Top 10 Safest Budget Airlines in 2021

AirlineRatings.com has issued their yearly list of safest Airlines to travel with going into 2021. As we expect travel to be picking up towards the summer it is especially good to keep this list in mind when choosing a Low Cost Carrier to fly with.

Airline Safety is determined using multiple factors such as airline’s crash record, major incident record, fleet age and many more. Their unique 7-star rating system has became an industry standard in travel safety.

Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas expressed they only look at serious incidents during evaluation: “All airlines have incidents every day and many are aircraft manufacture issues, not airline operational problems,” he said. “It is the way the flight crew handles incidents that determines a good airline from an unsafe one.”

Ryanair Landing

Top 10 Budget Airline list in Alphabetical Order

Air Arabia

Air Arabia is a low-cost carrier from the United Arab Emirates. It was established in 2003 and managed to brake even in profits their first year. Since then they are on the lookout to expansion and grow. They operate a fleet of Airbuses, and have a clean track record with no fatal incidents.


Allegiant Air is an ultra-low cost airline from the US. As a major carrier it is among the 10 biggest airline carriers in the United States. They operate a fleet of Airbuses, with great track record of safety

Allegiant Airline


easyJet is the UK based low-cost carrier, with headquarters in London Luton Airport. The airline currently operates a fleet of Airbuses, and although they grounded their fleet at the beginning of COVID they will be back in air.


Frontier is another ultra-low cost carrier in the US. Like Allegiant Air it is among the top 10 US Airlines. They operate a fleet of Airbuses.

JetStar Group

An Australian low-cost airline from Melbourne. JetStar is a subsidiary of Qantas. This airline is the first on this list to operate a mixed fleet or Airbus and Boeing planes.


JetBlue is another airline from the 10 biggest in the US. They operate a mixed fleet of Airbus and Embraer aircraft.


Ryanair is the rather infamous Irish budget airline. I think everyone has at least one friend with a horrible story of Ryanair. Despite all the controversy, the airline keeps their fleet in mint condition, to make this list of safest budget airlines. They operate Boeing Aircrafts.


VietJet is a low-cost airline from Vietnam. They started operation only in 2011, but already managed to snatch a position as one of the safest airlines in the world. They mainly operate Airbus aircraft at the moment, with orders placed for the MAX family of Boeing, going into the future.


WestJet is a Canadian budget carrier, and the second largest airline in Canada. They operate a fleet of Boeing airplanes.

Wizz Air

Wizz Air is the only airline who managed to be on the list from eastern Europe. Its headquarters are in Hungary, and they operate a fleet of Airbus Aircraft. Like Ryanair, they usually have quite a low reputation among travellers, but we can’t deny, that when it comes to safety, Wizz Air delivers excellent results.

Wizz Air Safe Airline

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