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Top 8 Things to do in Viveiro

Viveiro is found on the northern coast of Spain. It’s a charming little town with a low population. During the summer months, the area gets filled with tourists who are looking for a beach vacation. We’ll help you discover all the things to do in Viveiro, so you will be prepared when you arrive.

One of the main reasons, that people come here, is the beach. The weather gets nice and warm during the summer, just perfect for you to have a beach holiday.

The city of Viveiro and the area is also perfect for other activities. You can do sightseeing in the town. If you are someone who likes to be active on their vacation, you can also go hiking or cycling.

What is the best time to visit Viveiro?

Without a doubt, the best time to visit Viveiro is summer. No wonder, that you will meet most other tourists in this season. The weather is warm and very pleasant for going to the beach and enjoying some wine during the evening.

If you don’t plan a week-long vacation, then you can consider Viveiro in the off-season as well. Fall and Spring will still see relatively high temperatures. If you rent a car, you can plan a nice sightseeing and active holiday in Viveiro.

Things to do in Viveiro

1. Go to the beach

It’s summer, the sun is shining down on the beautiful coast. The first thing you need to do on such days is a visit to the beach. When you are having a vacation in Viveiro, you won’t have to go far. The city has a huge beach called Playa de Covas. You will be able to reach it easily from most of the hotels.

On days, when you feel like venturing out, there are a ton of beaches to explore in the area. Among these, Playa de Esteiro is a good beach to visit. It’s surrounded by small, green hills. Another great option is Praia de San Román. A huge stretch of sandy beach with picturesque cliffs around it.

Playa de Covas
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2. Walk through the old city gate

Porta de Carlos V is one of the most prominent buildings in Viveiro. In medieval times, the city was surrounded by a wall. Today, most of it is destroyed, however, the old city gate stands proud.

Once you step through the gate, you will be taken to the Old Town of Viveiro. Inside the medieval architecture is mixed with modern and renovated buildings.

Apart from Porta de Carlos V, two other entrances stand today. The Porta da Vila and Porta do Valado both worth checking out.

Porta de Carlos Viveiro
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3. Explore the city’s churches

One of the things to do in Viveiro that you can’t miss is to explore the churches. There are multiple beautiful churches in the city. One of the ones that you must visit is Igrexa de San Francisco. As the staircase takes you to the door you will marvel at the impressive building.

The other one that you need to see is Igrexa de Santa María de Viveiro . It stands in the middle of a square and proposes an interesting scene. This is the only church in Viveiro that’s built in the romanesque style.

Viveiro Igrexa de Santa Maria
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4. Take awesome pictures from Mirador de San Roque

When you are looking for the ultimate photo opportunities, you can’t miss this things to do in Viveiro! You can leave the city on foot and go on a short hike up to Mirador de San Roque.

The way up is next to a small asphalt road, through the woods. It’s a beautiful walk, but you have to mind the cars to stay safe. As an alternative option, you can just drive up to the viewpoint.

Once on the top, you will have an amazing view of the city and the coast. You will be able to fill your photo gallery with awesome pictures and memories.

Mirador de san Roque Viveiro
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5. Ethnographic Area of Insua

If you want to see a unique sight in Spain, you can visit the Ethnographic Area of Insua. Although it’s an Ethnographic Area, there are only a few ruins.

However, the main attraction is the observation deck. This small industrial-styled pier extends over the water. When you walk to the end, you will have an unobstructed view of Viveiro.

Ethnographic Area of Insula
Image source Pinteres user Viveiro Turismo

6. Get the ultimate views at Mirador de Muronovo

Are you after the most picturesque landscapes? If yes, then you have to visit Mirador de Muronovo. It’s one of the highest points in the area. You will have amazing views looking onto the rivers, hills, and green landscape.

It is possible to reach by car. You will pass next to the windmills before you arrive at the end of the road. It’s possible to park the car at the end of this road. Once you get out, you will immediately see the grandiose landscape.

Mirador de Muronovo
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7. Be immersed in Souto da Retorta nature park

One of the great nature parks you can visit in Viveiro is Souto da Retorta. If you like hiking and being active this is a things to do in Viveiro that you simply can’t miss.

The nature park is famous for its trees. Some of them date back into the 1800s. These huge eucalyptus trees prove an impressive sight. Eucalipto O Avó is the biggest tree and most important attraction within the park.

However, it’s not just about one huge tree. Along the way, you will pass waterfalls and beautiful nature.

The Giant Eucalyptus Tree
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8. Go Hiking

We think, that you can already tell, nature is big in this area. As our last tip for your Viveiro vacation, we highly recommend that you will go out of your way to explore on foot.

There are a ton of hiking areas and small trails you can start on. The landscape in the region is hilly and lush with vegetation. The trees will provide shade for you even during the summer.

One of the most popular quick hikes in the area is Punta de Fuciño do Porco. It’s a rocky hill that extends into the water. You will be able to follow a small trail that has many stars and winding paths. At the tip of this area, you will be greeted with a clear view of the sea.

Viveiro Hiking Path
Image from Flick user mariosp

How to get to Viveiro?

Getting to Viveiro from outside Spain proves to be a little tricky. The closest airport is A Coruna, but it only handles domestic flights. Even then, you are still around 1h20m away from Viveiro if you rent a car.

A better option is Santiago–Rosalía de Castro Airport. It’s not much farther away, but this airport is served by more destinations. If you are looking to travel internationally, you have some seasonal flights from cities like Dublin, Zurich, London, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

Unfortunately even from Santiago de Compostela, your best option is renting a car. It’s 1h40m away from the airport.

Beach and Nature

As you can see. Viveiro has a lot of attractions. It’s a good destination, especially if you are an active type. There are many beautiful places to see. Even better, due to the huge beach, you can just relax in the afternoon and recharge your energy levels.

Viveiro is especially popular among domestic tourists. It’s a good choice if you are looking for a place to avoid mass tourism.

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