Best Beaches Corfu

20 Best Beaches in Corfu

Are you dreaming of a holiday in Corfu but can’t stop wondering what beaches to visit? Well, it is time to literally stop wondering, sit back, relax as you read on to discover the very best of Corfu beaches!

Each summer, Corfu Island gets flooded by visitors coming from far and wide. It’s amongst the most popular of Greek islands. It has quaint little towns and mouthwatering food.

The main reason for tourism is, however, its beautiful beaches, most of which are endowed with clean water and lavish vegetation. You will love your beach breaks regardless of whether you want a secluded beach, a sandy beach or just s good beach to take your family.

After finding some crazy cheap flights to Corfu you’ll be ready to experience a true beach vacation in Europe.

Best Sandy Beaches in Corfu

If you are looking at spending your beach time on sandy beaches, you are going to have a great time in our following picks. We here at TopFlightsNow absolutely love sandy beaches.

1. Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa Beach
Agios Spyridonas

This is the tourism queen at Corfu. It is the most beautiful and famed sandy beach on the Island. It is found about 23 kilometers from Corfu Town on the northwestern side of the island. You will find six pebbled yet sandy beaches surrounding the Paleokastritsa village. These are as follows:

Agios Spyridonas

This is the biggest beach here. Usually, it is also the most crowded. It is characterized by a huge parking area, taxi boats and is entirely sandy. Its scenery is exceptional, with cool waters you can swim in during hot summer times. This beach is known for its organization and cleanliness which led to its Blue flag award. Many tourist attractions such as bars, paddle boats, restaurants, and cafes are found here.

Agia Triada

Here, you will find very deep waters with a seabed that is sometimes sandy and sometimes rocky. There are many activities and facilities here including boat rentals, water skiing, restaurants, and bars. The waters are warm, and while swimming, do not be surprised if fish decides to accompany you.

Agios Petros

It has a superb view of surrounding villages and mountains. It is quiet and well organized with clean water getting deeper at a pace you will love. The bars here offer nice music, good food, and cocktails.

Platakia Beach

You may want to spend your warm summer days at the Platakia beach that is mostly covered by shingles. It is a great place for fishing since it is quiet and also peaceful.

Alipa Beach

Situated in the port of Alipa, this sandy beach is quiet and less busy. Its water is clean and also clear. If you are looking for a fishing port, boat rentals, umbrellas, restaurant, or sunbeds, you’ll find them right at Alipa beach.

Ambelaki Beach

This beach is quiet and less known. Perfect if you want to avoid crowds. You’ll also find boat rentals and great sunbeds here.

2. Sidari

Canal d'Amour Sidari
Canal d’Amour in Sidari

There are three beaches in Sidari with impressive sandstone formations. Canal d’Amour and fjords are on its western side. There are famous two myths that have successfully been passed from generation to generation about this beach.

It is said that swimming in its waters will help in finding your soul mate and that your love will never end if you swim as a couple  Here, you will find a waterpark, banana boats, canoes, sunbeds, umbrellas, and a bouncing castle.

Sidari itself is a very nice town to visit. With authentic Greek buildings and lovely restaurants, you can spend a whole day here. You can get to Sidari with a short drive from Corfu Town and it’s a great place to have a day trip.

3. Benitses

Bentises Corfu
Source: Flickr

This is a little coastal village with several sandy beaches. It has a cosmopolitan resort whose traditional identity has never been lost. Your stay here will be made comfortable by lush vegetation, sailing boats, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and car rental

There are many traditional and cultural events are held during summer and you better join one. The beaches are beautiful, organized, and clean. You will have a great time sightseeing its awesome places. While not all parts of the Benitses beaches are sandy it stretches along the coast for a long time. This means that you’ll easily find a spot for yourself and a piece of sandy beach in Corfu.

4. Glifada

Glifada Beach
Glifada Beach pic by Tamara Bellis

The village of Glifada has a huge strip of sandy beach. Glifada beach itself is a destination for travelers on the island. People who are looking for the best beach on Corfu will often come here to experience a big sandy beach. Take off your shoes and feel the warm sand on your feet as step into the crystal clear waters of this charming village.

Mornings here are quite relaxing, and the breeze might just take all your troubles away. Due to the awesome beach you and relaxing atmosphere, you should consider booking a hotel in Glifada. It’s a great central location and if you rent a car you’ll have everything in Corfu within an arm’s reach.

You can plan your visit to Glifada as a day trip too. You’ll have Pelekas Village nearby, which is an inviting mountain town to visit. You can walk the old streets then enjoy a relaxing day near the water on the sandy beach of Glifada.

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Best Secluded Beaches

The best way to fully enjoy and explore everything offered by Corfu including the best-secluded beaches is probably to rent a boat.  Corfu has many beaches that are suitable for different types of people. There is the kind of people that dislike crowds and want to be in secluded places. In Corfu, you’ll find a number of small secluded, beautiful beaches that offer both pleasure and privacy. They include:

5. Rovinia Beach

Rovinia Beach

This beach is remote and therefore mostly unknown. You can access it by both land and sea. It is covered in fine sand and tiny pebbles with clean and clear water. However, it is not serviced and doesn’t have much shade. You should therefore carry your own supplies, water, and an umbrella while going to enjoy this charming secluded beach.

There are only a couple of people here at all times. If you arrive early in the morning you will most likely spend some hours alone before anyone else arrives. The beautiful scenery makes it a great romantic spot and a nice secluded beach in Corfu.

6. Arkoudilas

Arkoudilas Beach
Source: Instagram

This beach is such a paradise. It is long, has warm waters, high cliffs, and fine sand. You hardly meet people along this beach. However, you will find sunbeds and umbrellas. A small café serving refreshments, coffee, and water is available.

Due to the sheer size of this beach, you will be able to get away from everyone. At the height of summer, this beach can see more tourists than you would expect from a ‘secluded beach’, however, the big size makes them almost disappear. One of our favorite beaches on the whole island. You’ll get the full beach experience and still find spots to be alone.

7. Stelari

Stelari Beach
Source: Instagram

This beach is more isolated and quieter but extraordinary at the same time. It is located in the Paleokastritsa area. Its main source of tourists. You can only access it by sea. Boat trips are thus fun on this beach with six bays.

8. Giali

Giali Beach
Source: Instagram

This beach is small, deserted, and quite difficult to access. If you want seclusion, this is the best place to find peace. It is on the island’s west side and about 20 kilometers away from the Old Town of Corfu. You will find it below Giannades village. Following the signs leading to this village will bring you to a plateau where you can park. It usually has few people even during peak times like August.

After you park your car you’ll have to descent to the beach. This might not be suitable for the faint-hearted. You will use small ropes to hold onto while you slowly make your way down. Although, we think it’s a safe beach to visit you must consider that it’s a little bit of an adventure to get there. Once on the beach, you’ll find it secluded and romantic. It’s truly one of the best beaches in Corfu.

9. Agni

This is a small yet charming bay that you can easily access using a boat or yacht. A road was recently built through Kavalerina village. You can therefore access this beach quickly and easily by car. If you love diving or swimming underwater, this is a great place for you.

Not many tourists come to this remote beach with clear water, steep descent, and big pebbles. Here, you’ll find taverns, umbrellas, and sunbeds. If you are looking for a solitary place, consider this beach as it has local apartments with few available rooms for rent for the night.

Best Family Beaches

Creating fun-filled family time is important in strengthening the family unit. Spending some quality time with family is a great way to bond. After checking out the best museums and attractions that Corfu Town has to offer it’s time to head to the beach. Enjoy a holiday at Corfu’s best family beaches that you are just about to discover:

10. Canal d’Amour

Canal d'Amour Beach in Corfu
“Sidari” by is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

If you are a couple, this romantic place is an ideal beach for you. There are stunning green forests around and a charming landscape. The scenery here consists of rocks, canals, and cove that you and your partner are going to love.

11. Acharavi

Acharavi Beach Corfu
Acharavi Beach by Tamara Bellis

If you have never found a family-friendly beach during your holidays, then there’s finally a solution and help for you. Acharavi beach is quite popular for families as its environment is safe for you and your children. It is huge, sandy, with lush greenery and clear waters that are shallow.

Your family will enjoy their relaxing days from morning to noon. Wondering where it is located? Well, near Acharavi main town. Do you know what that means? You can easily access all amenities like shops, supermarkets, or restaurants anytime. Ensure to take your family here anytime you are in Corfu.

12. Agios Gordios

On the western side of Corfu’s coast is Agios Gordios beach, one of the best family beaches in Corfu. It is isolated and named also for the church sitting in the sandy shores’ center. If you have young swimmers in the family, this protected cove will sort you big time.

It has a safe place where your kids can frolic inside the water because it is far from the village’s traffic. There are a number of convenience facilities here that will make your trip quite easy. And we have to mention, you’ll find free parking near this beach.

13. Ipsos

Ipsos Beach Corfu
“Ipsos” by is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

This is another popular beach with families. It is a very nice children-friendly beach whose shallow waters make it perfect for playful children. Nearby is a fishing port that attracts many boats daily. This fills the area with excitement and activities.

The Mount Pantokrator view here is quite stunning. For each family member, there is an option at this beautiful beach. So, why don’t you get ready to sit back, relax with your toes dipped in the available warm water, grab your favorite drink and just enjoy!

14. Nissaki

The Nissaki beach is located in the northeastern Corfu region, between Kassiopi and Barbati villages. Its protection from strong winds and big waves makes it safe for children of every age to play and as such a haven for the families that visit it.

The water is clear, offering you awesome glimpses of diverse marine life which is an automatic delight for adults and children alike. There is also a variety of finger-licking seafood options that will satiate your appetite and give you the strength to continue exploring the beach and enjoying your family time.

15. Gardenos

Are you looking for a beautiful yet quiet family-friendly beach? Gardens beach is the place to be. It has a minimarket and two tavernas nearby. The road is good and apartments are many. There are umbrellas and sunbeds. The water is clear and the sound of waves heavenly.

More best beaches in Corfu

We have gathered our absolute favorite beaches in Corfu for you. However, we feel that there are still some missing from our list. Below you’ll find honorable mentions of great beaches that you can enjoy on your Corfu vacation.

16. Arillas

Another good beach on Corfu Island is the Arillas beach. It is large, sandy with shallow water. This beach offers a number of opportunities for horse-riding, water sports, excursions, and hiking in the surrounding regions.  You do not want to miss the breathtaking nearby village’s sunset.

17. Ermones

At Ropa valley’s southernmost tip, some kilometers after Giannades lies the Ermones beach. It is small and sandy, surrounded by green, steep hills. Everything you need is available here, from shops, restaurants, bars, and hotels.

18. Mesoggi

There is a small river flowing to the left of this pleasant beach and a luxuriant green hill to the right. There are many tavernas to choose from, pedal boats, and sunbeds to rent.

19. Halikounas

There is a strip of land separating this beach from the Korission lagoon. You’ll go past the sand dunes and find a wooden bridge. Walk across this bridge. You’ll find a forest with orchids and cedars. You will find a great destination for kite-surfing as a result of the winds and the waves. It is called the Halikounas, one of the best beaches on Corfu Island.

20. Roda

Just like every other guest, you are going to fall in love with this popular beach. You find this busy beach right after Acharavi. It is well organized and comes with various options for bars, water sports, and restaurants.

Planning Your Holiday

Your holiday alone, with family or friends, is going to be unforgettable and amazing if you plan it in advance. 20 best beaches in Corfu have been highlighted here to make your planning easier. Whether you are looking for the best sandy beaches, best-secluded beaches, best family beaches, or other best beaches in Corfu, you now have an idea of your available options.

Hopefully, you’ll consider visiting a number of them and sharing your experiences. You deserve a break, a holiday, and a fun-filled one for that matter. We hope you experience just that at your Corfu beach of choice. Cheers to more discoveries, explorations, and tours!

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