning, but the views of Prague from over the river are also quite astounding.

Prague Charles Bridge

Prague Zoo Night Tours

The Prague Zoo has first opened its doors in 1931. Ever since it has been an important part of the city. Housing over five thousand animals, the Zoo also plays a big role in international wildlife preservation. There are over 100 species of endangered animals in the Zoo.

In 2007 it has named as the 7th best zoo in the world by Forbes magazine. Later it was named as the 5th best zoo in the world by TripAdvisor.

Apart from the regular opening hours, the Zoo offers a special night tour for anyone interested. These tours are available each Friday and Saturday in January, with a limited number of tickets. The Zoo aims to provide a more intimate experience due to the smaller groups. Also, this is the time when most animals come alive and are more active than during the day. It proves to be a perfect opportunity to observe them in action.

There are two tours, one starting at 17:30 and the other at 18:00. The difference between the two is that the tour starting at 17:30 is tailored especially to children. The tour guides will adapt their narration accordingly. For more information head to the official site of Prague Zoo.

Prague Zoo Lion

Letna Beer Gardens

The Letna Beer Gardens are on the opposite side of the river Vltava, from the Old Town of Prague. If you are looking to get away from the crowds and mingle with the locals, we definitely recommend visiting these beer gardens of Prague at night.

In a country famous for excellent beers, it is only evident to put a beer garden close to the city centre. Once on the other side of the river, you will have to climb a little bit upwards to reach the gardens.

However once there, you will be able to enjoy all the local beers, with a mostly local audience, all while overlooking the old town of Prague. It surely is a great sight during the night and a perfect ending for a day in Prague.

Letna Beer Garden

Old Town Ghost Tour

Do you know all the scary and creepy stories surrounding the Old Town of Prague? It seems like almost every narrow side street and building has its own backstory. These many times creepy and scary stories are without doubt from the medieval ages of the town.

If you want to get familiar with these tales and legends the Prague Old Town offers a great opportunity. Guided tours are available almost every night. Your guides will be dressing up into historically accurate clothes, to take you around the Old Town, from some good old fashioned scary storytelling.

Beers Around Prague

It is well known that the people of the Czech Republic make awesome beer. It would be a mistake to not try them out. When would be the more perfect opportunity for a great beer then at night in the beautiful Prague?

It is always a great way to wind down a little bit after a long day. Especially after a day of sightseeing. All the walking throughout the day can be really tiring, so we will hook you up with some bars we recommend to check if you want to grab a beer in Prague.


First on our list is Vzorkovna. This pub towards the outer area of the Old Town. Regardless it’s still in a very central location. We highly recommend this bar if you are looking for authentic local experience.

It’s a real underground bar, with local beers on tap. There is usually live music from the local bands and artists at the beginning of the night.

The entrance can easily be missed as its just an open door with stairs leading down. However, once you walk down the flight of stairs you will be in the bar already.

Beer Geek

This next bar is east of the Old Town district. If you would walk its around 45 minutes, however, the Beer Geek is right next to Jiřího z Poděbrad metro station, for easy public transportation access.

This pub is recommended for the beer lovers our there. There are more than 30 beers on tap from the small and microbreweries of the area. We love to come here and experiment with all the different beers.

Hemingway Bar

Hemingway Bar is located inside the Old Town district. This bad is dedicated to the famous American writer Hemingway (hence the name). Hemingway has been known to spend a considerable amount of time in Europe.

As a bar dedicated to Hemingway, they carry more than 200 varieties of rum and even a variety of Absinth brewed especially for this bar.


Prague Castle at Night

One of our favourite things in Prague at night is visiting Prague Castle. As with the Historic City Centre, the Prague Castle transforms into a play of beautiful lightning during the night.

As with many attractions in the city, the crowds of tourists are a thing of daytime. During the nighttime, you will be able to walk around freely and enjoy the beautiful medieval architecture inside the Castle.

The lightning inside the Castle will make sure, that you don’t miss anything. Everything worth to see is lit beautifully. You can even get up to some vantage points, and enjoy the night views of Prague.

If you want a more streamlined experience there are guided tours of the castle available during nighttime. They usually take around 1-1.5 hours.

Prague Castle and Skyline at night

Visit Palac Akropolis at Night

The Palace Akropolis is a multicultural centre in Prague. During the daytime, it’s a great location to grab some lunch and converse with the locals.

This multicultural building is a house to all kinds of venues that make it the perfect meeting point for local artists. Inside you will be able to find a restaurant, an infocenter, a theatre, and even headquarters for a radio station.

However, by nighttime, it transforms into a great nightclub. Inside you will be able to find multiple venues that play music for almost everyone. From Rock’n’Roll to modern Electronic Dance Music, there is everything here.

Underground Tunnels Tour

Given the medieval nature of the Prague Old Town, it is no wonder, that the city is full of hidden sidewalks, underground tunnels and catacombs.

If you are looking for a thing to do in Prague at night, it is a perfect opportunity to explore these tunnels. These attractions can only be visited with a guided tour, however, we think it’s worth booking one, as it’s a great experience.

Apart from the interesting and mostly untouched Romanesque and Gothic architecture, the tour guides will make sure you are never bored. They will tell you stories about the city and life in medieval times.

With our guide, we are confident that you will be able to keep exploring Prague at Night. There definitely aren’t a shortage of things to do, even at nighttime in Prague. Walking the streets of the Old Town is already a treat for tourists who love beautiful medieval architecture, but if you are looking for more experiences, Prague has it all on offer.

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