Top 5 essential travel tips during Coronavirus

Travel is not easy nowadays, but not impossible. To the few people who choose to travel or maybe has to travel in these times, here are the top 5 tips to keep in mind:

1. Mask up, when you travel

We know, we probably don’t need to tell you this, but here is a reminder regardless: bring your mask. Try to bring, not just one but more in case anything happens to the one you are using. Remember to keep it on at the airport and on the airplane at all times. The only exception should be when you are eating or drinking. If you are travelling with a child, make sure they are okay in a mask for an excessive amount of time. There have been people getting kicked off from planes because their kids refused to wear a mask.
+1 Bring Mints. Munch on some mints every now and again to keep that mask fresh from the inside.

Wearing Mask On Plane
Mask Up!

2. Expect Flight Cancellations

Flight Cancellations do happen, but lately, they happen a lot. We are travelling at uncertain times, and as such, cannot take our reserved flights for granted. The COVID-19 situation can change daily in any country. New travel bans can be introduced. We expect trave to pick up towards the summer, as countries will be eager to get back some of their visitors. Keeping all this in mind, we recommend avoiding Budget Airlines for the time being. They are known for problematic handling of disputes and cancellations. If you do decide to travel, make sure you are booking with an airline that you can trust in these situations.

Flight Travel Board
I have when I see ‘Cancelled’ next to my flight

3. Keep yourself up to date

Are you still choosing where to go right now? Before you book a ticket, make sure you have all the info you can on the COVID situation in your destination country. The first place to start is their government website. Almost every country will provide info for their travellers. Also try looking at the trend of infections, as the situation might look OK at the moment, but get worse over time. This will help you evaluate if you really should buy your ticket for that destination, or just pick another. Once you have your ticket, keep an eye out on the situation, to know exactly what to expect when you arrive.

Check COVID Travel News
Check the news!

4. Take the Vaccine

Right now there is no word on any ‘Vaccine Passport’, however countries and travel companies are considering it. If we are honest it makes sense. If you are vaccinated you can travel. We don’t know if the COVID Vaccine will be a requirement for travel, however it is good to stay on top of the possibility. Get you shot. If you can try to do it before summer. Even if people are free to travel, you will have a more relaxed experience on your summer vacation, if you know you are safe.

5. Plan travel with your car

Many of us associate airplanes with vacation. At the start, we just hop into one, and a few hours later hop off at the other end of the world. It’s a great way to travel. Convenient, quick and you can take in all the beautiful scenes if the sky is not cloudy. However, for a second consider this: right now flights are cancelled all around the place, airlines operate at a portion of the capacity they did a year ago. Why not start ‘small’ as your first vacation after the virus. Look around your neighbouring countries or states. Pick a drive you can do, 5-6 hours. Discover a new place you would not go to otherwise, because it’s ‘too close’. The great thing? There will be only you and your family in the vehicle + you will have your car with you. No rental fees!

Travel with Car
Good old fashioned road trip

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