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Top 12 Tezpur Tourist Places

When you travel to the northern region of Assam in India, you might be considering Tezpur as your destination. To make sure that you have a good vacation, you need to learn about all the important Tezpur tourist places.

Tezpur can be found near Guwahati in India. Just like many places in the northeastern region of India, Tezpur is surrounded by beautiful nature. It’s also very close to the border of Arunachal Pradesh state. People who choose it as their holiday destination love to observe nature and nature parks.

The city is also referred to as the ‘Cultural Capital of Assam’. It is due to the history of Tezpur. Many ruins were found in the area, and Tezpur is considered the oldest inhabited city in Assam.

How to get to Tezpur?

When you are thinking about the Tezpur tourist places, you must know how to get into the city. Although the city has its own airport, it does not have many scheduled flights. It’s best to look at all the ways you can travel to Tezpur.

Go to Tezpur by plane

One of the options is to travel by plane. Tezpur has an airport, it’s called the Salonibari Airport. The problem is, that there is only a couple of cities that offer direct flights to Tezpur, these include Kolkata and Guwahati. You can take a connecting flight to these cities.

Another option to consider is the Guwahati Airport. It’s a much bigger airport with more direct connections. There are around 180 kilometers between Guwahati and Tezpur. You can take a train or a bus from Guwahati.

Go to Tezpur by bus

It seems like, that due to the lack of direct flights, the easiest way to reach the city is by road. It’s well connected to the main road network and many buses run to and from Tezpur. You may get on a bus to any of the bigger cities in Assam and surrounding regions. It’s a good way to get to all the Tezpur tourist attractions.

Go to Tezpur by train

You can also get to Tezpur by train. The city has its own railway station. It’s connected to most of the major Assam cities.

Is Tezpur Safe?

We can happily tell you, that Tezpur is one of the safest cities in India. The locals are very friendly and there is usually no trouble for tourists. Of course, you still have to take every precaution you normally do, as even the nicest places on earth have bad people.

However, if you pay attention, it is very easy to stay safe in Tezpur. As such, we consider the city a good holiday destination.

Best Tezpur Tourist Places

We’ve discussed all the basics of Tezpur tourism, now it’s time to learn about the top Tezpur tourist places. As we have already mentioned, it’s a very good holiday destination for nature lovers. On our list, you will see many wildlife reserves and national parks, where you can be immersed in nature.

1. Agnigarh Hill

One of the most important places to visit in Tezpur is Agnigarh. It’s a fort that’s located on the south side of the city. This is an interesting place in Hindu mythology. According to mythology, the fort on the hill was built by the demon Banasura, in order to keep his daughter locked away.

Today you can climb the hill to marvel at the buildings. When you reach the top, you can turn back towards Tezpur, and get one of the best views of the city. It’s a scenic spot, that’s especially preferred as a romantic attraction.

Agnigarh Hill
Image Source Wikimedia

2. Bamuni Hills

Very close to Agnigarh, you will find the Tezpur tourist place called Bamuni hills. This attraction is for people who love history. When you climb the hill, you will reach a ruined temple.

The archeological site is open to visitors. You will be able to take a good look at the ruined temple. It’s still under discussion when exactly this ancient temple was built, but most sources think it’s from the 9th century.

The cravings and statues that survived until today suggest that this historical ruin was once a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. There are also signs of temples for Shiva surrounding the main building.

Bamuni Hills
Image courtesy of https://sonitpur.gov.in/

3. Chitralekha Udyan Park

A pleasant park to visit for one or two hours in Tezpur is the Chitralekha Udyan Park (also known as Cole Park). It’s a beautiful green park with different statues and walking paths.

You can also find a lake inside the park. This lake is perfect for boating. Many couples prefer renting a boat on the lake as a romantic activity. There is also a nice restaurant available.

Those who love military history can find an interesting sight in the park. There is a model jet on display. You can check it out and take awesome pictures.

Cole Park Jet Fighter
Image from Wikimedia

4. Mahabhairab Temple

Among the Tezpur tourist places, Mahabhairab Temple occupies an important spot. It’s both a beautiful building and a religious site.

This temple is considered to be very old. Archeologists think that it’s originally from the 8th to 10th century. The temple is well maintained and has been renovated beautifully. It feels like a religious place that has been preserved in time.

There is also an annual event even that is held here. Each year the temple is home to the Shivratri festival. It’s a pleasant festival to visit.

Mahabhairab Mandir
Image courtesy of official website

5. Nameri National Park And Forest Reserve

Now it’s time to start looking at nature places to visit in Tezpur. One of the best nature parks in the area is the Nameri National Park, which boasts its own tiger sanctuary.

Apart from tigers, there are a lot of rare and beautiful animals that you can observe when visiting. These include elephants, leopards, jungle cats, and the Bengal fox.

You may also marvel at all the different flora that you see in the park. A variety of plants and flowers will provide the always picturesque view.

This park is well-loved by tourists, especially, as you can do more than just hiking and walking around the area. Inside you can also go rafting and swimming.

Nameri National Park And Forest Reserve
Image source Wikimedia

6. Da-Parbatia

The Da-Parbatia is part of an aincent ruin in Tezpur. Unfortunately, the only remaining part of this ruin is a doorway. According to historians, this particular doorway is from 600 AD. Due to its age, this long-surviving entrance is amongst the oldest buildings in India.

Image courtesy of https://sonitpur.gov.in/

7. Tezpur District Museum

When you are looking to learn about the history and culture of Tezpur, the local District Museum is the place to visit. You can tour the museum and check out all the relics of the past.

During your visit, you will be able to read about the culture of the region and how the people lived in the old ages.

Tezpur District Museum
Image courtesy of http://www.abhijna-emuseum.com/

8. Padum Pukhuri

Padum Pukhuri is an excellent place to visit during a family vacation. You can find it conveniently located near the center of Tezpur. It’s a lake, with a small island in the middle.

The small island is transformed into a mini-adventure park. Little kids can have a ton of fun in its place. It’s essentially a big playground with picturesque surroundings.

Padum Pukhuri
Image source Wikimapia

9. Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary

Another nature park amongst the Tezpur tourist places. The Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary lies on the other side of the Brahmaputra River. The sanctuary is home to impressive animals like the royal Bengal tiger and Asiatic water buffalo.

It’s amongst the recommended places to go in Tezpur. The location is very close to the city. There are also guided tours available where they will take you around the park to see the most important animals.

Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary
Image source https://nagaon.gov.in/

10. Orang National Park

You can find the Orang National Park to the north of Tezpur. It’s a protected natural area with rare animals like the Indian rhinoceros. This park is the only place where you can find the rhinoceros, north of the Brahmaputra River.

There are other animals you can observe when you visit. Along with the amazing wildlife, you will be able to experience rich fauna. The flowers and plants make the park a beautiful place to visit.

Orang National Park
Image courtesy of https://www.kaziranga-national-park.com/

11. Ketakeshwar Dewalay

Ketakeshwar Dewalay is a religious tourist attraction in Tezpur. This is a temple that is devoted to Lord Shiva. The cause of its fame is the Shiva lingam within the temple. It’s amongst the biggest Shiva lingams in the world.

12. Bhairabi Temple

Lastly, we have another excellent religious site for your visit in Tezpur. This temple is devoted to Goddess Bhairavi. The building is unique, as it has suffered from an earthquake and ended up slightly displaced. To get to the temple, you will have to climb a long staircase. On the top, you will see the beautiful temple and the picturesque surroundings.

Bhairabi Temple
Image source Wikimedia

Tourism in Tezpur

As you can see from our location guide, there is no shortage of Tezpur tourist places. Northeast India is not your traditional tourism center. However, due to its amazing nature, Tezpur, in particular, is among the more popular cities to visit.

What is the best time to go to Tezpur?

Like most of the cities in the Assam region, Tezpur has a tropical climate. It means that summers are hot and humid. With so much rainfall, it might not be the best season to visit.

The best time to visit Tezpur is from November to March. These months have little rainfall and good temperatures. It’s a perfect time to be immersed in nature and discover all the national parks in the area.

Top Hotels in Tezpur

When you are looking for a nice lodging in Tezpur, you might be wondering what are the best hotels. Let us help you out a little, by telling you about our top 3 picks for hotels in Tezpur.

1. Hotel Bikram

The Hotel Bikram is a stylish choice when you are in Tezpur. It’s a modern hotel where wood takes a center stage in styling. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. It’s located in a very central place within Tezpur. A good choice, although a little pricey.

2. Green Point Resort

Green Point Resort is found in a quiet part of Tezpur. It’s perfect for families and anyone who enjoys being in a suburban area. As the name suggests the surroundings are lush with vegetation. Rooms offer AC. Comfortable lodging, suitable for a family.

3. Hotel Hind

Anyone who is looking for a budget option should consider Hotel Hind. The main attractive feature is location. It’s well in the middle of Tezpur where you have access to all the tourist places. Expect a very modest accommodation, where style is not an important factor.


Tezpur can be a nice place to visit, especially if you are into nature. You have a ton of options for Nature Parks and Wildlife Reserves. You can see rare animals like the Indian Rynocheros or Bengal Tiger when you choose Tezpur as your destination.

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