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14 Top Things to do in Bennington, VT

The town of Bennington is a perfect place to visit if you would like to experience small-town America. With around 15,000 inhabitants it’s big enough that you will find every amenity you would require, yet small enough to enjoy the small-town feel. Join us to discover all the top things to do in Bennington, VT for an amazing vacation.

With an amazing historic town center and the Green Mountain National Forest right next to it, Bennington offers plenty of entertainment. It’s a perfect place for people who want to visit historical sites and immerse themselves in nature as well.

How to get to Bennington, Vermont?

Getting to Bennington, VT by plane

Traveling to Bennington by plane can be done through the Albany International Airport in New York State. As Bennington itself is located right in the corner of Vermont, the airport at Albany is the closest international airport you will find. Albany sees regular domestic flights from most major US cities, so you would have no trouble finding an insanely cheap flight for your vacation.

From Albany, you can rent a car and head over to Bennington, Vermont. The airport is around one hour of driving away from Bennington.

Getting to Bennington, Vermont by car

The easiest way to reach Bennington by car is US-7. It goes straight through the city, so you literally can’t miss it. Originating from New Your state it’s easy to find and follow along until you arrive at your wonderful vacation destination.

Getting to Bennington, VT by public transport

There is public transport available if you would like to take a bus to Bennington. The only bus connection that’s available is from Albany. You can either fly directly to Albany or reach it via train from New York.

Best things to do in Bennington, VT

Getting to Bennington is one thing, but you must know all the top things to do in Bennington, Vermont in order to fully enjoy yourself. Read on to discover the best attractions in and around town.

1. Downtown Bennington Historic District

Coming to Bennington means exploring a living, breathing historic district. You should start your vacation right at the heart of town in the famous Downtown Bennington Historic District. Marvel at the beautiful and well-kept buildings.

Stroll along the sidewalk while checking out all the local craft stores. Shop for local products and enjoy some great restaurants in a historic setting.

2. Bennington Battle Monument

After checking out the historic district it’s time for you to head over to the huge Battle Monument of the town. The monument was completed in 1891 and is 306 feet 4 and 1/2 inches tall. It was built to commemorate the Battle of Bennington that happened in 1777.

The monument has a small gift shop and some informational displays around so you can learn more about the history. There is also an elevator that will take you to the top where amazing views await. As you are at the bottom corner of Vermont, you will be able to see into three states from the top. The view is particularly spectacular during autumn when the trees take on all shades of red and yellow.

3. Bennington Museum

A beautiful building from the outside with many interesting arts and items on the inside. If you want to learn more about the history of Bennington and Vermont this museum is for you. There are historic furniture and even some cars waiting for you in this museum.

The museum is also famous for maintaining the largest collection of Grandma Moses artworks. You will also find paintings from other Vermont artists inside.

4. Park-McCullough Historic Governor’s Mansion

Located next to the Bennington university, the Park-McCullough Historic Governor’s Mansion is an amazing place to visit. Stretching on 200 acres you will be able to discover an old mansion. It’s in amazing shape and well maintained.

The inside of the mansion has all era-specific furniture that’s arranged in a way to show you how people used to live. You can explore the halls and rooms of this museum and think about the times before us.

5. Green Mountain National Forest

Hiking in a Forest

People who love nature will be happy to learn that the Green Mountain National Forest is just next to the town of Bennington, VT. It’s a huge national forest with many trails waiting for you to explore. It’s one of the best places in Vermont to walk on nature trails.

Best Trails in Green Mountain National Forest

  • Stratton Mountain Trailhead
  • Long Trail
  • Mount Haystack Trail
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6. Somerset Reservoir

This reservoir is located in the National Forest. It has plenty of parking space and it’s essentially a huge lake. It’s a perfect place to enjoy water-related activities.

Many people enjoy fishing in the Somerset Reservoir. The big lake has lots of fish and the mountains provide a great backdrop. It’s an extremely relaxing and beautiful experience.

You can also do some kayaking on the lake. The lake size is just perfect for a day of kayaking. You can cover pretty much all of the water during one day and grab a well-deserved meal in the historic center of Bennington in the evening.

7. Bennington Potters

You can visit the largest pottery in all of the US when you are in Bennington. This pottery is in business for more than 70 years and they have regular tours of their pottery. You can learn about the history and techniques that goest into pottery.

8. The Dollhouse and Toy Museum of Vermont

A truly interesting museum and great family things to do in Bennington, VT. Visit the Dollhouse and Toy Museum of Vermont to marvel at items from another era. Relive your childhood or learn about the toys your parents played with, in their time.

9. Garlic Fest

Garlic and other vegetables

Enjoy a truly local festival when you are visiting Vermont. A celebration that’s based around garlic, but also has many other foods and programs on display. The Garlic Fest is all about Vermont and everything that’s produced and made locally. From food trucks to small vendors you can enjoy the festival each autumn.

10. Glastenview Maple Farm

Whenever you visit Bennington, VT, make sure to check out the Glastenview Maple Farm. It’s an authentic maple farm that’s run by a local couple. You can ask about the production sample of the different types of maple syrup and take home some amazing souvenirs from the farm.

11. Robert Frost Stone House Museum at Bennington College

Whenever you travel to Bennington, VT you can visit the house of American poet Robert Frost. The exhibit is arranged inside the house and you can learn more about his life and works. This is a great stop for anyone interested in literacy. It’s also the place where he wrote his poem titled “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”.

12. Explore some classic covered bridges of Vermont

The outskirts of Bennington have some of the greatest classic covered bridges in Vermont. They hold an iconic value to the state. You can visit them near Paper Mill village. A total of three bridges can be found here, the Silk Road Covered Bridge, the Paper Mill Village Bridge, and the Henry Covered Bridge.

13. Walloomsac Farmers’ Market

Farmer's Market Bennington

You can’t leave Bennington, VT without trying out the local farmer’s market. It’s a place that you must visit where you can shop for fresh vegetables and check out the work of local craftsmen. Make sure that you bring something for packing as you most likely won’t leave empty-handed.

14. Vermont Veterans Home Deer Park

Deer Petting

As the list item on our things to do in Bennington, Vermont list we highly recommend that you visit the Deer Park that’s located next to the Vermont Veterans Home. It’s a fenced-off area where many friendly deers live. Perfect to take your family here for a picnic. If you bring carrots you might be able to hand-feed the deers.

Where to eat in Bennington?

Let’s take a look at some of the awesome picks where you can get a meal in Bennington. We’ll share our favorite places to eat in the city so you can get great food and enjoy a night out.

Lil’ Britain

Located in the heart of the Historic Center of Bennington, Lil’ Britain is one of our favorite places to eat in the city. They have everything you would expect from a British restaurant with the Fish’n’Chips taking the crown.

It’s a cheap and laid-back place that you can visit whenever you are looking for something quick and familiar.

Blue Benn

Another place that we absolutely love in Bennington is the Blue Benn. It’s a classic American Diner that’s built inside an old railcar. This gives a huge retro vibe to the place and also makes it an extremely unique place to eat.

As a traditional American Diner, you can expect a classic menu with great breakfast items. It’s one of the best places to start your day when you are on vacation in Bennington.


Whenever we want a more traditional restaurant experience in Bennington, Allegro is our go-to place. It’s a great Italian restaurant with a superb menu. All the items on it are well prepared and they have an awesome wine selection to enjoy.

Where to stay in Bennington?

Finally, we will not let you visit Bennington without some awesome hotel recommendations. Read on to find out what are our favorite places to stay in Bennington, VT.

Four Chimneys Inn

We think that the Four Chimneys Inn is the best place that you can stay in Bennington. It’s definitely not the cheapest, however it’s an awesome hotel. The original building is a 1913 mansion which gives the whole inn a very elegant look from the outside.

Inside the rooms are extremely comfortable and luxurious. You will have every amenity you would need for a great vacation with a superb upscale-looking hotel.

Safford Mills Inn and Cafe

The Safford Mills Inn and Cafe is another excellent pick if you are looking for a place to stay. There are only 3 rooms in this Inn so you will have a very intimate atmosphere. The interior is designed to match the old outside. The rooms are extremely pleasant to stay in with their modern and sleek look. Yet somehow they maintain their original vintage charm as well.

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