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15 Things to do in Jonesport, Maine

The small yet beautiful Jonesport, Maine, is a marvelous blend of nature. The journey will become more exciting in the presence of the Great Wass Island Preserve.

The hiking and activity lovers will never forget Frank E. Woodworth Preserve and Adler Woods Trailhead in Jonesport, Maine, as the loops of trail and network will make a satisfactory hiking experience.

How to get to Jonesport, Maine?

By Plane

Jonesport doesn’t have its own airport. The two closest big airports are Bangor or Portland in Maine. You need to check out if you can book a flight to any of the above locations in order to visit Jonesport. You can then take a rental car to Jonesport.

By Car

In order to arrive at Jonesport, you have to seek out Maine State Route 187. It runs from and to US Route 1. Luckily US Route 1 is easy to find as it runs along the east coast. Portland, Maine is one good opportunity to join Route 1 and head towards Jonesport.

By Bus

The town of Jonesport has very poor bus connections. A limited connection is available, but you definitely have to change if you are looking to get into any big city. You may find more info on the West Bus Service website.

We don’t recommend visiting Jonesport without a car. Either a rental or your own would be very useful.

What are the things you can do in Jonesport, Maine?

The beach of Jonesport is the main attraction. Fishing and water sports are also at the center of attention. The Great Wass Island Preserve, the Frank E. Wordsworth Preserve, and Adler Woods Trailhead are some most incredible spots for die heart fans of hiking and adventure.

If the United States is your next destination for your vacation or any weekend, don’t miss Jonesport, Maine. It will add sugar dust to your tour. We have listed tons of reasons why you should not miss the chance of visiting Jonesport.

Keep reading; here we go!

Things to do in Jonesport, Maine

It’s time to explore what are the different attractions in and around Jonesport, Maine. If you are someone who loves nature, then this destination will be a dream for you.

What are the recreations you can do in Jonesport, Maine?

1. Sports and recreation

The visitors mostly play beach volley, soccer, water volley.

Swimming contests are also organized periodically. The shore region offers multiple sports shops.

2. Fishing

Renting a boat and fishing is fascinating on the spot. It’s always exciting to go out into the ocean with some bait. For many of the locals, fishing is not all about recreation. For them, it’s a way of life.

You can head to Sawyer Cove in order to wander at the army of small fishing boats in this natural bay.

3. Boating

Boating is another great activity most visitors choose. You can see the area is full of boats. You can get many boats for rent at a low price for some hours. Boating with light snacks and watching the above flying migratory bird will be a beautiful experience.

What are the hiking spots to visit in Jonesport, Maine?

4. The Great Wass Island Preserve

The most important center of attraction is the Great Wass Island. For hiking, People around the world visit this place. You could see rare seasonal plants, fantastic wildlife. The hiking may take 5 hours, but the paths are super exciting and adventurous. 

Luckily, apart from the length of the trails, they are not very demanding. This makes it an excellent choice for a family activity. Remember to pack some snacks and water and you are set for a great time.

Great Wass Island Preserve Trail
“Walk in the Woods” by Heath Cajandig is licensed under CC BY 2.0 – A trail in the Great Wass Island Preserve

5. Frank E. Woodsworth Preserve

The place is always populated with visitors. Frank E. Wadsworth is mainly known for two things.

First of all, bird watching. Visitors come here with their cameras and binoculars to enjoy the flocks of migratory birds. The beautiful water view of Pleasant Bay adds a soothing experience. The view is marvelous when thousands of birds are flying around you.

Although many tourists give food to the birds, we would advise you not to. Human food can have a harmful effect on these wonderful animals.

The other fantastic activity to do in Frank E. Woodsworth Preserve is hiking. The loop trail of 1.8 miles makes it super exciting for hiking. The castle atmosphere and damp salty wind will enhance your experience of wandering around nature and beauty.

6. Adler Woods Trailhead

It will give you the network hiking experience. The linking of beautiful blackberry trees will greet you on the way. It has 3.5 miles of networks and loops, which is great fun for hikers. Every year thousands of hikers can be seen.

What are the museums and historical elements to see in Jonesport, Maine?

7. Maine Coast Sardine History Museum

A truly unique museum to check out in Jonesport, Maine is the Maine Coast Sardine History Museum. According to their official website, Jonesport was once home to 15 canneries. Today, this museum tries to conserve some of this history.

The museum has a great selection of vintage labels and packaging. You can also see the old machinery and tools that they have used for the cannery. Adding to the charm are countless original pictures of Jonestown and the area, to immerse yourself in the life of a sailor.

Maine Sardine Museum
Image Source:

8. Ruggles House

The rooms of Ruggles House are full of history and tons of heritage. The masterpiece of craftsmanship and record is the sole of the museum. It has an entry fee of $5. They will offer you an hour to explore the whole museum. And doubt it is worth it.

You cannot take photographs in the museum; it is illegal. But even half an hour of the tour is also enough to create tides of knowledgeable experience.

Ruggles House
Image Source:

9. Downeast Institute

There are plenty of things you can learn inside it. You will get lots of fun experiences. It will be an informative and incredible scientific representation. In reality, this is a true research facility, which is available for public tours on selected dates.

To schedule a tour of this science center, you need to call them at least 24 hours in advance. The tours are only available from Monday to Friday.

What are the community events to participate in Jonesport, Maine?

10. Moosabec Summerfest

The Jonesport-beal area organizes this summer event, one of the leading centers of attraction for people.

The event is settled with so many activities. Puppet shows,  Ice cream socials, face painting, and adult dancing crowded the event.

11. Music in the Library

It is the most soothing event. Instrumental and vocal concerts are organized in this event. The experience will be a refreshing one for you.

The music of multiple genres is represented here. It includes Classical, Jazz, and Celtic, etc.

What are some best picnic spots in Jonesport, Maine?

12. Roque Bluffs State Park

The beach area is layered with beautiful white sand. The pebbles and shore location is like a feast for the eyes.

Visitors around the world come to enjoy the scenic beauty.

It is a highly recommended place for picnic purposes. Throughout the year, you could see people celebrating their weekends in this picnic spot.

You can also get a table for your family. Serving the homemade food directly or grilling and cooking there both are excellent choices for the picnic.

The flock of Seagulls could be seen. They will make your trip a bit more exciting, but be careful with them while having your food.

13. McClellan Park

It is an incredible hidden picnic park. A very few know about this place. You will get only 4 to 5 parking spots, and the park is a small one. Ultimately people want to have their picnic table.

There is no hiking plot, but the ocean view with the nearby picnic spot is refreshing.

Having your food, with the beautiful ocean view, Seagulls, and dragonflies around you, will be glorious.

What are the best places to enjoy the nature and wildlife of Jonesport, Maine?

14. Machias Seal Island

This beautiful place will connect you very close to nature. You can find hundreds and thousands of birds flying around you. The Island is a secure habitat of giant bird species.

You can only visit by boat as the island is quite far out on the ocean. Puffins, Guillemots, and other birds can be observed on the island.

You could see the well-maintained nesting areas of the bird’s species. The wildlife and tourism guides devoted their lives to protect the area.

15. Great Wass Archipelago

It is a beautiful amalgamation of wildlife with nature. The hiking path will offer you a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The area is submerged with rocky cliffs, beach spots, and terrific varieties of rare plant and animal species.

The multiple trails networks will offer you a fantastic adventurous experience. If you haven’t visited the place, then you haven’t visited Jonesport, Maine.

What are the exciting professional works we can do in Jonesport, Maine?

Answer: Photoshoot, Beach meeting, and Coastal survey

The beautiful site views are worth shooting pictures. It may be for personal use; it will add scenic beauty to your photograph. The sunset view will be an excellent choice for photoshoots and video creation.

The calmness of Jonesport, Maine, will be the best option for beach meetings. Many professional companies are now considering the beaches as the best spot for gathering.

The coastal survey is essential from a governmental or thesis paper writing point of view. This spot could be the best choice for such surveys. The coastal life and marine life will be the best for livelihood surveys. 

Where to stay in Jonesport, Maine?

Harbor House Hotel

The Harbor House Hotel is one of the best places you can stay in Jonesport. Overlooking the bay it has spectacular views and very well furnished rooms. You will feel right at home in the Harbor House.

Address: 27 Sawyer Square, Jonesport, ME 04649, United States

Cranberry Cove Cottage, The Studio

One of the best choices for families. The Cranberry Cove Cottage offers great accommodation right at the ocean. It has a huge yard where you can wander. Great spot to explore Downeast Maine.

Address: 56 Kelley Point Rd, Jonesport, ME 04649, United States

Pleasant Bay Bed & Breakfast

Although this property is not directly in Jonesport, it offers a great base for exploration in the area. It’s a beautiful B&B with amazing views. There are also some farm animals on the property making it a favorite among children.

Address: 386 West Side Rd, Addison, ME 04606, United States

Where to eat in Jonesport?

Answer: Jonesport Pizza Shop, Barney’s Cove Lobster Co, and The Early Bird

The complete package of your feasting. With the assurance of quality breakfast, lunch and dinner. These are some of the most popular places to eat in Jonesport, Maine.

The reviews of customers and tourists say that the food price is as per the quality, which is reasonable and affordable.

Some of these restaurants and food shops offer location delivery, which can be a beneficial service in the add-on.

Name of the RestaurantRatingDetailsSpecialty
Jonesport Pizza Shop4.4 (57 reviews)Quick bites, Cosy, good for kidsDinner and solo dining
Barney’s Cove Lobster Co5 (16 reviews)Casual and touristBreakfast and Dinner 
The Early Bird5 (7 reviews )Quick bites, Casual, and good for kidsLunch, Breakfast, and solo dining

What are the best shopping stores near Jonesport?

Stewart’s Grocery & Take out will be the best choice if planning an extended stay. Long-time purchases and bulk purchase discounts are also available in this store.

They have a friendly and supportive team. They even help you to select the best products.

Jolene’s Originals is known for her beautiful textiles and clothes. They have varieties of designs with stunning cloth qualities. And You could take some beautiful token of love from the place to your home.

Family Dollar is loaded with beauty products, groceries, and household items. One-stop for multiple destinations.

The reviews of their service and customer support are loaded. They have an easy return policy for harmful quality products or any defective items.

How long to stay in Jonesport?

A week-long stay in Jonesport is perfect for anyone who wants to do a lot of hiking and exploring along the Maine coastline. It’s a lovely little town that could serve as a perfect spot to start your tours from. Make sure you have a car and you will have everything within a comfortable driving distance.

When you are putting together a Maine coastal tour with multiple stops, Jonesport could be one of the towns to sleep in. You can start the day after in the Great Wass Island Preserve and have diner in Jonesport before moving on to the next town.

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